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Expanding Opportunity Services - It has always been our mission to provide the best customer service possible and have recently added no cost training and coaching sessions for all active advertisers. Now, we are going a step further to address the one major problem faced by opportunity owners–lack...

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Drone Technology - Here is a look at how drones are impacting the way businesses...

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Why Advertise Your Business Opportunity? Part II
25 Mar 15 Posted by: Kevin James Culp
in In The News
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As promised my friends, here are a number of additional testimonials for you to view.  Enjoy :")

"I'm happy to report that we sold a franchise through (BusinessOpportunity.com) a few days ago end of May...for $20,000!  Working with Kevin Culp was instrumental in helping us to tailor and filter leads that were specific to our needs.  As a result, our sales work was reduced.  It's nice to have good "old-fashioned personal service" from people who deliver!  Keep up the good work."  Phil Dushey, CEO
“Kevin James Culp has been my personal contact and worth mentioning that he’s not only a truly dedicated professional but also a valued sage to those using their lead services. BusinessOpportunity.com is our largest and most consistent source of leads–period.  Plus, BIG NEWS our most recent sale; just days ago in late April ’12, was vis-à-vis their solid lead flow and we expect many more such sales in 2012!” Tom Barr, CEO SafeCity Publishing LLC


"After the initial start-up phase in business, what obstacles do business owners face as they try to grow their business and remain successful?  Any advice for how to overcome those obstacles?" Growing any business today is a matter of “partnering” with the right individuals, groups and companies to add to your own expertise.  If you hire a plumber at home to fix your broken pipe and an electrician to hook up your new generator, why would you attempt to do everything on your own in your business?" I didn't know it at the time, but as it turns out, one of the most important "partners" that I have found in growing my business has been BusinessOpportunity.com.  Four new Distributors signed up in December with four more, including one in Mexico and one in Canada already committed to sign in January.  And we're still in December... Consistent, qualified, valuable leads would be an understatement... BusOp.com has brought to RD FRESH a steady stream of true entrepreneurs who are not simply "surfing the internet" or looking for a "get rich quick scheme," but real professionals who have already been successful and are now looking for something new to take them to the "next level."  I believe that the quick growth of my company thanks to BusOp.com is a huge part of the reason RD FRESH has been nominated and is now a finalist as a "game changing start-up" for an EcoVisionary Award.  With two months to go before the awards are presented, I know I'll be signing many more distributors from my BusOp.com "partner" and should RD FRESH win that award, it will be in large part thanks to BusOP.com helping me grow from a small, local start-up to a national company in just a few short months...” Steve Gerson - RD FRESH


“The number of quality leads we receive from BusinessOpportunity.com has far exceeded our expectations. Customer Service is top notch and the price is definitely affordable! I highly recommend them to everyone – except our competitors!” City America LLC


*My Experience* “I started advertising with BusinessOpportunity.com several months ago and have had tremendous success with the quality of leads I am receiving, made several sales, and the service reaches the results I desire for my business. The staff has been so professional and helpful with any questions I have and never hesitate to get back to me with answers or suggestions.” Way to Go BusinessOportunity.com! Teresa K, Massachusetts - LifePath


"Surfing the Internet one evening looking for home based business ideas, I found businessopportunity.com. I was intrigued by their 'Candles' category and requested more information from Linda at GetGoodScents.com. Now I'm a gourmet scented candle distributor too and have created a fabulous business representing a wonderful product while earning money for myself.” Vicki Corrier – Maristelli

Hope Is NOT a Strategy

“I would like to thank you and your team for all you do to support your clients. I have been using your service for over a year and have received hundreds of leads. The leads have contributed to the growth of our business as Independent AMSOIL Dealers. You have personally been involved with us. You and your team have exceeded our expectations in many ways. Working with you, I feel like a person, not a number. Thank you for your great service. As a customer of your service, I strongly recommend any organization looking to grow their business opportunity to advertise with what I believe is the #1 online resource for opportunities, BusinessOpportunity.com.” Casey Jones - AMSOIL – Direct Jobber


