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ICANetwork Mobile Marketing Communication App
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ICANetwork Mobile Marketing Communication App

Business Type:
Business Opportunity

Total Capital Investment:

Liquid Capital Required:
$35 per/month

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

APPS ARE REPLACING WEBSITES. This Mobile App Is A Predefined Website Ready To Be Customized For Any Business. EASY To Build, Very Affordable, Easy To Sell, -> There Is No Other App That Offers So Many Features At Such A Low Cost.

App Features Include:
-Unlimited SMS Text/Push Notification 
-Can Receive A Reply
-Is A Customizable 6 Page Mobile-Friendly Website
-Easy To Build And Modify

The Question To Ask Any Business Is!
"How Do You Communicate With Your Customers?"
If Their Answer Is By Email Or Flyers, They Need Your Help!!  

Are You Aware That 95% Of All SMS Messages Are Opened Within 5 Minutes.
Having The Ability To Send Unlimited Text Messages is HUGE!

Promote A Product That Is In Demand!

This Is The Ultimate Marketing And Communication Tool. 

It Is Also A Great Retention Tool, As A Business Owner Will Not Want To Lose Their VIP Text Club.

According To Industry Experts.
Any Business Without A Mobile App Will Be Out Of Business By 2018.
Did You Know…..The Size Of The Internet Will Double In The Next 3 Years, Due Mostly To The Number Of Smart phone Activation’s.
We Are A US Based Company; We Are Both Ethical And 100% Legally Compliant In Every Way Possible! In A Few Years We Will Become A Publicly Traded Company.

If You Are Serious About Starting A Business, We Are Serious About Working With You. 

Our Mission Is To Help You To Become Successful With A Product That Every Business Owner Needs.

Just Stop And Look Around.
What Are People Doing When Standing In Line Or Waiting For The Bus. 

They Are Looking At Their Smart Phone.

And……When They Open Their Smart Phone, 
What Do They See… Apps –They See Apps!!

Smart Phones Are Changing Our Culture

Comes With A 30 Day Free Trial Period!

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