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Saivian Residual Affiliate Business Opportunity

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The Saivian International subscription based business model has two unique selling propositions available to the market. If you like to work with individuals and families, you can market our (GSP) global saving plan. If you like to market to businesses, you can market our (Map) Merchant advertising platform.

  • Get paid on direct and indirect sales
  • Build a team of affiliates and get paid for indirect sales
  • Your team and individual sales count for both membership

How does the GSP membership work?

Our exclusive Global Savings Plan offers members the ability to save thousands of dollars throughout the year by offering discounts, coupons, and cash back on everyday purchases. What makes this membership unique is the ability to shop at the same stores without any change to your normal buying habits.

How Does the Map Work?

Our exclusive Merchant Advertising platform gives SMB’s access to all our GSP members on our mobile app. There are 100’s of websites and apps for saving money, but we are the only one where our hundreds of thousands of members are excited to pay a subscription fee to have complete access to our merchant network and the many GSP benefits. All our map members are excited to be part of our network and have access to all the GSP members and only have to pay a small subscription fee and have us pay up to 20% cashback on their behalf.

How do I make Money as an Affiliate?

Our memberships based on a 28-day cycle at $125

13 cycles X  $125 = $1625

Quartley  - 10% Discount

Yearly 20% discount

Commissions are paid daily based on active direct and indirect subscriptions.

  • 3 = $5.00 a day $150 a month $1800 a year
  • 12 =  $20 a day $600 a month $7200 a year
  • 39 = $30 a day $900 a month $10,800 a year
  • 80 = $50 a day $1500 a month $18,000 a year
  • 150 = $100 a day $3000 a month $36,000 a year
  • 300 = $150 a day $4500 a month $54,000 a year
  • 500 = $200 a day $6000 a month $72,000 a year
  • 750 = $300 a day $9000 a month $108,000 a year

Our pay plan will continue to pay you up to $3000 a day!

Learn More Today

Learn more today how you can achieve your goals while helping businesses reach theirs. Please fill out the form to learn more about and take a no obligation look at this exciting opportunity.

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