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Nature’s Quick Dry is a unique business opportunity that helps you succeed while running your own gr
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Nature's Quick-Dry

Business Type:
Business Opportunity

Total Capital Investment:
$1,000 to $2,850

Liquid Capital Required:
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Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

Nature's Quick-Dry will get you started, and help you to succeed, in a green business. We perform 21st-century cleaning services for our customers' carpeting, rugs, upholstered furniture, and most hard-surface floors If you fully follow our unique business model, you will even be able to offer services for the refinishing of hardwood floors, offering the greenest available, yet highly durable floor finishes.

Even participating in the high-paying field of marble floor polishing will not be beyond your reach.

Nature's Quick-Dry is based upon the 25+ year track record of Drysdale Total FloorCare (www.drysdales123.com), located in Peabody, MA and serving the Boston metropolitan area.

Drysdale's, the business model for Nature's Quick-Dry, has received many honors. It has been a BOSTON Magazine selection as “Best of Boston” in carpet cleaning. It has twice been recommended to readers of The BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE MAGAZINE. Drysdale's has for several years running been ranked by the consumer review website AngiesList as a straight “A”, Super-Service award winning company. Both Drysdale's and Nature's Quick-Dry have received Green Certification by the no-nonsense National Green Pages. In his book, BUILD A GREEN SMALL BUSINESS: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur, author Scott Cooney cites the Nature's Quick-Dry business opportunity program as a terrific way to become a green business success.

Mark Dullea, founder and owner of both Drysdale's and Nature's Quick-Dry, beginning in 1990 has pioneered and succeeded in the area of carpet cleaning that is environmentally-friendly, odorless, low-moisture, and very quick to dry. Super healthy and convenient for all involved. And, he has brought the cost of entry into this attractive field of business way down.

The Nature's Quick-Dry business start-up program will enable any able-bodied individual, young or not so young, male or female, to succeed in business in your own community and its outlying areas. You will do this by investing in and owning your own business, using a combination of durable, highly effective, and surprising light cleaning equipment, cleaning products that are healthy for people and pets, and our own training materials and unique business model.

People everywhere are searching for and embracing products and services that will enable them to avoid unnecessary contact with bothersome, sometimes toxic chemicals. More and more they want to provide a healthy home for their family members – and their pets ! Businesses also are increasingly seeking to become green in every possible way. Employers have come to realize that a healthy workplace means fewer people missing work because they are home sick. As a Nature's Quick-Dry-affiliated business, you can help all of these people achieve their green goals.

Unlike expensive and rigid franchise programs, which require you to be able to bring tens of thousands of dollars to the table before they'll even consider talking to you, with Nature's Quick-Dry you will be able to enter a legitimate business without having to mortgage the house, or drain the hard-earned dollars in your bank account or retirement program. And you won't be paying some stiff percentage off the top either. Further, unlike a franchise, which may OR MAY NOT have a territory that suits you, with Nature's Quick-Dry you can set up and operate wherever you think the opportunities would be best for you. (Little hint: cities and towns with a major university, or with a cluster of smaller colleges, tend to be above average in supporting green business ventures.

With Nature's Quick-Dry you have a couple of options as to how to start and grow your business. First option: you may choose to invest in one of our Packages, learn our system, and then go your own way, under your own business name. Second option: you may prefer, for a licensing fee of just $100 per year (first year free!) to go into business using our name as part of your business name. For example, Nature's Quick-Dry/West Hartford, or Two Sisters/Nature's Quick-Dry. You would then be enabled to use the NQD logo and name in your marketing materials as well, and you would be included in our growing referral network as well. Via active involvement in Social Media Marketing, it is our hope and plan to make Nature's Quick-Dry a recognized national brand before long.

The Training Manual you will receive with your Package of professional equipment and supplies has already helped almost 200 aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the United States and Canada to start their own green businesses in carpet and floor care. You can read the comments of many of these individuals on the “Awards and Testimonials” page of the Nature's Quick-Dry website. In addition, our Nature's Quick-Dry Forum, also attached to the NQD website, contains a wealth of valuable business and technical information posted by Drysdale's/Nature's Quick-Dry founder Mark Dullea, as well as by many of the experienced business owners that Mark helped to get started. And Mark himself has a reputation for generosity in his continuing efforts to help those who have joined his system, at no charge, through the Forum, by email, and by phone. In that way, the Nature's Quick-Dry community has a feeling closer to family than to some distance, anonymous corporate entity.

If you really want the opportunity to own and succeed in your own real business, in a highly relevant area, and to do so on a budget that you can afford, then Nature's Quick-Dry may well be the logical choice for you. Inquire today !

Nature's Quick-Dry is a veteran-owned business. For further details, visit the “About Us” page of the Nature's Quick-Dry website.


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