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Start a Business Opportunity with $100 or Less
9 Aug 16 Posted by: Kevin James Culp
in Opportunity Focus
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Start a Business Opportunity with $100 or Less - Don’t let a lack of funds keep you from starting your own business.

Start a Business Opportunity with $100 or Less Really IS possible. The variety of opportunities available is surprising, and not all are internet related. It’s a fact, you don’t need to break the bank, take out a loan or quit our day job to get started.

Start a Business Opportunity - Interest + Training = Success

Look for an opportunity that appeals to your interests. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of your free time on this to get it off the ground. If it is based on a hobby, classes you’ve taken or previous job experience, you will be ahead of the game. You’ll have an idea what to expect, who your target market is and what their pain points are.

The one essential that all experts mention is to find an opportunity with training or information that is easy to tap into. You definitely don’t want an small business where you need to figure everything out from scratch. The better the training and resources, the faster you’ll be up and running.

Start a Business Opportunity - Can I Really Make It Successful?

Do you think that any business that costs under $100 to start doesn’t have much of a future? Think again!

  • The woman who started eFlirt.com used just $50 and her Twitter account. It has now been featured on Good Morning, America and The New York Times.

  • Gary Leff started a sideline that books travel awards for people, for a fee. It now makes more than $100,000 a year.

  • Brett Kelly wrote a how-to book about the Evernote app and cleared $10,000 in two days! He makes well over $100,000 a year with his project.

  • A Paleo diet follower decided to offer plans that simplified shopping for others using the eating method. His membership site now rakes in over $5,000 a month, and it all started with a simple website and domain name.

  • Steve Gillman of The Penny Hoarder started his successful site with just $81. It now makes over $100,000 a year.

  • Steve Farmer had $50 and an idea when he started his wholesale auto collision parts store. When he sold it three years later, it was a thriving concern.

  • Matt Shoup started a painting business with just $100. His business is now worth more than $2 million.

  • These people did it and so can you. The key is to find a viable product, make a sale and invest your profits to keep growing.

Start a Business Opportunity - Here is a look at 27 businesses you can start today for under $100.

#1. Safety Technology

This is a timely business opportunity, all aimed at keeping individuals safe. With crime at an all-time high, people will spend money to keep themselves and their property safe. With the training Safety Technology offers, you can introduce people to the benefits of personal alarms and pepper sprays. They also offer hidden cameras, surveillance systems and stun guns. They provide drop shipping, so you don’t have to carry inventory.

There is $0 capital investment required. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#2. RegenaLife Affiliate Opportunity

RegenaLife (Formally Regeneration USA, LLC) is a New Jersey based network marketing (mlm) natural food and supplement company focused on whole-food derived products for healthy aging. Their compensation plan is considered one of the most lucrative in the network marketing industry.

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#3. Scoreinc.com

The average American family has over $15,000 in credit card debt. That’s why credit repair is a thriving area of the financial industry, and Scoreinc.com can help you cash in. It is a turnkey credit repair solution, with software, dispute processing and consulting. You learn the regulations that control the credit industry and help people improve their scores. The demand for this service just keeps growing.

Your capital investment is $47 to $999, depending on the package you choose. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#4. Zurvita

Zurvita has a line of nutritional products that support a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. Their flagship product, Zeal for Life, contains 39 super foods. It is easy to sell with the Zeal samples and free Doctor’s Report. The company works with each of their distributors in this network opportunity to help them earn at least $1,200 and qualify for a new car, all in 30 days or less!

Your capital investment is $69.95 to $499.95. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#5. Discount Drug Network

This program lets you help other afford the prescriptions they need to stay healthy. As an affiliate, you hand out discount cards to your network of friends and acquaintances. When a person uses the card, you earn a commission. The company provides you with cards, displays, pamphlets and a website. You can put up displays at health clinics, gas stations, convenient stores and health clubs, wherever people congregate. Everyone wants to save money on medical costs.

