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Business Blueprint For Success

Business Type:
Business Opportunity

Total Capital Investment:
$4,995 to $9,990

Liquid Capital Required:

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

BUSINESS BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS Business Consultant Development Programs: The “Business Blueprint For Success” is the training & support program you will need to succeed in becoming a successful national-international BUSINESS CONSULTANT.

Whether you are already a business consultant or business coach… or you are an expert in your industry … or you are a person looking for a new exciting and profitable new business opportunity [not a franchise], the “Business Blueprint For Success” program offers [1] weekly “one to one” live video call training, [2] weekly live video class training and [3] over thirty 134-152 page workbooks for you and your clients. 

Make money being a business consultantIt is assumed that your average “Blueprint for Success” client will pay from $545.00 to $795.00 a month for Business Development For Success services & workbooks. It is also assumed that most clients will engage your business consulting and business coaching services for six to nine months… generating about $5,000.00 or more per client. To generate over $100,000.00 a year, the BBS consultant will need to generate at least 20-30 clients per year. Working with an average of 12 clients a month will generally require about twelve hours a week from you. You can choose to work with more clients and more hours per week.

Training For You: The “Business Blueprint For Success” business consultant training program starts with a three month [90 day] intensive training program with weekly video calls and multiple 134-152 page workbooks designed for your successful business consultant/business coach development. This initial 90 day weekly live video call training is only $2,250.00. You will be able to select the various workbooks from our “Business Consultant Mastery Program” or from our “Business Consultant Focus Program. With the “Mastery” program, you will be exposed to over 120 “business success” modules that you can learn and share with your new consulting clients in a straight forward easy process… and you can select what areas are best suited for your consulting clients. With the “Focus” program, you will select one of nine specialty tracks, where you can focus your consulting services to such areas as leadership consulting, client acquisition consulting and business financial consulting… any one of nine focus consulting training fields.

Books & Workbooks for you and your clients: With either the “Mastery” or “Focus” Business consultant development training programs, you will get to purchase eighteen workbooks [nine for your training and nine to share with your first group of clients] for only $1,620.00. These 134-152 page workbooks will allow you to engage in comprehensive “study at home or work” during your 90-day training period in preparation for our weekly live video “one to one” video calls and our weekly live video classes. In the “Mastery” program, we offer two different “Mastery” programs [consultant or coach] where you will learn how to consult businesses on Leadership, Research, Goals, Prices, Strategic Thinking, Marketing, Client Acquisition, Management, Financials and more. In the “Focus” programs [nexus], you can choose any one of twelve areas of focus to develop your specific consulting expertise and respond to a specific identified target market. Whether you choose the “Master” or “Focus” programs, you will be able to offer services for a substantial profit.

Create income helping others grow their businesses“The Business Blueprint program has been instrumental in focusing my attention on the areas most needed for the improvement of my business… a remarkable range of employable modalities gives a distinct advantage in analysis of a challenge as well as finding the appropriate solutions… a game changing resource for anyone who is serious about increasing the value of their business, and ultimately, their life.” D.C.

Continuing Education, Training, Marketing & Development: After you complete your 90-day training program, you will want to engage in our monthly “continuing education, training, marketing and development programs at either $297.00 or $397.00 a month. This ongoing “training-marketing-development” will continue your education and support… and also provide marketing for your consulting business with one of two websites… various print support & marketing materials along with promoting you on one of two websites.

We are Dedicated to Your Success: We have over thirty years of business development experience. Our founder has been a business owner for over 38 years, a business consultant for over 28 years and a business development attorney for over 18 years… and our team members have over 20 years of experience in various professions and industries… so we have you fully covered and supported with the skills and expertise you need to succeed in your new business consulting business. Keep in mind that as you make a lot more money in your new consulting business [i.e. YOU KEEP 100% OF ALL YOUR CONSULTING FEES], we make our money each month supporting your increasing business success. As you make more money each month for you and your family, we support you in your continued growth and success each month with our monthly training, support and marketing efforts for you.

