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Meet Your Full Potential Helping Today’s Businesses Meet Theirs

Matt Hempel is the founder of Agilitech, LLC, a software and technology reseller that provides fully automated sales and marketing systems to business owners, prospective online and network marketers, coaches and traditional professionals. Chief among them is Auto Recruiting Platform (ARP). A Great Business Model for Any Business Model ARP is designed to fill many of the gaps that restrict today’s businesses from reaching their full potential in areas ... [ Read More ]

Able to Think Out of the Box? You’re Ready to Be Your Own Boss!

That’s just one of the many confident assertions offered by experienced and hugely successful entrepreneur Luke Vorstermans in this latest installment of’s Entrepreneur Exchange, your go-to resource for mentor-level advice, wisdom and inspiration. Luke is the Founder and CEO of Main Street Media, a company that is capitalizing on the fact that digital publishing and all that it has to offer businesses—small businesses in particular—is just now ... [ Read More ]

Professional Financial Services Industry Offers Great Opportunity

U.S. household debt, while it has come down a bit over the last few years, is still an extremely alarming problem, one that continues to hang over the heads of millions of Americans year after year. Financial security, for far too many of us it seems, remains an elusive goal. In fact, it is estimated that the average household is carrying more than $15,000 in accumulated debt, largely due to ... [ Read More ]

Cruises, Inc.: A True Business Opportunity Partnership to Sell Travel

The act of selling travel isn’t hard. If you have a passion for travel, a sense of fun and adventure, and love to talk to people, closing the deal will be relatively easy. However, developing ideas for exciting promotions and targeted marketing; establishing connections with travel suppliers to achieve best pricing and commissions; and pulling together the tools for today’s electronic media, relationship management and reservation tracking will take ... [ Read More ]

A Huge Business Opportunity with Little to NO Competition

How does earning $3,000 in one hour sound? Or perhaps $5,000 to $10,000 in one month or $50,000+ on a single transaction? This is all possible in one of the least known multi-billion dollar industries in the country—the Cash Flow Industry. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of it, most people haven’t, and that’s what makes it so great. It offers a huge business opportunity with little to no ... [ Read More ]

A HOT Business Opportunity That Can Take You Anywhere You Want to Go

Mike Dumke is the Founder and CEO of Driver Please, Inc., a company that offers a groundbreaking and totally turnkey business opportunity that capitalizes on the exploding demand for affordable personal driving services. He recently took some time out of his busy schedule as a successful entrepreneur to share his thoughts and insights on small business startup and ownership with’s Entrepreneur Exchange readers, using their most ... [ Read More ]

Business Opportunity Ownership Survival Strategies from the Survival Expert

Whether it’s hunters, boaters, gun owners, fisherman or anyone who now realizes the importance of preparing for a natural or some other disaster, the number of people who understand the value and necessity of self-reliance in the event of an emergency is growing…rapidly! Capitalizing on this undeniable and measurable trend, J.R. Fisher has leveraged his considerable expertise in the survival and preparedness arena to create a fantastic ... [ Read More ]

Hot Work-from-Home Business Offers Flexibility While Helping Others to Help Themselves

Having owned a company called Maryland Home Business Expo, which promoted home business opportunities and also helped people with their own startup, Jaylin Bailey knows a great and timely opportunity when she sees one. “FES (Financial Education Services) was a company that exhibited at my expos,” she says, “and once I learned more about what it had to offer, I knew ... [ Read More ]

Important Small Business Startup Advice from a Franchise Industry Pro: Part II

In this second part to last week’s post of our interview with longtime franchise and business opportunity development and industry professional and Maximus Airtech Business Development Director Edmond Travis, he shares more great insights on new small business startup, marketing tips and what makes his particular industry so appealing…. What would you say is the one thing that new business owners forget about or overlook when they’re just ... [ Read More ]

Important Small Business Opportunity Startup Advice from an Industry Pro: Part I

Edmond Travis is the Business Development Director for Maximus Airtech, a company that offers aspiring and existing small business owners the opportunity to start their own HEPA HVAC cleaning and/or insulation removal business based on its patented revolutionary technology. The brainchild of company founder Kelly Komorowski, this major leap forward in material-handling vacuums and HEPA filtration—all in a fully self-contained unit—cuts man hours by as much as ... [ Read More ]

