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Arbor Home Design

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Training & Support:

If you are tuned into the real estate and/or residential construction industry in your area you are probably a good candidate for success with our business opportunity. Add to that an entrepreneurial desire along with sales experience in building materials, real estate or new home sales, residential or construction material takeoff or component design, and computer literacy makes you pretty much a lock.

This is not pie in the sky. No get rich quick, no soap sales here. You will interface with clients and advertisers on a professional level and offer products and related services in demand through an online presence unique in the industry. Success will require hard work, but hard work will bring you the opportunity to generate a substantial income, create the basis for repeat sales, build and generate referrals through a community of trade related partners, and learn a professional skill that will support you handsomely for life. Earn yourself a piece of the over $600 Billion new home construction industry.

Through your Arbor Home Design (ARB) state of the art ecommerce website you will offer your clients everything they will need to design, specify, source, and build a new home:

    • A portfolio of over one thousand of all types of residential plans valued at over $750,000.00 targeting moderately priced construction, comprising over 75% of new home starts.
    • New plans added to the portfolio on a weekly basis increasing the inventory variety and valuation.
    • A complete database of materials and volumetric information on each plan providing the ability to estimate cost and obtain materials quotes.
    • Design services to either modify the standard plans to suit your clients or custom design services starting with a clean sheet.
    • Information services and a database of construction and real estate related professionals. • Design/Build related services to aid the client-managed construction project.
    • Access to suppliers of material, trade, and artisan related products and services involved in residential construction and remodeling.
    • World class websites from Probuilder Websites (PBW) for residential builders and developers with unique product and information resources.
    • Plans and design services to larger construction clients through Builder Plan Source (BPS).
Your income will be generated by:
    • Sale of residential plans on ARB
    • Sale of design services on ARB
    • Advertising fees from ARB
Material Suppliers - System Designers/Installers - Builders and Remodelers - Specialty Contractors - Construction Sub-contractors - Realtors - Legal Professionals - Mortgage Professionals - Engineering Professionals - Other Professions - Developers - Artisans and Specialty Shops
• Referrals from plan sales
• Sale of Probuilder Websites
• Sale of plans generated by PBW
• Sale of design services on PBW
• Sale of plans on BPS
• Sale of design services on BPS
• Fees from design/build service client

Everyone involved directly or indirectly in residential construction is a potential client providing content for your website, revenues from advertising, and a mailing list and database of information which can be used for marketing and sales.

In addition to the revenue generated by the Arbor Home Design package of products and services, you will learn the design process through training provided by Arbor as well as the software provider. The skills learned through this training will increase your profitability as well as equip you with tools that will support and further expand your business basis by adding to the portfolio and generating design and modification revenues internally.

This opportunity is designed to be home based, requiring only a computer, telephone, internet access, a tablet device, printed materials, a business checking account (for ecommerce), and the websites and other tools we provide. The CAD software is part of your initial investment and may possibly require the upgrade of your computer hardware. Downstream you will also equip to participate in trade shows and seminars. The pace at which you integrate these features into your business will be your decision, but you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible in that it impacts profitability. Your fixed costs are modest, some of which you might already incur. Details are available including spreadsheets that you can use to model your business and explore options.

This is not a franchise. You purchase a license for the website and exclusive rights to our intellectual property centered in a metropolitan area which you will help to define. The rights to the intellectual property and all costs associated with the websites are covered by a small monthly fee, which is your only fixed cost for the website. Hosting, renewals, and basic maintenance to your website are covered by that fee.

Who am I? I am the owner of Arbor Services, LLC, the publisher of the plan portfolio and designer of the websites and information systems. My experience includes the design and construction of over 700 homes, over 25 years of residential design experience, and another 20 years of heavy industrial experience earlier in my career as a materials executive. My vision is to develop a network of like-minded entrepreneurs through ARB working to develop community based services providing clients and construction professionals a single source for the resources necessary to design, specify, source, and build their next home. You can be part of this effort. I will provide you all the tools and resources needed to support your efforts, including a constantly improving portfolio, sales and marketing tools, world class website products, unique product based information systems, unmatched customer service for design clients, product and professional training, and a culture of constant improvement of our products and services.

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