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Bad Ass Cleaners

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Are you the outdoor-type? Do you like your outdoor toys and enjoy being around outdoor-type people? If so, we may have the perfect opportunity for you to earn extra income while being where you love to be!

There’s one thing that all outdoor-types have in common - they don’t have time for products that don’t work and they’ll pay for ones that do. That’s especially true when it comes to keeping their toys clean. From boats and motorcycles, to RVs, ATVs, and campers, being able to quickly clean our toys when the fun’s over is a big deal! We want cleaning products that work great and ones that don’t hurt our environment. A bad ass opportunity exists’ to earn a fantastic income selling Bad Ass Cleaners. There’s a Bad Ass Cleaner for just about everything!

How Bad Ass Cleaners Work.

A great cleaner isn’t one that nukes everything that it’s applied to. A great cleaner is one that’s designed to get under the dirt, oil, grease, and oxidation and “lift” it away from the surface. That’s how Bad Ass is designed. We use great wetting agents that penetrate and lift contaminants from the surface, so they can be easily wiped away. Dirt, grime, oxidation, black streaks, and just about everything else wipe away after a 10 second dwell time. There’s no other cleaner that compared. You don’t have to worry about that - we’ve tested it.

What’s in it for you?

As a Bad Ass Distributor, 100% of your investment comes back to you in the form of inventory that you sell, more than doubling your investment. For example, you sell a unit for $9.99 that cost you $4. (That’s a 250% markup.) What other business has zero overhead and allows you to earn unbelievable income on products that people want to buy?

Better yet, as our Distributor, there are three ways to earn:

1. You earn the most when you sell from your inventory;
2. You earn when your customers place orders directly with the Company, and;
3. You earn when you sponsor someone new in the business (a single-level program).

As a Bad Ass Distributor, you pick your own markets and set your own hours. Imagine being able to deduct your next trip to a beautiful place because you were selling Bad Ass along the way! Imagine being able to sponsor someone you’ve sold the product to and earn money when they buy. Imagine the freedom.

As with any opportunity, being successful is dependent upon how seriously you take it. We’re looking for bad ass, independent, self-starters that have a great attitude. Whiners and excuse-makers need not apply. This opportunity will pay off and you can have a great time doing it, but it will requires your commitment. If you’re willing, we invite you to get more information on how to become a Bad Ass Distributor.

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