An Entrepreneur, an Event and Enlightening Advice for Our Work-from-Home Times

“More than half of all small businesses are now run from owners’ homes. And they’re not just hobbies. (In fact) 6.6 million of them supply 50% or more of the household income. Two-fifths employ two to five people. 10%…more than five…” (Excerpted from The Kiplinger Letter, Vol. 87, No. 31, Washington, July 30, 2010) The Work at Home Business and Franchise Expo (WaHB) is truly an ... [ Read More ]

The Premier Business Opportunity Offering Essential Everyday Products and Services

5LINX® is a multi-million dollar, Inc. 500 fastest-growing company for four years running that offers a premier home-based business opportunity offering the products and services all of us use most each and every day. Never before has it been possible to so quickly and easily launch your very own business marketing an incredible portfolio of goods and services that are in such high demand. That’s because ... [ Read More ]

Follow Your Gut and Stay Positive at Startup…Musings from a Compassionate Capitalist

A self-described “diehard business person and entrepreneur” and “compassionate capitalist,” Ron DeRosa is the co-founder and a managing member of Hometown Business Alliance (HBA), a company that offers a new, low-cost business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to build a business of their own facilitating small business networking in their own community. He believes business and entrepreneurship are the backbone of ... [ Read More ]

Network Your Way to Profitability by Following the Gold Star

Beth Davis is the CEO and Founder of Gold Star Referral Clubs, a nationwide company that facilitates the ability of businesses to network, refer and form lasting partnerships through its business opportunity, resulting time and again in their overall growth and increased profitability. Her husband, Todd Davis, is the company’s National Director. Together this dynamic duo represents a longstanding entrepreneurial ... [ Read More ]

Advice from the Twelve Greatest Entrepreneurs of Our Time

Asked by Fortune magazine to name the 12 greatest entrepreneurs of this generation, contributing writer John A. Byrne had his work cut out for him, that’s for sure. After all, there are thousands of candidates to choose from, right? But choose them he does, and he does it well. “Admittedly,” he writes in his post for CNNMoney, “this list of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs is subjective.” However, they all share ... [ Read More ]

Today’s Young Entrepreneurs Turn Idealism into Action

Having just witnessed the impact of the “Great Recession,” today’s young people, and college students in particular, understand that the old model for finding and sustaining gainful employment doesn’t hold up anymore. They know that their future success will be largely of their own making and recognize that hard work and ingenuity are no longer optional character traits. Rather, they are a necessity. Furthermore, spurred by a greater understanding and ... [ Read More ]

Two Men and a Truck Founder Encourages Prospective Franchisors to Learn from His Mistakes

In a recent article on, a founder of the hugely successful moving franchise, Two Men and a Truck®, opened up about the critical missteps he, his brother and mother made when they were first starting out. “We were not prepared at all for franchising,” Brig Sorber, the franchise’s CEO, concedes. “Absolutely everything went wrong.” Thankfully, that kind of uncertainty and upheaval is a thing of the distant ... [ Read More ]

Own a Business Opportunity, Create Your Own Lifestyle

Patrick Coyne is the President of Eco Fresh Air, a company that offers a business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to capitalize on the growing consensus and understanding that the quality of air we breathe is paramount to good health. A turnkey, eco-friendly business opportunity featuring the strongest and most efficient and user-friendly brand in the professional odor removal business, Eco Fresh Air ... [ Read More ]

Ride the Exploding Online Security Industry Wave with SurfSafeVPN

John Rymer is the Executive Vice President of SurfSafeVPN, a company that offers a potentially very lucrative business opportunity in the high-demand Internet security and protection industry. Given the fact that online identify theft is the fastest growing form of crime worldwide and every three seconds someone else becomes a victim, it’s certainly an idea that any smart entrepreneur should want to consider. John recently talked with’s ... [ Read More ]

Growing Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Provides Much in the Way of Business Opportunity

