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Ambit Energy

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Business Opportunity

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Ambit Energy offers a recession proof Business Opportunity like no other. Start your own business as an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant and build an unlimited residual income for life, simply by helping people save on the energy they already use every month (electricity and natural gas)! No product selling. No experience required. Training & support are provided.

Ambit Energy is an Energy Services Company (ESCO), licensed in NY, NJ, CT, DE, IL, MA, MD, PA, TX, RI, VA, DC, CA, NH, ME, OH and IN to supply electricity and natural gas to residential and commercial customers at lower rates. Ambit Energy also offers Solar Energy in NY, NJ, CT, MA, MD and CA. Partner with Ambit Energy, and you’ll quickly find out why we became the fastest growing privately held company in America. Be part of the $500 billion dollar energy industry.

The energy industry is the last and largest industry ever to be deregulated. Deregulation of the energy industry will create the largest transfer of wealth in all of American history (as consumers select ESCO’s like Ambit Energy to save on their energy cost). As with all past deregulated industries (like the Telecommunications Industry) people who had the “vision to act quickly” while the “window of opportunity was open” garnered significant financial reward.

Ambit Energy created an independent business partnership program to enable their wide scale and rapid expansion, which quickly made them the largest Energy Services Company in the country. This unique partnership program is available to anyone looking to start their own turn key business. Again, no experience is required, we’ll show you how.

Ambit Energy’s extraordinary success is attracting an ever increasing number of high level professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) who are just beginning to understand the magnitude of what is taking place in the energy industry, and are positioning themselves to take advantage of this massive revenue potential.

This is a real “once in a lifetime opportunity” where being in the "right place," at the "right time," with the "right company," is "RIGHT NOW!"

Start your own energy business on a flexible part time basis. You can easily work around the schedule of an existing full time job or business. This part time business is an ideal way to supplement an existing income, with a real potential to become your primary income. You’ll create a monthly residual income that can be greater then what most people are able to achieve in 25-30 years with a 9 to 5 job..

NO hard selling, NO telemarketing and NO cold calling! Unlike "product based" businesses where if you don’t continue to sell products every month you don’t get paid, our residual income based business allows you to do the work once and get paid month after month, year after year.

Watch the video below for a quick overview.

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