“Almost ONE HUNDRED QUALIFIED LEADS in just the first two weeks! Way to go BusinessOpportunity.com! I’m glad that I did this and plan to continue advertising for a long time to come.” Joseph Wilson – Solavei


“I just wanted to express my heart felt appreciation to everyone at BusinessOpportunity.com, especially Kevin Culp!!! He went above and beyond my expectations in helping me with ALL of my questions and concerns. Every e-mail and phone call was returned almost immediately and his knowledge and friendlyness is second to none!!! He took all my doubts away with his professionalism and sincere help with getting my business opportunity posted in a very quick and timely fashion. I couldn't be more pleased with every aspect of your company!!! Thanks again & best regards.” Sam Corn – Stain Solution System


“In a world of empty promises, Kevin Culp and the team at BusinessOpportunity.com has helped me regain my trust in lead generation companies. Not only do we receive a steady flow of quality leads, but as a small (but growing) company we get Fortune 500 service every time!” Steven Bailey ­President of ElderCareResourcesUSA.com and USAPetCONNECT.com


“I want to thank you folks for all the help and support you've given me during this past year.  Although I am a brand new franchise just beginning, you've guided and helped me in ways better suited for stronger more effective results.  You've stayed on-top of the industry by incorporating constant innovative ideas for your customers.  You've listened to what my needs are and you've acted immediately whenever I needed something.  Kevin you've always gone that "extra mile" to ensure your support of my company even with returning calls and emails during off hours and weekends.  I genuinely appreciate your insight and knowledge in the industry and look forward to working with you for a long time.” Michelle Lea, LMT, President - Michelle Lea Massage Therapy Inc.


“In my opinion, businessopportunity.com, overseen by Kevin Culp, is BY FAR the most professional-looking and managed site on the internet.  Of course I am not familiar with everything out there, but I have checked-out Craigslist, Yahoo, Google Pay-Per-Click, etc., with predictable disappointing results, or simply seeing an unattractive set-up I avoid getting involved with in the first place.


What I like most about Kevin's site is the caliber of the (professional) people and companies/programs it attracts.  A red-flag I look for when it comes to these seemingly unlimited, home-based  "income opportunities" on the internet is any program pitched by an individual, such as "The Internet Guy," rather than by an established company.  I see established companies with real/viable products and services represented at Kevin's site, and that is why I continue to monitor the site, since coming across it for the first time in Fall, 2008.


Finally, and not to be under-stated, is the fact that the follow-up customer service is there with Kevin, and he is completely accommodating.  So often we give our business to an individual or to an upstart company, only to become an afterthought if and when things go wrong. You need help - Kevin gets things taken care of, quickly, consistent with the best companies which cultivate a long-term business relationship with its clients, rather than a "quick hit" and out the door philosophy.


I see businessopportunity.com having a bright future with exponential growth, as this site really trumps the competition, which is really no competition-to this point.  Others are going to have to learn that you trade value-for-value to become successful in business, otherwise it remains a merry-go-round of having to solicit new business all the time,  just to stay afloat.  With businessopportunity.com I have found my home when it comes to monitoring the most solid income-generating programs to be found.” Rob Bonter - Port Leyden, NY


“We have been successfully working together with BusinessOpportunity.com for 
the last year and have found them to be very responsible, reliable and have made multiple sales using their service. 
 Kevin, Director of Sales, has been very personable to work with and when we
 have a question and he follows through by getting back to us immediately. We 
continue to receive inquiries from their site daily. If you are looking to expand 
your Internet presence, give them a try. You will be glad you did.”
Hedy and Ross Hale, Owners 
Original Pawprints


"I have built a huge number of prospects for my primary business opportunity thanks to the fantastic tools and resources available at businessopportunity.com. 
My advertising account Rep Kevin Culp has been an integral part of my success.  His combination of industry experience, integrity, and insight have made him an indispensable part of my great relationship and success with this company.  Kevin consistently acts in ways that demonstrate that his top priorities are customer satisfaction, success, and retention. Thank you Kevin!" Yaron Kimelman - President American FHA


