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Cross Breeze Mobile Screens

Business Type:
Business Opportunity

Total Capital Investment:

Liquid Capital Required:

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

We’re a fully equipped ‘Mobile Screen’ business that can make you money plain and simple. We repair and replace window screens and screen doors and we sell and install the new retractable/rollaway screen doors. We offer a variety of screen related products like pet proof and solar screens. Easy to start, easy to own and the work is great!

We’ve been in the ‘Mobile Screen’ business since 1995. Not until 2011, did we decide to roll out with our new ‘Business Opportunity’. For the past 16 years we’ve had our pulse on the screen business and for the last several years we’ve been fine tuning our adjustments in order to create a turn key ‘business opportunity’ for you. We don’t think it’s necessary for you to have re-create or trail blaze in this industry. We took years to create a business model that you can simply walk into. We do not believe in franchising, nor do we think franchising in the Mobile Screen Repair business is a good idea. We learned the hard way in 1995. That’s the year we decided to buy a franchise in this industry. I had only one week of questionable training followed by weeks and months of frustration in my new business. After many struggles and frustrations I did succeed. I had spent sleepless nights and countless stress trying to figure out this new franchise I purchased. After much unpleasantness I succeeded, so well that in 1996 I was the Franchise of the year. We led sales every year that we were affiliated with this particular franchise. As the years went on I found myself sending 5% of my sales which is more like 10% of my profit, to the franchisor. They insisted it was worth it. As my sales rose to over $30,000 in one month and over $200,000.00 in that year I realized I was essentially functioning independent, yet paying for the name. I decided enough was enough. I was also strong-armed into paying an additional $10,000.00 territory fee. As my business grew I was forced into protecting a neighboring territory and I thought my success depended on that territory. Today, I operate independent of any franchise. I offer extreme caution if you contemplate purchasing a franchise.

What we are offering at CrossBreeze Screens is in many ways similar to a franchise but without you having to pay royalties to us or us having legal ties or claims to your production. We are a true ‘business opportunity’. First we offer an upgraded elegant custom trailer made especially for this trade. We took what we had been given, learned from experience and made it better. Our trailers are a top notch slick machines that will turn heads and draw customers. Our trailers are comparable to those of the two available franchises but again we argue we have made a few changes making ours the best trailers available. We offer an on going extensive training program. When you are done you will be ready to go.

I recall our first customer asking me to leave her home as I did not know what I was doing. That won’t happen to you because I will be with you at that first house call. Depending on the package you choose we will deliver this trailer to you completely stocked and ready to go.

Everything that we offer we offer at or beyond what is being offered by any Franchisor in the Mobile Screen repair industry, but we do it at approximately half the cost of a franchise. Not only are our business opportunities approximately half the cost, we do not collect royalties. Current franchisors charge as much as 7% of your sales. There is no reason to spend or give your earnings away.

What we offer:

  • Complete Screening shop on wheels. A fully equipped mobile screen shop.
  • Comprehensive training package. Both at our headquarters and your home town. As well as free follow up visits, for that tough job. I’m there to help you succeed.
  • Comprehensive advertising program. Internet marketing, yellow pages and some secrets of our own?
  • You decide your territory, function for a year see what boundaries you need, and then draw the territory line yourself. We will not sell a business opportunity within that territory. We recommend twice the area a franchisor sells you!
  • Packages start at $35,500. As opposed to nearly $80,000 for a comparable franchise!
  • The freedom to choose, you can align with Cross Breeze Screens Inc., using our name, buying power, logo etc., or you can go independent. It’s up to you, either way your success is our success!
  • Contact and introduction to our suppliers, including a warehouse tour and account set up.

Why the Mobile Screen Business?

While nothing is economy proof, the truth is people spend on window screens and screen doors as an investment, thus allowing for them not to run the air conditioner.

Best part, no experience necessary - Easy to learn. We were terrified of a tool box, yet we became proficient quickly.

No Shop necessary! This business is easily run right out of your home.

There are No chemicals, or cleaning agents, or dirty shops.

We would love to discuss this opportunity with you.

Request Info

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