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Our Human Services helps you start your own lucrative business as a marketing representative for our
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Our Human Services

Business Type:
Business Opportunity

Total Capital Investment:
$0 to $1,600

Liquid Capital Required:

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

Huge Earring Potential In Medical Field / Sales / More - Here’s How You Succeed in Business: Identify a problem everyone has. Provide a solution everyone needs. Repeat. That’s what you’ll be doing as a marketing representative for our Asian manufacturer’s health and wellness device. And, the best news of all is that you can start up your own lucrative business part-time from home with no upfront, out-of-pocket money. In a hurry? Call 830-460-2077 now or click GET INFO and we'll get back to you fast after filling in the form.

Our sophisticated marketing system will bring you people who are motivated to acquire the device. (Because of our preferred financing options, you’ll often be able to help qualify people with lower than average credit. We even have no-credit-check programs.)

We are a group of serial entrepreneurs who have discovered an astonishing solution to one of the most pervasive of modern health issues. It’s at the root of numerous degenerative and aging-related conditions. Over 90% of North Americans are affected by it – and most don’t know it. They end up taking pills to suppress symptoms instead of applying an effective reversal to the organic causes of those symptoms.

Our research led us to a forty-year old Japanese manufacturer whose product line is sold in over 100 countries. The company is debt-free and currently generates nearly $1 billion in annual sales. We discovered some interesting facts:

  • 1. In Japan, the device has been well-known for decades as a medical device and is used in hospitals, medical offices, restaurants and is present in more than one out of ten homes. The research behind it began as an earnest quest to counter the influence of acid rain drifting in from China’s unstrained industrial pollution.
    2. The device has received high level recognition and endorsement by 6,500 doctors of the Japanese Adult Geriatric Disease Prevention Association.
    3. It’s the only device of its kind that can be purchased with the Canadian “Medicard” program. 4. Personal health testimonies by users of the device are compelling, covering a wide range of common maladies.
    5. Dr. Hiromi Shinya, co-creator of the non-invasive colonoscopy technique of polyp removal, recommends this product as part of a comprehensive good health and diet program.
    6. The company began sales in North America in 2003. Sales to date represent less than one-half of one percent of potential market share. In other words, we have not yet reached the famous tipping point. (Our warm-lead marketing system will change that – and you can be part of it.)
    7. While the general public is relatively unaware of the device and its wellness benefits, a small yet influential sector is highly aware of it – celebrities and public figures. It’s reported that Bill Gates has as many as 16 of the devices, including one for his private plane. (We’ll show you a significant list of high profile individuals who enthusiastically use the device – names you know well – and they are not paid to endorse it. Why?)
    8. Over a five year period, the out-of-pocket health consequences of not using the device can exceed the cost of our flagship unit. (In other words, even if someone doesn’t purchase the device, s/he will still pay its equivalent cost through persistent and potentially damaging consumer habits.)
    9. The device is built to provide 15+ years of high quality output.
    10. Referral sales from satisfied purchasers of the device are frequent and recurring.

These facts proved to us that there’s a significant market in North America for the device. But let’s address the more personal issue on your mind. What’s in it for you? (The list is long, so we’ll give you an overview now, with more to be detailed in our video summaries and company documentation. We’re big on documentation.)

  • 1. You can earn from $285 to over $2000 per unit sold. (We assist with initial leads. Several on our team produce two to ten sales weekly; some do that daily.)
    2. You can start part time (10 hrs/week) and grow into a full time income. (We’ll introduce you to team members who’ve done this in less than three months. They’ll freely tell you how they did it.)
    3. You can enroll in our management training and earn overrides on team sales (similar to the real estate and insurance industries).
    4. You can qualify for generous production bonuses and residual income.
    5. You can earn a retirement income from $5,000 to over $25,000 monthly. (We’ll introduce you to people earning this within two – five years of starting their business.)
    6. As stated earlier, you’ll be providing a solution to a problem nearly everyone has.
    7. If you like sales, you’ll love our educational media which makes the presentation for you.
    8. If you don’t like sales, you’ll really love our educational media which makes the presentation for you!
    9. Our new financing programs will help you qualify more people for the device – even if they have a credit score under 600. (We even have no-credit-check programs.)
    10. If you can provide five minutes of conversational information to a sincerely interested inbound caller, you can build this business.
    11. You’ll have the profound satisfaction of being in a business that brings better health and wellness within reach of all you know.


What we are giving you here requires much more detail. We will provide precisely what you need to know to validate whether this business could be your next and last career move.

To see what’s really here, you’ll want to understand four things:

  • 1. Our world class product and the solutions it provides
    2. Our lead marketing system
    3. Our flexible financing process
    4. Our team structure and how you might fit into it


Each of us was where you are right now. We got informed, we got equipped and then we got busy. Frankly, this business is so exciting and so doable, it’s brought several of us out of retirement and into some of our highest earnings ever.

What’s the first step? Click GET INFO BELOW, then look right and fill out the form. Once filled in, BusinessOpportunity.com will send us your contact information and a member of our TEAM will contact as soon as possible. We currently have a lot of inquiries and will get to yours as quickly as possible.

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