Your capital investment is $75. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#6. Our Human Services

This company offers a health and wellness device, developed in Japan, where it is used in hospitals, restaurants, medical offices and many homes. Over 6,500 doctors in the Japanese Adult Geriatric Disease Prevention Association endorse it, as do many celebrities in this country. As the representative, you provide a solution to an ongoing problem, earning gratitude from customers and money from Our Human Services. You earn $285 to over $2,000 with each sale.

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#7. ePay Management

Every business needs a way to process payments from customers. As an ePay representative, you help these companies with innovative solutions for consumer financing and credit card payment processing. ePay is able to set up an installment loan program for any legal business entity. The company has been in the financial industry for over 15 years. They provide each representative with marketing materials, a customer lead tracking and service app and training.

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#8. MatchRate Plus

You can offer local businesses the Cash Back Merchant Account Program as an independent sales rep for MatchRate Plus. They are leaders in the electronic payment industry. As their agent, you help businesses get lower rates and fees, plus cash back. MatchRate Plus is a partner of North American Bancard, which has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It has a quarter of a million customers across the country. As a representative, you can earn an activation bonus plus monthly residual commissions.

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#9. Print4Profit

Start your own online printing company, offering over 100 high-quality and in-demand products. The online printing business is booming, raking in more than a billion dollars annually. When you join Print4Profit, you develop a steady clientele and build residual income because businesses will need these items on an ongoing basis. You can offer everything from books to business cards, business graphic design services to website development, calendars to greeting cards.

Your capital investment is more than $100, a quite reasonable $399.95. But your monthly fee is just $79.95. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#10. CREW Solar

With energy prices on the rise and concern about the environment increasing, solar power is a thriving industry. In fact, the solar industry in the U.S. has a larger number of jobs than the giants like Google, Facebook and Apple, combined. By offering help to homeowners, you can earn a solid income and help the planet. You get high commissions, about $1,500 for each upgrade. Start a Business Opportunity

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#11. The Local Project

Everyone is on the internet, or they should be! As a representative of The Local Project in your area, you can help open local area networks where you live. There are part time and full time positions including area and regional directors and city partners. The company handles the technological part of the project, provides strategy and does the training. You do the sales.

Your capital investment is $89 to $249. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#12. Bold Transform

Personal development is important for everyone. People are willing to invest if they have access to an effective product, which you provide with Bold Transform. As part of the personal development success education industry, you can help others while you work from home as your own boss. This isn’t MLM and doesn’t require high pressure to sell.

Your capital investment is $50 to $2,200. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#13. Talk Fusion

Video marketing is revolutionizing advertising. Talk Fusion helps businesses get more customers and keep them. Individuals also love the many services of Talk Fusion. All for one low price, they get video chat, video newsletter, video email, and video meetings. You can be part of the future with Talk Fusion. The company is so sure you will love what they have that they offer a free trial with no credit card required.

Your initial capital investment during the free 30-day trial is $0. To earn money, you pay a one-time fee of $250, then a $50 fee each month. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#14. Metro Public Adjustment

Work as a claims representative for Metro Public Adjustment. You act as a negotiator, working with the insurance company and the property owner. The company also does property inspections. As a claims rep, you inspect businesses and homes, take photos and send the documentation to Metro. You can earn several hundred to several thousand dollars for each claim. You get solid training and assistance in getting your Public Insurance Adjuster license, including reimbursement for expenses.

Your capital investment is $40. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#15. eVantage Financial

eVantage offers a range of financial products to help individuals, nonprofits and businesses save and invest. You encourage people to check out the company’s easy insurance platform. As an affiliate, you earn money based on each sale. Experienced professionals close the deals that you initiate. The company offers morning conference calls videos to train you and local events to keep you motivated and informed.

Your capital investment is $0 to $5,000. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#16. O2 Worldwide

Oxygen is essential for health, the foundation of blood circulation, nutritional well being and metabolism. O2 Worldwide offers you a chance to provide a needed product and be well compensated at the same time. O2 drops help people stay healthy and feel great. You can this opportunity for free. If you like it, you can upgrade. You receive a bottle of the drops, use of the national call center and your own websites.

