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Gifts Your Friends and Family Want
20 Dec 17 Posted by: Margaret Mallonée
in In The News
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Are you a busy entrepreneur trying to find the right gift for friends and family? Check out Gifts Your Friends and Family Want to pick out the right gift and be everyone’s favorite gift giver!

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, you may have realized that you have 5 days to wrap up your holiday shopping. Saturday is the last day items will ship to your house before Christmas. This means that today is the last day you can order things online and get them in time for the holiday. Unless of course, you are one of those brave souls who would rather fight crowds for the slim pickings left at your local mall or shopping center. Save yourself the time and headache and order online. You want to buy the gifts your friends and family want, not some leftover that will result in a forced smile upon opening.

You may be asking yourself, “Okay great I have to buy everything today or everyone will know I forgot about them. So, what should I get them?” Lucky for you, I can help with that. Instead of making you read through a ton of lists and watch many YouTube videos on gifts your friends and family want, I’ve done that for you. While my expertise may lie in overpriced skincare and makeup, because I’ll be the first to admit, I have an addiction to YouTube beauty gurus’ tutorials and reviews, I’ve watched and read many gift guides and found you the best of the best.  Don’t miss Gifts Your Friends and Family Want! Now you don’t have to buy exactly what is here, but it will get the creative juices flowing and spark some ideas!

Gifts Your Friends and Family Want – For the Person Who Needs Some TLC.

It’s around the holidays that we all realize how much we need a break. However, most people are so busy around this time of year, whether it be with traveling or planning holiday feasts, that they often miss out on some much-needed TLC and R&R. That’s where you come in. TLC gifts are often the ones people need, but won’t buy themselves.

Spa. Honestly, you can never go wrong with getting someone a gift certificate to spa, no matter the gender or age you’re shopping for. Don’t get a specific treatment, but rather an amount that can be redeemed for anything. Everyone needs a deep tissue massage. If you’re thinking someone might not like the idea of a spa, but would love some deep tissue back work, get a gift certificate to a good chiropractor.

Bath Bombs by Lush. Everyone loves a good relaxing bath. Lush bath bombs are the types of gifts that people get and say “Oh, I always wanted to try these!” or “Oh, I’ve heard about these!” They’re usually around $8.00, so inexpensive, but something someone might not buy for a one-time use.

Robes. You can’t go wrong with a nice, stylish, cozy robe. These range in a variety of styles and prices. Robes are the type of thing that a lot of people don’t have, but done realize how nice it is to have one until they try it!

Slippers. If you’re getting someone a nice robe, might as well add in a nice pair of slippers. Keyword on nice. Don’t get something cheap that will fall part. Get one of these options, they’re plush and sturdy.

Back massager.  This product is great - the reviews speak for themselves. It’s also hold the tops spots in various massage categories. We mentioned this in our Entrepreneur Gift Buying Guide.  It’s a great gift for anyone in your family.

Gifts Your Friends and Family Want – For the Person Who Wants the Latest and Greatest.

The people who already have everything are the hardest to shop for. The key is to get them something might not have, or something they might have had in the past, loved, and just never got around to buying again.

Bluetooth Goods. Beats Headphones were all the rage, and still are. However, most people got around to buying them. This year was the year of the Bluetooth portable speakers and the Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Liquor Gift Sets. Normally, gift sets say, “I forgot.” However, these are far from that. These liquor gift sets, like the Gin & Tonic ones, are great! They’re unique in the ingredients that come with them, and they’re an attractive piece. Anyone would love to have this on their bar and get a lot of use out of them.

Subscription Boxes. Nowadays, there is a subscription box for everything! They come once a month, and they’re a great way for people to try and discover new favorite products. Check out this list and find the one that suits your needs!

Gifts Your Friends and Family Want – For the People You Forgot Were Coming.

We all can forget a person who is coming. So it’s good to have some back up gifts handy incase a friend of a friend or a new person shows up. Plus, gift never go bad. When the holidays are over, you can use them for yourself, give them to someone else, or return them.

Candles. You may be thinking, “Uhhhh…. Nothing says I forgot about you like candles.” Fair enough, but not this candle set. It’s perfectly packaged, smells amazing, and it looks luxurious.

Scarves. Some scarves look cheap. Some scarves are hundreds of dollars. We don’t want to break the bank, so most of these scarves will do great. Fair warning, there are some wallet busters mixed in the mix. However, the ones in the $20 range are great! They look and feel expensive, but they’re priced at a great price point.

Insulated Water Bottle. People raved about insulated water bottlers this year. They keep you drink hot for 24 hours or cold for 36. The downfall is that they can be a bit pricey, so many people shy away from buying them for themselves. Check out these options.

Gifts Your Friends and Family Want – if You’re Still Stuck.

If you’re still stuck, go for the classics – movie tickets, gift cards (food, travel, shopping), or nice bottles of their  favorite liquor with a nice glass set.

Gifts Your Friends and Family Want Ideas and Inspiration

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