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Email Marketing Is the #1 Tool for Lead Generation
17 Dec 15 Posted by: Kevin James Culp
in Marketing & Sales
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Email Marketing is on the rise for good reason. Would you like an effective way to reach close to 100% of your prospects and customers? A way that is cheap, simple to use, quick to implement and converts like crazy?

You already have it--email marketing. It’s not old-fashioned, as some marketers and social media gurus would have you believe. In fact, email marketing is the one of the most effective tools you can use for lead generation.

A recent study, called Lead Generation Strategy Trends, showed that email marketing was the most powerful online method for getting more leads for business or franchise opportunities.

Why Does Email Marketing Work?

Did you know that almost 4.1 billion, as of 2015, people worldwide use email? And the number keeps growing. It was 3.1 billion just four years earlier. It is unlikely anyone you connect with online doesn’t have an email account. Since your prospect has an email account, use it!

According to Inc. Magazine, email is a simple way to reach your ever-growing list of mobile customers. More than half of these people check their email using smartphones and tablets. And more than half of all consumers use mobile devices to research shopping choices. Email makes it easy for owners of business opportunities to tap into the huge market of mobile users.

Create Interest

You can quickly update all your customers when you send out email newsletters and sales alerts. These can easily be shared, spreading the word about your business and generating more leads effortlessly.

Email works well in conjunction with a range of marketing strategies. By creating content that appeals to multiple segments of your audience, you can give them personalized tips and deals that create greater interest. This is what converts prospects to buyers.

Using email marketing to increase lead generation is a no-brainer. It is simple to use, affordable and, most importantly, it works.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO TAP INTO THIS LEAD GEN TREND?  WANT TO BOOK A EBLAST?  Call us, we have a three-year history in Lead Generation Email Marketing Toll-free at 1 (800) 223-5417 x 1 and ask for Kevin James Culp the Director of Sales. Or go to BusinessOpportunity.com today.

Email Marketing is on the rise for good reason. Would you like an effective way to reach close to 100% of your prospects and customers? A way that is cheap, simple to use, quick to implement and converts like crazy?

SOURCES: Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine

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