Your capital investment is $0 to $60. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#17. Legacy Direct

With Legacy Direct, you never have to pay cable or satellite TV bills. Instead, you use a state-of-the-art streaming media player, with access to 250,000 movies and TV shows and over 1000 channels! People love the idea of no monthly contracts and fees but still get access to live sporting events, global radio stations and TV without the commercials. Share this opportunity with others to earn weekly commissions, bonuses and residual income.

Your capital investment is $0 to $49.95. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#18. Dream Studio

Dream Studio Success is a network opportunity that offers health kits, beauty kits, energy kits, weight loss kits and shapewear garments. Members have a free website, training calls and coaching from major network marketers. Try the business starter kit, with a money-back guarantee, to earn commissions. All products are sent directly to the customer so you don’t have to carry inventory.

Your capital investment is $92. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#19. Power into Life

This home business opportunity offers personal development and leadership development products and the chance for travel. In business since 2010, it has a track record of success around the world. It uses a “paint by numbers” system to help you find customers and make sales.

Your capital investment is $0 to $10,000. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#20. ICANGet2 in 24-Hour Challenge

ICANGET2 is a mobile app that is customizable and easy to sell. Work with others to meet your financial goals. The product is in demand, with unlimited SMS text/push notification. Businesses love it because it is easy to modify and is a great way to retain customers. And experts say that any company without a mobile app by the year 2018 will be out of business.

Your capital investment is $15 to $30. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#21. Joy Amaze

People love their coffee. JoyAmaze goes one better. It is the coffee with benefits! It mixes quality Arabica coffee with herbal ingredients. Depending on your choice, it can help you increase energy, think better, become tranquil and more. You earn 20% to 45% commissions each time you make a sale. A wide variety of flavors are available. The coffee comes in convenient, individual-size stick sachets.

Your capital investment is $0. Training is available. Start a Business Opportunity

#22. Pet Protector

Help your furry friends stay healthy with Pet Protector, a disc that has chemical-free flea-and-tick repellent built in. Each disc has no toxins, poisons or pesticides. It works on a variety of insects, including mosquitos, ticks, fleas and other parasites. Every pet owner worries about their poor itchy dog or cat, scratching up a storm. As an independent distributor, you earn high commissions on every sale from loving pet owners. The company offers three ways to start your business and a small monthly fee to keep your distributorship active. Pet Protector handles the delivery and customer payment. All you do is collect your commission!

Your total capital investment is $0 to $1,899, plus a $20 to $48 monthly fee. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#23. Skinny Body Care

Skinny Body Care is a network marketing opportunity that offers organic products to people concerned about their health and weight. Their line of products helps people take care of their skin, sleep better and lose weight and keep it off. The company helps you build your downline to speed your success.

Your capital investment is $65 to $199. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#25. SmashFund

Crowdfunding is the wave of the future, and SmashFund is here to help you make the most of it today. It is an invitation-only network that funds the passions of the people who join. They have a motto: Whatever your passion, it can be crowdfunded. Members receive 80% of all the money subscribed, so the faster SmashFund grows, the more money you earn for every active member. For example, you earn $50 a month on every direct referral, plus $4 a month for each community referral. It is based on the revenue share model, not network marketing.

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#25. United Games Affiliate

Love sports? Then join United Games as an affiliate. This is a sports game system that uses mobile devices. It has a predictive analysis engine for live events, combined with real-time sports entertainment technology. Players using this system make picks, or predictions, ahead of time, plus decisions during the live event. It’s just like the real deal! Share the free app with others, invite them to play with you. That’s all you do! Your commission is based on your sharing the app, not recruiting affiliates. All you do is follow the CB20 Sports Marketing System, the foundation of the company’s Done-4-U marketing program.

Your capital investment is $0. No training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#26. Coffee Lassalle

Puerto Rico is home to the gourmet’s coffee bean. That’s what Coffee Lassalle delivers. Puerto Rico has the ideal climate for raising coffee, a perfect mix of rainfall, trade winds, mountains and sun and shade. Coffee Lassalle takes these beans, and prepares them in small batches, slow roasting them to perfection. Coffee lovers are delighted with the silky, complex flavor with no bitter aftertaste. Be a distributor for this much-in-demand coffee.

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

So go and Start A Business today and be happier tomorrow!

Start A Business Opportunity

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