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JoyAmaze is an incredible opportunity for you to promote a well established product with a new twist
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JoyAmaze Functional Coffee - The Coffee With Benefits! You know you can’t get rich selling something everyone else sells. Nor with something so new, no one knows what it is. The key? Find an opportunity to promote, that combines an established product with a new twist. And that’s exactly the opportunity you have with JoyAmaze’s new and growing line of functional coffee - the coffee with Benefits!

By combining premium-quality Arabica coffee with a selection of time-tested herbal ingredients, carefully tuned to specific coffee-drinker needs, JoyAmaze gives them Benefits available nowhere else.

And by promoting JoyAmaze to your friends and followers, you can gain the Benefit of 20-45% commissions on your every sale.

Benefits for Coffee Lovers

    • Functional: Our functional coffees contain proven, traditional herbal ingredients carefully chosen to suit your situation. Whether you’re looking for increased energy, improved mental focus, tranquility, or freshness. Get just the boost you need – right in your daily coffee.
    • Diverse selection of coffee flavors.
    • 100% premium-quality Arabica coffee beans.
    • Travel-friendly: Packaged in individual stick sachets.
    • Convenient: Functional coffee, ready in 10 seconds!
    • Sugar-free.
    • Gluten-free.

Benefits for Affiliate Marketers

    • One-time $25 sign-up bonus added to your first qualifying JoyAmaze commission payment.
    • High commissions of 20-45%.
    • Free product samples with free delivery. Don’t take our word for it – put us to the taste test!
    • Huge market: According to USA Today, 83% of American adults drink coffee – to the tune of 587 million cups every day.
    • Cutting-edge product twist: Added herbals give our coffees unique Benefits. A unique new coffee concept for you to promote to your friends and followers.
    Absolutely no investment required:
      o No start-up fee
      o No registration fee
      o No required purchases

New to affiliate marketing? No problem!

You don’t need to be a marketing whiz to be successful with JoyAmaze. Our extensive library of web tools can help kickstart your affiliate business, including:

    • Buttons
    • Banners
    • Page peels
    • Text with hyperlinks

Each marketing web tool contains embedded tracking code that tells us it’s your customer. When one of your friends or followers clicks the JoyAmaze web tool on your webpage, social media post, email or other medium, they go to the JoyAmaze e-commerce store. Then you can earn 20% - or more – commission on all their subsequent sales!

What is Functional Coffee?

Functional. This means our coffees have been designed to provide extra Benefits beyond quenching your thirst and waking you up. It’s the unique element that makes us different. Each of our delicious, premium-quality Arabica coffees is infused with natural adaptogens for extra health values.

What’s an Adaptogen?

Adaptogens are compounds or herbs that help your body deal with - adapt to - stress. Stress may be caused by many things, including strenuous exercise, environmental irritants, or the immune system’s fight against diseases, such as the common cold. JoyAmaze functional coffee brings you a carefully chosen selection of all-natural adaptogenic herbs. Herbs that have been trusted for generations for their functional benefits, including increased energy, improved mental focus, tranquility and more.

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