Mike Bonventre is the Operations Manager and Business Opportunity Consultant for Rapid Drug Test Systems (RDTS) , a company that offers ambitious entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own business in the rapidly growing drug and alcohol testing industry. RDTS offers comprehensive personal training and continuous 24/7 live support to its consultants, providing them with maximum earning potential in a virtually recession-proof industry. The story of ... [ Read More ]

Rainbow Station Franchise Opportunity Capitalizes on Increasing Demand for Quality Child Care

With more parents working than ever before in history, demand for quality preschools is on the rise in the 21st century. In fact, it’s one of the fast growing industries in the country today. And no one knows that better than Gail Johnson, RN, MSN. Gail is the CEO and Founder of Rainbow Station, one of the most successful and respected preschool and after-school care franchises in the country. But ... [ Read More ]

Right Product, Right Time, Right Price

Patrick Coyne is the owner of PMC ECO Supply, LLC, a company that offers an affordable green business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are interested in capitalizing on the growing high-demand energy conservation industry. PMC ECO Supply’s line of Power Miser products provides today’s cost and environmentally conscious consumers with an affordable and simple way to lessen their electric consumption by as much as 10% to ... [ Read More ]

The Most Crucial Step You Can Take Before Startup

Debra Cohen is the President of Home Remedies of NY, Inc., a company with a 15-year successful track record of helping consumers to find the most reputable and appropriate contractors in their area to meet their home-repair or improvement needs. Furthermore, Debra has made it her mission to assist others in replicating her success by starting their own Homeowner Referral Network® (HRN). In fact, more than 300 entrepreneurs worldwide ... [ Read More ]

Digital Communication: Business Owners Have Three Choices

With more than three decades of industrial and consumer products marketing experience under his belt, as well as an impressive educational background that includes graduate studies at both Boston University and Fairleigh Dickinson, David Stevens is a successful entrepreneur with much to offer in the way of expertise. He has run companies that range from $1 million to as much as $25 million in revenues, making him a good ... [ Read More ]

An Expert Weighs In On Funding Your New Business Startup

Ed Lewellen is the Senior Vice President of Talent Acquisition for Employers Edge, Inc., a company that uses its own highly successful and proven business model to improve the performance of other companies―coaching, training and developing their employees so that they can gain the competitive edge. The company also offers entrepreneurial leaders the opportunity to start their own business in the exciting and growing field of organizational ... [ Read More ]

Plan to Fight “Paralysis of Analysis” at Startup

Morgan David, otherwise known as “Morgie,” is the self-professed Director of Entrepreneurial Spirit for CityStir, a company that offers a business opportunity for individuals who want to make a real impact in their communities by offering a locally-focused online forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Part online magazine, part community blog and part destination site, CityStir provides local business owners with a very ... [ Read More ]

Hope Is Not a Strategy! Plan to Succeed and You Will…

Steve Ramsey is the co-founder and chief strategist for RelyLocal, a company that enables ambitious entrepreneurs to start a business that promotes stability and growth in their own communities by encouraging targeted consumer spending. Simply stated, RelyLocal is a nationwide community-based campaign that is rebuilding the U.S. economy from the ground up, one local business at a time. With more than 150 RelyLocal campaigns successfully launched thus far, ... [ Read More ]

Building Your Own Business Helping Others to Build Theirs

Mark Kane is the CEO of Credit Wise Advisors, the largest and most trusted provider of small business funding solutions based on business credit in the U.S. As a successful entrepreneur, author, small business owner and speaker, Mark has spent more than 17 years as an investment banker. He understands the challenges of building a business asset through credit, maintaining cash flow, making payroll, business expansion and ... [ Read More ]

Make Fitness and Health Your Business with WorkOUT USA

Max Cannon is the founder of WorkOUT USA, a company that provides fitness and health-minded entrepreneurs with the opportunity to run their own website-based health and fitness business. Now you can build your very own profitable business promoting local gyms; personal trainers; cross fit, yoga, pilates and weight loss options; and other fitness and health-related business goods and services in your own licensed and protected territory. ... [ Read More ]

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