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We set you up for success with our Done-4-U Marketing system that really works! Earn daily residual
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DONE-4-U MARKETING THAT REALLY WORKS!!!! We have a process that has never been done before and will set you up to Earn DAILY Residual Income. With CashBackTwenty, We Set You Up for SUCCESS!

Whether you are sharing this simple income generating model with those you know and love, talking to the person checking out behind you at the grocery store, or closing the abundance of leads you have coming in from our system, you and your team are truly set up for success.

We assist entrepreneurs in building their business through the support of Internet Radio through our marketing channels, which include email, websites, blogs, classified ads, social networking, text, and phone.

Everything You Image Is Possible.... When You Have The RIGHT TOOLS
Having the right tool for the right job makes YOUR job easy! That's why we have taken the time to CREATE the tools that set you up for success and put them all in ONE PLACE for easy use. We know what works. We have a proven system. And we are sharing it with YOU. It's called the CashBackTwenty System and it is the foundation of our Done-4-U Marketing program. With this system, you can leverage your time, utilize our proven process, and achieve all the success you desire.

NEED LEADS? We Got You Covered!
When you have something good, you share it! So naturally, you will want to let your family and friends (and well, everyone you meet) know about the amazing SAVING and INCOME GENERATING program we have. But what about taking this business to the next level? Well, with our highly targeted co-op marketing campaigns, we can generate the leads for you! We've done the research and know where to find the people. The CashBackTwenty System you just learned about will present the opportunity, and follow up with your leads via email... All you need to do is pick up the phone, follow along with the script we provide, and sign them up in your business! You will discover more about this program inside the CashBackTwenty System, so be sure to get yourself set up for success and you will be well on your way to building a massive DAILY residual income in no time.

With 3 personal sales you start earning $5.00 a day within hours of becoming an affiliate. We have no fast start bonuses, car bonuses or crazy hoops for you to jump through, we just pay you daily residual income. The next step pays you from $20.00 a day to $3000 a day for growing your team. All ranks achieved by 11:59pm New York time are paid the next day at 12:01am. Payouts are 7 days a week / 365 days per year.

The Choice Is Yours
The “FLEX BUILD” compensation plan allows you to sponsor your 3 with 1 in each team, or 1 on one team and 2 on the other team, or even 3 down one team in a straight line creating spill-over for your team. The choice is YOURS with “FLEX BUILD”. The compensation plan can be built with just 2 teams all the way through the remaining 7 Founder ranks. This will get you up to a 6 figure monthly income.

A product that is easy to sell and even easier to use and brings high value to you the consumer.
Anyone who shops or eats out is a prospect! Upon sign-up members simply enter their top 10 shopping destinations; grocery stores, department stores, electronic stores, restaurants, coffee shops, gas and convenience stores and clothing retailers, on and offline. Members then simply record their weekly purchases (we provide a free app to allow them to do this on their smartphones – even as quickly as they leave the cash registers) for up to $60 in weekly cash rebates.

Once a month they upload those saved receipts for verification. It couldn’t be any easier to stretch the budget for something everyone does – SHOP or DINING OUT!

Anyone you know who spends money on a weekly basis is a prospect. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t! Simply introduce them and watch your Daily Residual Income grow!

When you find something good, you naturally want to share it!
As you share this savings program with only 3 others, you can get your membership paid for. Share with more and you can begin to earn a DAILY RESIDUAL INCOME! Whether it's a friend, family member, or person checking out behind you at the store, simply tell them what you discovered…..

“I just found out how to get 20% cashback on gas, groceries and more!!!”
Then send them to your site (Done 4 U marketing site), where they can learn more and sign up themselves!

Once 3 of them sign up for their membership, our marketing partner will pay you $1825 a year, which MORE than pays for your membership! See why we say “REFER 3 and it’s BETTER THAN FREE!!!”? Let's get you set up to SAVE and EARN today!

Who is the ideal Candidate to earn between $20.00 and $3000 a day!
This opportunity is for someone who wants to build sales teams all around the country that will sell the product for you, using the Done 4 U marketing system. This creates the greatest type of leverage as you make money with none of the heavy lifting, and we set you up for success.

Who is the ideal candidate to EARN $5.00 a day and SAVE $3000 a year!
Anyone you know who spends money on a weekly basis is a prospect. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t!

It's worth 5 minutes of your time to see how ordinary people are making extraordinary incomes simply by shopping and sharing!

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