So, let’s GET STARTED with your new Business Opportunity with the “Business Blueprint For Success” BUSINESS CONSULTANT training, development and training program. Your initial “start-up” costs are only $4,995.00 … and after your initial 90-day training program, you can continue your monthly training, support and marketing program from just $297.00 to $397.00 a month. We will train, support and market you in your new consulting business!

 “The Business Blueprint for Success (BBS) is the most comprehensive program I have seen.  Shawn is able to quickly and accurately discern where I was and where I am each time in my business and apply the appropriate module in simple, understandable bites that gets me excited and moving in the right direction. I find Shawn flexible enough to address pressing issues without losing sight of the big picture. Sometimes it's hard to tell what an alternative path would have looked like, but I think I would have given up on my business if I wasn't training with Shawn.” D.A.

“After starting the Business Blueprint for Success program, I feel more confident in my business because he is helping me build a strong foundation. Shawn is incredibly intelligent and insightful and has the ability to provide guidance, structure, critical feedback and reassurance all at the same time. He also has a wonderful sense of humor which I really appreciate!” J.P.


“BBS” Business Consultant Licensing Agreement

Summary of Most Relevant Terms

Operating AssumptionsIt is assumed that your average BBS client will pay you from $545.00 to $795.00 a month for Business Development Success services & workbooks. It is also assumed that most clients will engage in BBS services for six to nine months. To generate over $100,000.00 a year, the BBS consultant will need to generate at least 20-30 clients per year.

1. Grant of Rights: Licensor hereby grants Licensee the non-exclusive and non-transferable license to provide “Business Blueprint Success” Business Consulting Services, use and sell the products and services as described in this agreement and the Copyrights ("Products") within any  geographic area within the United States and to use the Know-how in providing “Business Blueprint Success” Business Consulting Services, use and sale of the Services and Products within any USA geographic area, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

2. Licensee RevenueThe “Business Blueprint Success” consultants and coaches will generally charge from $150.00 to $220.00 per hour, plus earn 40% of all “BBS workbooks” sales revenue. Most clients will want a monthly program at $545.00 to $745.00 per month plus purchase several of the “BBS workbooks” at $149.00 each. Licensee keeps 100% of their business consulting revenue and 40% of all sales of “BBS workbooks” the Licensee sells.

3. Duties by Licensor: Licensor hereby warrants and represents that it is the sole owner of the Copyrights, that the Copyrights are validly issued and in effect. Licensor agrees to provide Initial Technical Assistance to Licensee for a period not to exceed three months for the effectiveness of this agreement by providing a trained consultant to assist Licensee in selling and using the products & services as described within this agreement. Ongoing support during the Term of this License Agreement; Licensor will engage in “ongoing support” of the Licensee with periodic video call training and seminars.

4. Payments: [1 of 3 tracks] Licensee shall pay to Licensor U.S. $4,995.00 upon the execution of this Agreement to cover the [1] the initial 9 training workbooks and 9 workbooks for clients, [2] the initial 90-day training period and [3] the initial administrative costs. Of this $4,995.00, the initial 9 training workbooks and 9 workbooks for clients shall be $1,620.00, the 90-day training period [i.e. twelve 45-minute video training classes plus twelve “class participation” video calls within a 100-day period] shall be $2,250.00 and $1,125.00 shall be for initial administrative costs. Licensee shall also pay to Licensor, after the initial 90-day training period, a monthly amount of $297.00-397.00 for ongoing class/individual video training and marketing.

5. Additional Payments: As part of this License Agreement, the Licensee shall have the right to sell any of the thirty [30] “BBS workbooks” for the then listed retail prices, which at the time of this license, is $149.00 for each of the thirty [30] workbooks. For each workbook, Licensee shall pay to Licensor 60% of the retail price of the workbooks as ordered and/or sold by the Licensee. Such payment is due prior to the shipment of any workbooks. As a result, the Licensee shall retain 40% of all workbook sales as sold by Licensee. Licensee keeps 100% of consulting fees.

A Blueprint for creating greater success in your business

Click "Get Info" to request more information on this exciting opportunity.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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