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Home-Based Businesses
Forget about buying a business and all the financial commitments required to start one. By renting a
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Business Type:

Total Capital Investment:

Liquid Capital Required:
$4950 to $7950

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

STOP LOOKING to BUY an overpriced Franchise or Business Opportunity … Now You can Rent one and be in business for yourself in just 3 short weeks! The best part is that you’ll only be paying a Low Monthly Rental easily offset by sales! Say Goodbye to the usual financial commitments required to start a Business!

If You’re Selling any kind of Advertising now, why not do it for yourself and keep all of the money on sales that you make? Look through our website and you’ll convince yourself that renting makes sense on so many levels…

You’ve been Dreaming Long Enough…
Start Today to Change Your Life!
With the Enterprising Plan, You Keep All of Your Sales

You now earn a living; and you might even love your job… But what if you could earn the real money you’re capable of and Keep All of Your Sales Income on Your Own Terms?

An EAT Directory is a Groundbreaking Advertising Sales model designed to cater to Restaurants and truly unique. Get in on the ground floor with low monthly payments and no credit qualifying.

You’ll have your own Local EAT directory. We’ll act as Your production staff, Your webmaster, Your consultant and Your team. We’ll give you everything that you’ll need to make this happen. Your Website and Sales Materials will be Top Notch and you’ll receive Dedicated Support…The Rest is up to YOU and just how much you want to make!

Selling Advertising, is a better Self-Employment Opportunity
Find out how with Eat Leasing

Sales Talent is simply your personality, use it and Success is imminent…Let’s be realistic, people don’t buy the Ads that you’re selling, what they’re buying is YOU. You’re the established Brand and we want to partner with that.

Do it For Yourself
Here’s why this concept is so phenomenal…

Each Directory has a Very Respectable Annual Gross Income Potential of 6-Figures!! One person can “sell” or hire commission-only salespeople so they do all the work for you. You also have the opportunity to operate multiple area directories and increase your income dramatically.

You’ll be leasing your local Eat Directory from us for as low as $59.per month, with No Hidden Charges.

Your local Eat Directory Name is dictated by the area. Your Company would be the exclusive agent for that area. Your Name and Your Company Name will be customized for you on the Forms, Website, Business cards, and advertising materials that we supply.

When you sell an ad, payment is made to You or Your company directly. You keep all of the money with the enterprising plan. It’s Your Business!! We also have programs to allow you an easier entry when you don't have enough money to start on the enterprising plan program.

It just Makes Sense…
So Make Your Decision…
Stay where you are, or make the Real Money Now!!!

You get to keep 100% of your sales with the "ENTERPRISING" Plan

Click on Get Info and we will contact you to share more information on this extiting opportunity!
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