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Opportunities in the Home Improvement Industry
7 Jul 09 Posted by: Kathleen C Lanza
in Opportunity Focus
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Opportunities in the Home Improvement Industry are Abound If You Seize Them!

Learn About One of Today’s Most Promising Trends…The housing market is in somewhat of a slump. Okay, maybe it’s more than a slump. Any way you want to look at it, many Americans are coming to grips with the fact that they won’t be moving out of their current house anytime soon. In fact, many of them are just happy they have a home at all. That actually can be good news for someone who is seeking opportunities in the home improvement industry, or who might want to expand the business they’ve already got. Hard to imagine, but true. As with most things, it all just depends on how you want to look at it.

Opportunities in the Home Improvement Industry

Outlook on the Home Improvement Industry

According to the Home Improvement Research Institute, business owners in the home improvement industry have experienced some slowed growth overall as of late. Not surprising when you consider the huge decline in new home construction and sales. But sales of home improvement products for existing homes are anticipated to turn positive this year by comparison. And even though the overall growth in this market sector will be below trend, the majority of growth that is anticipated will be in the consumer market.

So, who’s the consumer market? It’s all of us who already own a home and who want to invest in it for any number of reasons. As sad as it is to even imagine the number of people who are losing their homes, there are millions more who are staying put and doing some work to freshen up what they’ve got and to preserve it. The average homeowner feels lucky to have a home at this point. And now that many of them have realized they might be living in their homes for quite some time, doesn’t it stand to reason that they will need or want to invest in making them more functional and durable?

If homeowners have the financial means to tackle reasonably priced projects, and many of them do, then it sure does.

Recognizing a Growing Problem,

Jason Herald is the Vice President of Gutter Pro USA, a company that has patented a unique solution to a growing and epidemic problem for today's homeowner. Open gutters are the norm on any existing or newly built home. As such, keeping them clean and free of debris is a never-ending challenge that is commonly accepted practice. But what many homeowners do not realize is that having open gutters is actually dangerous, both to their safety and financial security.

According to the National Safety Council, as many as 17 people die each day by getting up on a ladder to clean out their gutters. But homeowners aren’t just risking their necks when they tackle their gutters; they’re literally risking their wallets as well. “A number of California counties are starting to fine homeowners who do not have gutter protection on their homes,” Herald says. “And insurance companies are increasingly denying claims for water damage where homes are not weatherized properly.”

It’s all part of a growing trend based on the recognition that insufficient gutter protection is far more costly than was ever thought or fully appreciated. As homeowners take stock of how they can better care for their property given the growing likelihood that it will be theirs for quite some time, Herald sees nothing but increased demand for Gutter Pro USA's product and services. And the company is currently expanding to accommodate it - creating more opportunities in the home improvement industry.

“All of these issues make us here at Gutter Pro USA very passionate about what we do, and we’re looking for dealers to join out team who share it,” Herald says. “It’s really not an overstatement to say that what we do saves lives and minimizes the homeowner’s exposure to financial ruin down the road.”

Gutter Pro USA: The Unique Solution

Gutter Pro USA's patented bracketing system for managing the flow of water off of any roofline is superior to the competition in four key areas: strength, consistency, durability and security. Additionally, the gutters when fully installed actually add to the aesthetics and curbside appeal of the home, where others detract from it. Gutter Pro USA also backs its products and installation 100% with a lifetime, no-clog guarantee that homeowners find incredibly compelling. As a result, Gutter Pro USA is doing quite well, according to Herald, despite a flagging economy. “We’re doing great because the return on investment for the homeowner is so good and indisputable on every level,” he says. And that’s true for the company’s dealers as well - truly one of the best opportunities in the home improvement industry.

According to Herald, the market for gutter protection is just now starting to take off, which makes this a perfect time for new dealers to jump in. “There’s much greater awareness than ever before about the problems caused by the mismanagement of water, both in terms of lives and financial costs,” he says. “Gutter protection is very quickly becoming a need-based item, not a convenience item. And it’s very affordable, not like redoing a kitchen. That can be put off, this can’t,” Herald asserts.

As homeowners are looking for smart investments to improve their property values, protect their investment and make their homes more livable, gutter protection is actually a no-brainer. Gutter Pro USA's dealers are well-versed in how to educate the consumer and make these points with potential customers. “Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in all areas of business that we’re ready, willing and able to share with our dealers, not just at start-up, but on an ongoing basis,” Herald says.

Potential candidates to join the Gutter Pro USA team must be good marketers and come to the table with the very reasonable amount of capital needed to get started. With those two criteria met, the sky’s the limit for the right candidate. “The gross profit in this business is phenomenal,” Herald says. “Because we’re always first or maybe second in innovation and design, our dealers can charge top dollar. We’re the fastest growing gutter protection company in the U.S. today.”

To further make his point, Herald states that Gutter Pro USA sold 900 homes just the day before…in one day! With numbers like that, no wonder he feels so confident in saying that dealers who make the necessary start-up investment aren’t wagering at all. “There’s a lot of money to be made in this business and a new dealer isn’t really risking any capital,” he says. “The up-front investment gets them a ton of value for their money. In fact, there’s practically no material bill at all for the first two months.”

Herald sums up by saying, “We’re looking for the true entrepreneurs who understand the incredible value of this product and have the necessary marketing and sales experience to grow this business over the next ten years.” We know from experience that, “If they have the work ethic, they can make it happen, and the payoff will be huge!”

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