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The telecommunication industry combines stable longevity with cutting edge technology. Everything from mobile marketing to GPS is wound up in this vibrant business sector. Take a look today at some solutions you can tap into as you consider launching a new business in a proven market.
The Future of Health Care: Telehealth is the new buzz word for 2015 but it's been around for more than 40 years! Did you know there is a service available that enables consumers to connect with a board certified, licensed physician by phone or video in less than 30 minutes that can be used to diagnose and treat more than 70% of the most common conditions. Doesn't ring a bell?
Total Capital Investment:
$189 to $449

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We are looking for high Performing Advertising, Media or Sales Professionals who want to own their own Television Network. POP TV makes it possible for you to own and operate a Highly Profitable Pump Top Television network in Your Local market for a fraction of the cost it takes to start a traditional TV or Radio Station. If you are ready to Fire the corporate world, start a TV Network for Yourself, and Have a background in Media, Advertising or Sales then we are the solution.
Total Capital Investment:
$25,000 to $500,000

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The Next Big Thing Just Launched! If you love instant gratification just like we do then you’ll love our new franchise. The Vidiux.com Franchise is now available across the nation. The goal of Vidiux.com is to have 3 million customers within the next 3 years, producing an average of 600,000 rentals per month (and revenues for $27M/year). The business aims to be “the 3rd alternative” to current competitors Netflix and RedBox.
Total Capital Investment:
$10,500 to $133,000

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