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Minimum investment: $195.00

Liquid Capital Required: $195.00

Financial Assistance: No

Training & Support: Yes

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  • Let us show you how our GREEN products can put some serious GREEN in your pocket! Demonstrably amazing! Cool down anytime, anywhere! Reusable for years! Non-toxic, perfectly safe for the environment and we offer the largest product of its kind on the market! Buy at wholesale prices and enjoy retail profits of 100% or more! Claim your very own exclusive territory today…

    Are you a born or experienced salesperson looking for an eco-friendly, high-quality product you can believe in and that will enable you to interact with prospective customers while providing them with a seriously cool (literally!) solution to the challenge of overheating? If so, and you’ve been looking for just the right opportunity to start your own profitable small business, then becoming an exclusive independent distributor with Icy Cold Towels may be just the right fit for you!

    Demonstrating the incredible benefits and effectiveness of Icy Cold Towel products is so easy. In fact, anyone who is comfortable with sales can do it. Simply wet it, wring it out and shake it to activate! No refrigeration is ever needed. All it takes is a quick dousing in water of any kind and Icy Cold Towels and Headbands adjust down as much as a full 20 degrees below the current environmental temperature, providing immediate relief from the heat for a full two to five hours. And even as it is cooling, the towel always feels dry so it will never wet your clothes…unbelievable!

    The secret is in the hyper-evaporative, non-toxic, water-soluble and fully degradable polymer-based (PVA) material, which absorbs water up to ten times its own weight and evaporates very slowly. The result? Hours of cooling relief wherever you need it and fast! Once you show them how it works, your customers will be fascinated…especially because so few people (we estimate as few as 1 in 10) have ever seen this new technology in action.

    Plus, Icy Cold Towels offers the most generously sized PVA product of its kind on the market today. Our largest towel is close to three feet long and can be tied easily, making hands-free use a breeze!

    Sporting goods stores of all kinds and sporting events, concerts, amusement parks, at the beach, gyms, golf courses, school events, construction sites—anywhere people are trying to beat the heat—Icy Cold Towels are a lifesaver and a hot commodity. Even in cases where individuals are experiencing hormone imbalances or have a health condition where becoming overheated is a serious concern, this is the product for them.

    In fact, the number of potential target audiences and venues where Icy Cold Towels and Headbands would be not only appropriate, but in great demand, is practically endless. Stop and give it some thought, and you’ll quickly come to see that with a little imagination and creativity, the possibilities are truly incredible!

    Becoming an Icy Cold Towels EXCLUSIVE Independent Distributor

    Just $195 is all it takes to get started as an Icy Cold Towels independent distributor in your very own exclusive territory of anywhere from 3 to 4 million population in the U.S. or Canada. That includes 30 towels (an estimated retail value of $600), as well as all of these other great benefits:

    • Purchase products for as little as half or even less of our suggested retail price point— depending on volume—and keep all the profits!
    • Full product satisfaction guarantee and 30-day return policy
    • NO ongoing fees or royalties of any kind…ever!
    • Sell direct to customer at retail prices, or at reduced retail to shops, stores and salons, and realize ongoing re-order profits long-term
    • Products that are engineered and designed for years of reuse and to outperform and outlast any off-the-shelf knockoff, and they are all fully bio-degradable and therefore environmentally friendly
    • Private labeling options to advertise products or use for fundraisers
    • No packaging required; each towel or headband comes in its own attractive and reusable storage tube
    • Towels can be cut to smaller size if necessary without compromising their integrity or effectiveness
    • Easy product-care instructions
    • Flexibility to be creative and run your business to your own specifications, including the ability to work either full- or part-time from home
    • Startup and ongoing support with everything from product-knowledge acquisition and demonstration skills to target market and audience identification, marketing planning and retail-based relationship building from the company’s owner—a successful entrepreneur and inventor in his own right, with decades of experience to share
    • Ongoing training and distributor networking facilitation
    • Market products via your own website
    • POS (point of sale) display options, and
    • Represent a growing line of complementary and similar products over time.

    Icy Cold Towels are an obvious impulse or POS buy in a whole range of situations where extreme heat is an immediate concern. However, they’re also a great all-around investment for athletes, hikers, people who routinely work outside or anyone else who needs or wants to stay cool for any reason 24/7/365.

    Given our product line has thus far been made available in limited distribution only in Canada, U.S.-based opportunity is now wide open, but it won’t last long! Establish yourself as the go-to independent distributor of Icy Cold Towel products in your exclusive U.S. or Canadian territory now while you have a the chance! Provide us with the information we need to reach you, and we will look forward to talking with you soon…

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