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Did you know that women-owned businesses are eligible for grants that are not available to other business owners? Receiving a grant is probably the best way to get funding for a business because, unlike a business loan,...
...an excerpt written by Lauren Diethelm in her article on Fundera. Night...


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What Do Kid and Pet-Related Business Opportunities Have In Common?
16 Feb 11 Posted by: Kevin James Culp
in Featured Articles
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The answer is simple really and three-fold.  One, working with kids or pets requires true commitment and a passion for what you do.  Two, both fields can be incredibly rewarding both personally and financially.  And three, given how much we all love our kids and our pets―they are a member of the family after all―any home-based or other small business that focuses on meeting their wants or needs is largely recession-proof!

Take a close look at the really incredible kid and pet-oriented business opportunities highlighted here.  These are some top picks!  Sign up to receive more information about any or all of them that pique your interest, explore yet more kid and pet-related opportunities by clicking on the links at the end of this article and find one that’s just right for you today!

Kid-Fit:  P.E. Classes for Preschoolers

It's no secret that the obesity epidemic in America has reached crisis proportions and children today are particularly at risk.  Millions of parents are seeking affordable ways to get their kids off on the right foot when it comes to physical fitness and education.  That’s where Kid-Fit comes in.  This ingenious licensing program is a complete preschool fitness and physical education program for children ages 2-Kindergarten that teaches them all about their bodies, how to take care of them and how to make healthy food choices.  Through fun exercise with age-appropriate props, children start life with the tools they need to stay fit, healthy and avoid obesity.

As a Kid-Fit licensee, you’ll enjoy complete training and ongoing support that enables you to offer Kid-Fit programs in any number of venues, including daycare centers, preschools, public schools, as an afterschool program, park and recreation classes and many more.  You’ll even receive grant funding to serve disadvantaged neighborhoods and non-profit organizations.

Own your own business doing something you love that gives something back to the community and that is very profitable.

Click here to learn more about Kid-Fit today!

Friendly Folks, Inc.

The affordable personalized gift industry is always booming!  Personalized gifts are just the right choice for family members, especially when it comes to honoring their kids and pets.  Friendly Folks is a simple and easy-to-learn, home-based business opportunity that you can buy for less than a thousand dollars.  Moms, retirees, anyone who can see the incredible potential of owning your own business in the personalized cartoon gifts industry, Friendly Folks, Inc. is for you!  We’re the most established and respected personalized gift company of its kind in the industry.  You can reasonably expect to make $500-$1000 or more a week owning your own business, having a blast and only working part-time!

Click on Friendly Folks, Inc. now and find out how you can become a dealer today!

Pet Corner International (PCI)

PCI’s niche in the retail marketplace is virtually competition-free.  So much so that in the next three years, the company anticipates its pet supplements will be sold in 9,000-10,000 retail stores, which will be serviced by hundreds of distributors.  You could be one of them!

Retail outlets for PCI's products include supermarkets/grocery stores, pharmacies/drug stores, pet supplies/grooming salons, veterinarian outlets, vitamin/nutrition centers, gas/convenience stores, boutiques, sporting goods stores, auto dealerships, hotel/hospital gift shops, fitness centers, recreation facilities and many more.  The market for PCI’s products is truly huge, and the company’s explosive growth offers distributors the opportunity to be involved in a business with very strong income potential, representing a family of all-natural products that really makes “quality of life” better for the pet owner's “best friend and companion.”

PCI’s local training helps you to eliminate the costly mistakes that are often made by new business owners and keeps you focused on building a profitable enterprise.  The company’s successful business model also allows you to grow at your own pace.  And you can work full or part-time while setting and achieving your own income goals, benefitting from profit margins of 62%.

Click here to learn more about PCI now!

Canine Trade Group

Love dogs?  Your career as a professional dog trainer starts here!  Canine Trade Group offers a hands-on Professional Dog Trainer’s Course that teaches you not only how to offer your clients the most high-level dog training and behavior consulting services, but also how to operate a highly successful home-based business doing something that you truly enjoy.  Professional in-home dog trainers earn anywhere from $500 to $1500 per client, so this is an industry that is well worth your while to explore further.

Learn more about Canine Trade Group by clicking here now!

For yet more Pet-Related Business Opportunities and Franchises or Children and Child Care Business Opportunities and Franchises, click on the appropriate link now!

Carpe Diem My Friends

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