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Stampcrete floor surface coatings
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Stampcrete Epoxy Dealership

Business Type:
Business Opportunity

Total Capital Investment:
$4,995 to $17,995

Liquid Capital Required:

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

Growing Demand! No contractors license or construction experience required! You are about to learn of the unlimited potential available to a Stampcrete Epoxy Dealer and the income a dealer can make in residential and commercial property. With millions of old, ugly and deteriorated surfaces in the US and the limited options for property owners, management companies and commercial property owners, epoxy is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to change a bad surface into a beautiful designed look that will increase property value! Call us toll-free at 1 (800) 233-3298 today!

Is There An Opportunity?

Restore Flooring Using Stampcrete Epoxy Flooring Dealership Opportunity

Take a look around.  There is bad concrete, wood, tile and other surfaces everywhere you look, both inside and outside, and the percentage of those surfaces that have been restored is, we feel safe saying, less than 5%.  Who do you know that has ever done surface restoration with epoxy? Probably no one, and the reason is simple.  Most homeowners and businesses do not even know it is an option.  They think of restoration on concrete as jackhammers, dust and pouring wet cement.  Wood and tile as having to rip out and redo the entire surface. Think of all the money that home owners, businesses, office complexes, entertainment venues, schools, hospitals and more spend to fix their surfaces over and over. This is a big market!

So the real potential for the sale is when you educate your customers!  Do you think a couple replacing their kitchen floor is thinking about beautifying the existing concrete under their current flooring?  What if you told them you could not only give their floor a gorgeous look, but have the floor completed within 3 or 4 days!  Spills, dropped dishes and foot traffic will have no chance.   

Is It A Complicated Process?

Anyone can do it.  It is QUICK, SIMPLE and EASY!

Contractors start your own home based floor refinishing business

How Much Can I Earn Per Job?

“Tired of not working when it rains? Then start installing the Stampcrete Epoxy System”

“Want to work all winter? Start installing Epoxy Floors which is the biggest rage in the decorative concrete industry”

 The sky is the limit!! You can charge as low as $4 sq ft and double your investment!

Market Price Range:

Colored System-  $4.00 to $5.50

Chip System $6.75 to $9.75

Metallic System $8.75 to $14.75

Here Is What We Provide:

  • Company offer four levels of Commitment
  • One week On-Site training on your first job
  • Start up materials that return your entire investment
  • Equipment Package
  • Exclusive Territory of 750,000 populations
  • 7,500 Customized 6 panel mailers to get you projects
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Marketing DVD
  • Comprehensive training DVD
  • Customized business cards
  • Sample board kit for presentations

Stampcrete Epoxy Indoor Outdoor Floor Refinishing Income Opportunity

To Start Your Own Marketing Momentum You Will:

Go grassroots: This means walking the neighborhoods with brochures, attending events and fairs to set up tables, do demonstrations and invite people to look at the work. Ask other home service professionals to give out information when they visit customers.

Hire commission sales people: You should hire a few commission sales people to call on large business accounts. This is a great way to bring in more profitable accounts without spending any upfront money.  Would you rather have one 10,000 square foot job or 20 500 square foot jobs? How fast do you want to start?

Advertise locally: As you start making money, take out ads in local circulars etc.  You should also do home shows.

To capitalize on this momentum it is important on day 1 to start learning the proper way to sell jobs from answering the phone to doing in-home presentations.  If you are consistent you will start getting referrals from people who see your beautiful work and word-of-mouth advertising will become your best friend.

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