"I would like you to know that we’re very thankful for the service provided to us by Kevin James Culp at BusinessOpportunity.com. Thanks to your service our business has grown 35% more than we expected in 2008. Already in 2009 we’re exceeding our business goal just from the success of this awesome tool of yours! Kevin has been very keen in attending our needs and providing us with superior customer service. I am sure we will continue doing business with you for years to come. Thank you very much BusinessOpportunity.com!" Juan A. Rosado –Director Business Development at Battery Services International.


“Compared to other media, BusinessOpportunity.com has been one of our most cost effective ways to reach prospective new dealers. Also, working with Kevin has been very enjoyable. He’s available when you need him, our listings are updated quickly, and he’s responsive to our needs and concerns. He was even able to help me out with ideas on how to better manage our leads and issues relating to CRM. We definitely look forward to growing our business over the next few years with Kevin and BusinessOpportunity.com.” Scott Kochman – President, Friendly Folks, Inc.


“Dear BusinessOpportunity.com, I simply wanted to send you this note in the hopes that you could pass it on to anyone else who is considering the use of your website to advertise and promote their business opportunity. I've been advertising a business opportunity with my company for about the past nine months and expect to continue for a long, long time. I guess as long as BusinessOpportunity.com is in business, ... we'll continue to be advertising right there with you. What I'd like to say to anyone who is thinking of advertising their business opportunity on BusinessOpportunity.com is ... JUST DO IT! The number of leads we receive on a daily basis and the quality of the leads has been outstanding. Advertising our initial business opportunity for eBlueCoupons.com has done so well, that we have recently added a second business opportunity (ComeBackAgainSoon.com) to be listed and advertised as well. As a side note, I must say that your service, with regards to how quickly you respond to making updates and changes, etc., has been outstanding. I wish you all the best." Gary M. Gordon CEO - eBlueCoupons.com.


“I just wanted to thank you for your help with advertising my business opportunity online. The quality of the leads I'm receiving from my ad on your site has been great! I also appreciate the responsiveness of you and your staff. The fast turn around time for getting my business listed and generating leads surprised me. I also appreciate that you are not only open to hearing suggestions from your customers but you also act on what you hear to make your product better serve the needs of your clients. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I just wanted you to know your efforts are appreciated.” Linda Miller, President GetGoodScents.com


“I’m writing to say that the leads are great. Also great Kevin is the way you take care of your clients, give us whatever changes we need fast and for that we at Affordable Healthcare Plan thank you. We look forward to working with you for many years.” Todd Morse, President - Affordable Healthcare Plan


"We began using BusinessOpportunity.com as the first of a number of lead sources for our business.  We budgeted for 25-50 leads in month one, and received 160.  It took us just 10 days to recoup our investment.  The results have been so good that we have decided to make BusinessOpportunity.com our only national lead source generator for the foreseeable future.  With the incredible results from our classified ad, we are extremely excited about using the direct email campaign, too. Kevin is a real pro, walked us through the process of creating our ad quickly and confidently, and provided great insight on how to proceed with our campaign. We highly recommend using BusinessOpportunity.com to locate a good number of highly qualified prospects for your business.  In the ultra-competitive field of business opportunities, you will be glad you did." Sean Graham – Cell Phone Safety Solutions


"I have built a huge number of prospects for my primary business opportunity thanks to the fantastic tools and resources available at businessopportunity.com. 
My advertising account Rep Kevin Culp has been an integral part of my success. His combination of industry experience, integrity, and insight have made him an indispensable part of my great relationship and success with this company. Kevin consistently acts in ways that demonstrate that his top priorities are customer satisfaction, success, and retention. Thank you Kevin!" Yaron Kimelman – President American FHA



Live On Your Own Terms
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Live On Your Own Terms
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