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Optiwell MD Business Opportunity
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OptiWell MD

Business Type:

Total Capital Investment:
$995 per month, 12-month agreement

Liquid Capital Required:

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

Are you a physician or a medical professional looking for a solid business opportunity? Our turnkey wellness program offers a medical weight loss and hormone therapy solution designed to be integrated with an existing practice. With our national volume discounts on labs and meds we are able to lower your cost of goods up to 80%. Earn up to $100,000 a year and more for both you and the practice you partner with. Call David Federico at 770 713.1243 for consideration today.

OptiWell MD Affiliate Program




For The

   Optimal You ™  



Medical Weight Loss / Diet Plans / Nutritional Support
Hormone Replacement Therapy / Anti-Aging
Diagnostic Labs / Patient Support Portal
 Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Meet The New Darling of The Wellness Community

OptiWell MD is a fully branded, comprehensive wellness solution that incorporates
medical weight loss and hormone therapy cash pay services
 in a clinical setting.
Our Physician Affiliate Model allows physicians or other medical professionals
to add vital preventive care modalities to an existing practice, reduce the cost for
these services by as much as 80% through our national volume discount pricing and
add tens of thousands of dollars to the bottom line.

With an appealingly low barrier to entry,
 $995 Registration Fee and $995 per month License Fee 
you will enjoy generous profit margins, training, support systems, valuable strategic
business alliances and more. You will have all you need to succeed in 
this emerging medical specialty. 
Using only the safest and most effective evidence-based medical protocols, the
OptiWell MD suite of services offers something for almost every patient in the
practice database and answers the demand for boutique offerings in the wellness
industry while capitalizing on the public propensity for consumer convenience.


Wellness is a Trillion Dollar Industy



Public awareness of
health, wellness and beauty is at
an all-time high.
Statistics confirm this market is
growing steadily,
offering the security of an expanding
market base.



Two Ways To Take Advantage of Our Business Opportunity

1. You Are a Medical Professional Seeking to Increase Your Income


Using our OptiWell MD program, you will engage with a physician with an existing patient base who is interested in adding wellness solutions. As the Wellness Consultant, you will manage the process start to finish. By establishing a 50/50 revenue share with the physician in exchange for his patient referrals and the space to work …creating a win/win for all! This type of arrangement can be established at just one practice or, you could schedule yourself for ½ days or full days at several practices. The practices will promote the services all week and schedule all of your appointments on “OptiWell MD” day. If you had 10 appointments scheduled for a day, with our average sale of $800, 8 sales in would produce $6,400 in gross revenue that day. Our cost of goods runs around 15%. Your net profit for both you and the doctor would be $2,700 for the day! Cut this in half for less patients/less sales or multiply times four or five days for working with other practices.  Any way you slice it, our solution is one that helps patients, practices and medical professionals become the Optimal You.


$995 Registration Fee and $995 per month License Fee 


2. You Are a Physician Seeking to Increase Your Income


By adding our OptiWell MD turnkey wellness solution, you are not only enhancing patient care, you are adding valuable cash pay revenue to your bottom line! Our services come complete with training for you and your staff, protocols, support, and national volume discount pricing that lowers your cost up to 80%! The vendor relationships alone are worth your affiliation. You also have access to our fully branded marketing collateral including pictures, brochures, pop-up banners and more. Prefer your own brand?  No problem…all of our materials can be re-branded for you. These medical weight loss and anti-aging protocols have been used successfully for over six years in 37 practices in 17 states.   Many practices are realizing sales of $25,000 to $35,000 per month and more. Our ability to help you reduce your cost of good to around 15%, allows you to receive net profits up to $20,000 per month and more for Optimal patient and practice health! 

$995 Registration Fee and $995 per month License Fee 





Welcome To 

The Sunny Side

of Medicine.




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