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Avis Budget Group Automotive Car Rental Franchise Business Opportunity
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Avis Budget Group

Business Type:
Business Opportunity

Total Capital Investment:
$5,000 to $8,000

Liquid Capital Required:
$5,000 to $8,000

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

AVIS BUDGET GROUP OFFERS AN EXCITING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY WHERE YOU CAN OPERATE AN AGENCY WITH SURPRISINGLY LITTLE START UP COST! If you have previous experience in sales, marketing, business ownership, travel services, and/or the car rental industry, then Avis Budget Group have the perfect opportunity for you.

Avis Budget Car Rental Business Opportunity

Avis Budget Group Car Rental Business Opportunity

As an Owner/Operator your primary objective is to grow the vehicle rental revenue of your Agency location while maintaining an acceptable return on Avis Budget Groups’ investment (the fleet). There’s no set limit on how much revenue you could generate. It’s up to you. Our inventory of late model vehicles will be there to delight your customers and enable you to remain competitive in your local market by offering customers an exciting choice of rental vehicles. Everyone wins, the customer, you as the Operator, and Avis Budget Group.                          

You are an Independent Contractor who is responsible for the operations of a vehicle rental agency. Everything from selecting your own employees to creating marketing plans will be in your control. Avis Budget Group will assist you with what you need to be successful, from a paid training program to the fleet of vehicles that you will be renting. 

Avis Budget Group will help support you and your operation and help you to grow your business.

Common Questions about the Program:

Avis Budget Group Auto Rental Business Opportunity

Is this a franchise?  No. An Owner/Operator is an Independent Contractor arrangement. Unlike a franchise where there are up-front fees and ongoing royalties for using the company’s trademark, not to mention a significant capital expenditure to acquire assets, an Independent Contractor signs an Owner/Operator Agreement with Avis Budget Group whereby you as the Owner/Operator are permitted to rent Avis Budget Group vehicles. The operations, like staffing and cost control, are your responsibility.

How much money do I need to start?  Generally, you should have up to $3,000-$8,000 available. This would cover costs such as incorporating, insurance, first months payroll for employees (most operators start with just a few employees), and other miscellaneous startup costs.

Avis Budget Car Rental Franchise Business Opportunity

Where do I get the cars from?  Avis Budget Group will provide you with vehicles for renting. The initial fleet size is determined by evaluating the consumer demands in your market. As the business grows so does the fleet that is furnished to your location. The size of your fleet ultimately depends upon your ability to generate a maximum amount of revenue on every rental.

How do I make money?  Owner/Operators are paid a percentage of every dollar taken in for rental revenue. At Avis Budget Group, rental revenue is defined as time and mileage charges. As an Operator, you will also have the opportunity to earn income on other rental charges such as child seats, renter benefits, etc., as set forth in the Owner/Operator agreement.

Avis Budget Group Auto Car Rental Business Opportunity

How am I supported?  To help grow your business, Avis Budget Group will offer support with a staff of individuals dedicated to your individual marketplace. These professionals will offer guidance in areas of training, goal setting, sales, and marketing. They will be there to act as a liaison between you and the company.

Am I an employee of Avis Budget Group?  No. You are an Independent Contractor and are free to run your business as you see fit. As an independent contractor you will be required to incorporate in the state you do business and represent the Avis Budget Group brand as a corporate entity.

Avis Budget Auto Rental Business Opportunity

What is the experience or skill necessary to be successful?  We have had successful Operators come from all walks of life. It is helpful, but certainly not a guarantee of success, or a requirement; that a person with skills or experience in operating a business, car rental, hotel, and/or travel related business will have an advantage. The ability to effectively communicate, whether on sales calls, with employees, or with customers is an absolute must. You should be an aggressive, goal-oriented person who is willing to do everything it takes to build the business on a local basis. This could include joining the local Chamber of Commerce, sponsoring local sports teams, and talking to local businesses to refer customers to you. Servicing your customers well enough to build a good repeat business that will keep your business growing is where you want to end up.

What future possibilities are there for Owner/Operators?  One of the best things about being an Operator is the future possibilities. Not only can an operator have his or her business continue to grow, but if a larger operation should become available, an existing Operator may be offered the opportunity to move to that location.

Request more information now to learn more about how you can become an Owner/Operator for Avis Budget Group!

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