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Own your own local culinary magazine targeted at everyone from well-fed foodies to the home chef. Make money helping local businesses grow. Be Part of Fresh, Be a Part of Something Great!


Start Your Own Local Food Magazine with FreshFresh is a magazine designed for everyone who appreciates what they eat and who wants to learn more about the wide world of food. We feature unique recipes and articles on everything from what makes an excellent burger to others that explore more “advanced” culinary tastes. We want both the well-fed foodie and the home chef to enjoy this magazine.

Why should I buy your magazine license instead of starting my own magazine?

 * We provide you with the support, expertise and experience it takes to be successful.

First and foremost, you need to be the kind of person people want to work with. That is one of the few pieces we can’t take care of for you. You also need to sell the ads (or you can always hire a professional to do that for you). And of course, encourage people to read your magazine!

You will also need to pay a licensing fee each month for the length of your contract. To make a profit, you just create more ad revenue than the cost of your licensing fee and you’ll have money in your bank account!

Great Licensee Opportunity To Own Your Own Local Culinary Magazine

Independent magazine start-up costs can be expensive, anywhere between $65,000-$110,000. When you buy a license for Fresh, you simply pay your monthly licensing fee. This significantly reduces the financial risk associated with owning a magazine and cuts out a number of your overhead costs.

Statistically speaking, your success rate is far more likely when your business is franchised. 95% of franchised businesses are still in existence after five years, while as only five percent of independently owned businesses remain after that time span.

Due to our immense experience in the magazine field, we have the hand-on experience necessary to effectively create, market, and sustain a successful magazine.  

Magazine Publishing Licensee Opportunities Can Be Real Money Makers

Please select "Get Info" to learn more about this great local business! You can also visit us online now at freshlicenseclub.com for additional information.

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