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WOR(l)D Global Network Helo Watch
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WOR(I)D Global Network

Business Type:
Business Opportunity

Total Capital Investment:
$320 to $1,280

Liquid Capital Required:

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

BioMetric Wearable Product Distribution Opportunity! World Media & Technology Corp. designs, manufactures and sells connected, next-generation, innovative wearable devices and mobile products. It has end-users in over 80 countries which it sup-ports through its exclusive distribution partnership with Wor(l)d Global Network.

Wor(l)d Global Network also referred to as World GN is a global multi million-dollar company that offers services in the telecommunications, renewable energy, technology and mobile Telecommunication. With 15 offices Worldwide, along with their numerous awards won recently, Wor(l)d Global Network is recognized as one of the most prestigious opportunities in the industry.

Its current headquarters is in the United States with its major offices in the United States, Singapore, India, China, Russia, Ireland, Dubai, Tunisia, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Columbia, Paraguay, and Hong Kong.

Wor(l)d Global Network is a publicly traded company!

Helo Bracelet by Wor(l)d Global Network has the most advanced technology ever to hit the marketplace. It is envisaged that due to its creative smart attributes, it will rocket wearable device sales to $171 Billion by 2025 up form $26 billion in 2015. Launched July 2016, it has already reached 195 countries with 14 offices Globally...The chosen method of distribution is friendship marketing and not surprisingly, people of all backgrounds are flocking to find out how they can benefit.



Lets Look at The Benefits As Follows:


  • It monitors your heartbeat (Heart Rate)
  • It monitors your blood pressure (Blood Pressure)
  • It provides remote monitoring of your loved ones (We Care)
  • A Panic Button to send an SOS or SMS in case of trouble
  • It monitors your breathing (Breath Rate)
  • It performs an electrocardiogram (ECG) in 3 Minutes
  • It checks your steps, distance and burned calories
  • It carries out a full heart check (Heart Check)
  • It checks your sleep quality (Sleep Quality)
  • It checks your mood and your level of fatigue (Mood/fatigue)
  • It checks your Stress Levels

You receive detailed notifications about your results if and when the device detects irregularities. (Notify system)

The Bracelet also features Himalayan Salt Stones containing at least 84 naturally occurring trace elements in their natural mineral form, the benefits of natural Himalayan Crystal Salt include: Regulating the water content throughout your body. Promoting healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells. Promoting blood sugar health.

Another key attribute of the Helo Bracelet is Germanium that facilitates the movement of oxygen across cellular membranes to deliver oxygen into the cells. Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel prize-winning cancer researcher, discovered that cancer cells do not metabolize oxygen properly. Flooding cells with oxygen may retard the growth of cancer cells or even help return them to normal. Germanium increases your blood flow that is proven to lead to many health benefits.

Amazingly the data collected will be stored in your Personal Dashboard within the Helo App and you can get daily, weekly or monthly reports. A scheduler will perform automatic measurements to keep all your vital signs up to date you decide how often. Every 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or hour it is up to you.

Coming soon to the Helo Bracelet is a Mosquito Shield, simply press a button and you are protected from those nasty blood-sucking creatures. Also coming soon is Blood Sugar Testing excellent for Diabetics no more need for pricking your finger. Not sure if its safe to drive the morning after, then have no worries, you will be able to check your alcohol levels before driving and much more...


To become a distributor today by clicking GET HERE, fill out the form below and we'll be in contact with you very soon!
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