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Help your local businesses develop their business credit with our easy to follow six step program. W
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Business Credit Building System

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Our Business Credit Building System (BCBS) is the first fully integrated platform dedicated to education and coaching for the development of business credit. Our technology incorporates over 20 years of experience in business credit and is backed by a world-class engineering development team. With our easy to use system, business owners can lead, track, and accelerate the stages of creating business credit.

Getting Started

Through an innovative, state-of-the-art back office system, clients are able to review the overall program, identify where they are in the process and the necessary next steps.

After logging in the client is taken to their dashboard. Steps completed are in bold on the right of the dashboard and steps to be completed are grayed out on the list.

For each step, the client has access to the needed explanations and short videos that will help them complete the necessary actions to move closer to success.

The platform’s real-time integration with the business credit reporting agencies, allow clients to easily access each Business Credit Reporting Agency to see if they have:

• An active credit file;
• A credit score assigned;
• Trade lines reporting.

This is real-time information that is updated automatically as the file changes.

In addition, clients can order a full report or sign up for business credit monitoring so they are always aware of their score.

When a business first signs up, they are shown whether or not their company already has an open profile with the credit reporting agencies.

Since our system is integrated with the business reporting agencies, clients are able to easily search agency databases to see if they have a business credit score and how many trade lines are reporting.

Six Steps to Stronger Scores

Our program is based on 6 specific steps that have proven successful in strengthening business credit scores.

The entire program and back-end platform is built in a step-by-step format that guides users through the completion of each step. To ensure that clients stay on the path to success, the system does not allow users to jump around or skip steps.

This is an untapped market. Less than 10% of business owners know about separating their personal credit from their business credit. Our BCBS is the key to millions of business owners.

Today there are approximately 26.5 million small businesses in the United States and over 92% of these businesses leverage personal credit and business credit in their business. You need to depend on your business credit and not your personal credit.

Allow Clear Financial Concepts to help you get the funding you need for your business and then help others achieve the same success.


Now you can have a step-by-step business credit system that works every time you apply our strategy!


  • Clients will obtain lines of credit and business credit cards that only report to their business credit.


  • As a Business Credit Agent. We will share with you how to help businesses how to build their business credit scores in 90-120 days.


  • Clients will establish business credit regardless of their personal credit.

    Please click Request Info to learn more about this fun and profitable business opportunity!

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