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Crack Repair Startup is a great business to make part-time money or grow into a full-time income. Ou
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Crack Repair Startup

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The Ultimate Small Business Startup on a Small Budget! The foundation crack repair business is a very profitable, recession-proof home based business opportunity for the entrepreneur who wants to start a business or to make great part time money. Let's be honest, this is not a get rich quick business. The crack repair business can be a great way to make part-time money or start it part time and build it into a full-time business.


It takes hard work and focus to build a business from scratch. We want to help you bypass some of the expensive mistakes we made. Our advertising package is loaded with postcards, door hangers, forms and much more to give you a fast start to your marketing program. It doesn't have to rain to get the phone to ring! Cracks also need to be repaired prior to selling a home or remodeling a basement. If you look around your town and think about how many homes there are, you will agree that there is a huge opportunity to make money repairing foundation cracks. The list below outlines the advantages that make crack repair the perfect home based business that you can start on a limited budget.

-Low investment

-Recession proof

-Average job less than 2 hours

-No special vehicle needed

-No expensive equipment to buy

-Tools and supplies can fit into a small toolbox and a 5 gallon bucket

-You get paid at the time of service

-Not a seasonal business

How much money can I make? This is always the first question we are asked when we talk about the crack repair business. We love to answer this question because the crack repair business is very profitable. The tools and supplies needed to get started are inexpensive and you can use any vehicle to get to your jobs because it all fits into a five gallon bucket. Most jobs can be completed in a couple of hours and you will generate an average of $ 450 per job. Below are examples from real jobs.

Most of our crack repair projects involve 1 to 3 cracks located in basement foundation walls that are about 7’ – 8’ tall. In the examples below, we show two projects conducted in the Spring of 2016.

This first project was for a customer who owned a commercial building. Commercial work typically goes for rates slightly higher than residential projects.

Next is a good example of a typical residential project. Although many projects will involve repairing only a single crack, it is common to repair several cracks at a single location. In fact, we had a residential site that involved repairing 16 cracks in total!

In the examples above, it is easy to see that big profits can be made repairing foundation wall cracks. Over $800 for three hours work is more than $250 per hour! Imaging having even just one of these projects per week…that’s an extra $3,200 per month!

What kind of experience do I need?

No matter what your past experience, foundation crack repair is something most anyone can learn to do. If you are used to working with your hands at all, this will come even easier. The repair method we teach does not require expensive or dangerous power tools or require much physical effort. If you can clean surfaces with a wire brush and use a caulk gun, you will be well on your way.

Our repair process

Here is a brief step-by-step description of how we repair foundation wall cracks:

That is it! In four easy steps, you can waterproof a foundation wall crack. A single 8 foot crack typically takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete. However, if you have multiple cracks to repair, your efficiency goes way up! For instance, it’s possible to repair (3) 8 foot cracks in about 2 hours.

Our Crack Repair Startup Book is loaded with lessons that we have learned repairing thousands of cracks, these lessons will save you time and money.

Are you ready for some truly AWSOME facts???

1) Concrete cracking is a normal occurrence! No one has ever figured out how to prevent foundation walls from cracking. This does not mean that every foundation wall will crack, but yes, most walls will have a crack in it somewhere. Foundation wall cracks are a very common problem!

2) Foundation walls exist almost everywhere, and people do not like them allowing water into their homes. Even if they have never leaked, people do not like the fact that if not repaired, they might leak at some point in the future.

Consider for a moment these situations:

People selling their home…When someone gets ready to buy a home, they hire a home inspector to look at everything so they can be sure they’re not buying a home with problems. Home inspections will reveal the presence of foundation cracks and necessitate their repair.

Homeowners finishing their basement…When someone is going to go to the time and expense of finishing a basement – they do not want to risk a crack that might leak and damage their new investment.

Contractors cleaning up water damage in basements…Cracks are commonly found when restoration companies clean up water damage in basements. The good news is that many of these companies are only interested in doing what they do best – RESTORATION. Your opportunity begins by contacting these companies and offering this service.

Savvy Realtors…Many realtors will notice foundation wall cracks when they go to list a home for sale. They will suggest the homeowner get the repairs made proactively so that there is not an issue when a potential buyer conducts their home inspection.

Anyone with cracks that doesn’t like water in their basement or crawlspace…That’s right, most people do not like water where it does not belong – especially in homes. Water leaks result in elevated humidity levels and creates an environment for mold and musty odors. Generally speaking, cracks create the potential for unhealthy situations to develop.

The list of STRONG SALES OPPORTUNITIES goes on from here – this is just a sample of what can drive TONS of demand to your new business! When you think about the population around you and all the businesses that have exposure to foundation cracks, it starts to become easy to see just how much business can be cultivated with a little strategic marketing.

So, why would people choose you to repair their cracks? Because your competition probably sets the bar pretty low…

You might be surprised, but we hear it all the time – contractors are notoriously rude, messy, late and provide shoddy work. If you can simply treat people with respect and are willing to provide quality services, you’re already ahead of the game. Our Foundation Crack Repair Startup guide is all about building a business process that ultimately grows itself naturally.

Okay, I get it. But why should I buy your book?

Because trial and error is very costly.

Our Foundation Crack Repair Startup book contains over 26,000 words, pictures, tables, and lists of information to have you up and running quickly.

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