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SmashFund is a social crowdfunding network, the first of its kind! This is the opportunity for the e
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SmashFund is the first social crowdfunding network. This is for the dreamer who dares to dream, the entrepreneur who eats obstacles for lunch, and a place where passions, people, and life collide. This is where you get to crowdfund your passion.

SmashFund is an invite-only social crowdfunding network that helps fund the passions of our users. What does crowdfunding have to do with you? Everyone has a passion, right? Whatever your passion, it can be crowdfunded.

We've removed the limits of traditional crowdfunding and added the power of your social thumbprint! By building a community, like a social network, you have instantly engaged backers for your passion. Complete with profiles, project pages, status updates and more, you'll feel like you are on a social network but amplified with the power of crowdfunding.

Not only can the community help fund your passions (if you choose to activate your contribute button) but SmashFund itself will help fund you through the proprietary network algorithm. 80% of all subscription revenue is pushed back to the members. The more the Smash Fund community grows, the more you can earn on each active member in your network.

• Earn $50/month on each direct referral

• Earn $4/month on each community referral

• Earn on up to 16,000 active members per profile

• Earn on members that spill into your network

The Smashfund network algorithm works like a cone, spreading out from the tip outward infinitely deep. It rewards early adopters with the top positions and works its way around, spiraling downward to fill spots in the network as new members join. The earlier you join the more earning potential you’ll have!

Like any social network, we start with connections. A socialgraph is just a fancy term for a formula which tracks your connections. It keeps track of the people and companies you invite to the network and also tracks viral connections (people you didn't invite directly or people from surrounding networks that appear in your network from overlap).

Why should you care about building a community? So you can build your crowd! Through your personal and viral connections, these are the people that will most likely be your first backers because they understand your passion!

SmashFund is different. We are creating a Shareconomy. From our revenue share to our crowdfunding, we've turned the traditional model on its head and brought you something new and awesome! With SmashFund:

  • No time limits
  • No goal requirements
  • No percentage taken from contributors (credit card transaction fees will apply)
  • No increased fees for not achieving funding goal
  • No annual commitment
  • Funds deposited weekly
  • Change out your passions and projects freely
  • Non-profits welcome
  • A revenue model unlike any other

If you’re looking for a business that is based off revenue share rather than network marketing, affiliate marketing, distributorships, license agreements or franchising than look no further.

SMASHFUND is a new disruptive technology platform that uses "shareconomics" to leverage and monetize your social graph through revenue share similar to UBER, AIRBNB, ALIBABA.

Our Crowdfunding platform will be released in the Summer of 2016. and we are giving an exclusive group of entrepreneurs a chance to get a head start. Request your personal link now and start sharing today!

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