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Running a Home-Based Business
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Have you always wondered about running a home-based business? Are you looking for tips to make your home-based business a success? Look no further! Check out these tips and business opportunities!

Running a home-based business may seem like it’s all fun and games, but it can be tough. People tend to stereotype home-based business owners as entrepreneurs who get off easy. They don’t have a storefront to maintain while also enjoying lower overhead costs and a flexible work schedule and work location. However, it’s not all fun and games. Homebased business owners have just as much stress as a business owner of a storefront. Home-based business owners often struggle to balance their home and work life. While a home-based business means you can work from anywhere and at any time, it means that these entrepreneurs tend to work upwards of 15 hour days, wreaking havoc on their health. With the holiday coming and a year of new goals to achieve, we want everyone to stay healthy and productive.

To help those running a home-based business, we’ve complied our go-to tips to help you succeed? Always wanted to be a home-based business owner but don’t know where to start? Check out some of our favorite home-based business opportunities!

Running a Home-Based Business – Set Hours and Stick to Them.

Keeping designated ‘work hours’ helps you stay productive. Even if you work a 60+ hour week, you need to allow for some sleep, exercise, and down time. To do this, each week, make a list of projects you would like to complete. Now this doesn’t mean create a ridiculous to-do list that is impossible to complete in one day. Be realistic. If you’re working on multiple projects, and what home-based business owner isn’t, split the projects up into multiple mini projects with corresponding deadlines. Each day, work on one of these mini deadlines for all of your projects. By doing little bits each day, you won’t feel overwhelmed and you’ll feel like you’ve astonished something in all areas of your business.

Running a Home-Based Business –  Use a Cloud-Based Solution to Back Up Your Work.

The only thing worse than doing work, is doing work you’ve already done again. You hear this all the time. Back up your work! Yes, you can usually pull files from a busted computer, but this can take a long time. Upload your work to Google Drive or the iCloud if you’re a Mac user. As a business owner running a home-based business, your tech is the backbone of your business, and your cloud storage system is the like the heart. Don’t skimp out on it.

Running a Home-Based Business – Communicate.

You may not be in the same physical location as your employees and coworkers, but you don’t want to leave them on your own. If you’re working on a collaborative project—set a time when everyone will be available to remotely conference.  Maybe you would benefit from having a weekly conference call. Maybe you should use something like Trello that shows what everyone is working on during the day. Find out what works for you and your teammates and test out a few different ideas. While a remote team may have different hours, respect the work schedule of your partners and coworkers. If you work late at night on the weekend, it’s okay to send some emails, but don’t text or call, unless it is an emergency. A great tip for those who work non-traditional hours is to tell your partners and coworkers this. Mention no need to worry, respond during your hours. Again, unless there is an emergency and in that case, you should have a business emergency protocol.

Running a Home-Based Business – Dress the Part.

Have you fantasized about how nice it would be to go to work in your favorite flannel pajamas? Sorry to say it, but you’ll want to pass on this temptation. Our bodies associate clothes with certain activities. Working in your pajamas will lower your productivity and negatively impact your body’s recognition of rest.  Skip the sweatpants, but also skip the business suit. Opt for something in between like a pair of pants without an elastic waistband.

Running a Home-Based Business – Give Yourself a Work Station.

Depending on your home, you may have a home office. If you do, use it! Make it comfortable and inviting to work. Invest in decent, non-fluorescent lighting and a non-plastic plant to help purify the air.

If you don’t have a home office, you can either designate yourself a work area in your home or go to a nearby shared work space. A shared workplace may be a coffee-shop or a work sharing office that you can rent out. Prices on these options vary, but you may be able to write them off as a tax write-off. Check with your accountant first and make sure to keep track of the accurate paperwork. If you want to save on costs and actually work in your home, make yourself a designated workstation, preferably near a window, as natural light creates an inviting, healthy workspace. You may want to invest in collapsible dividers to give yourself the ambiance of having a real office.

Do these tips make you wish you were running a home-bases business? Always wanted to a be a business owner but don’t know what to do? Check out these home-based business opportunities!

Running a Home-Based Business – MessagePro by Proximiti.

MessagePro by Proximiti is perfect for those with an interest in marketing and technology. It’s a business texting solution that can used by businesss of any size. All you need is a good work ethic, and they’ll teach you the rest! No tools or software you need to buy to get started!

Running a Home-Based Business – Kiltronx Enviro Solutions.

Kiltronix Enivro Solutions is an effective, chemical-free solution for bedbugs. It’s an organic and non-toxic solution that is safe for the environment, making this a powerful, yet green and sustainable business! Eco-friendly businesses are preferred by consumers for safety reasons. Bedbugs require intensive solutions, so get in now and start offering customers a best-of-both-worlds solution!

Running a Home-Based Business – BizKits4u.com.

BizKits4u.com is a great way to get into the advertising business and start making money in your first 30 days. Get a complete kit on how to create and sell billboard and bench advertising.

Running a Home-Based Business – GetBizFunding.com.

GetBizFunding.com offers loans and financing to start-ups and existing businesses. You’ll receive all the training and support you need to become a finance agent and help hopeful business owner and existing business owners get the funding they need.

Running a Home-Based Business –  RegenaLife Affiliate Opportunity. 

RegenaLife Affiliate Opportunity is a natural food and supplement company focused on products that help healthy aging. People are becoming more concerned with healthy living, and this is a great opportunity to get into the market!

Running a Home-Based Business – Freevi.

Freevi is a leading virtual reality business opportunity.  It allows anyone, a tech junkie to a beginner, to make a business out of virtual reality. You’ll have access to top of the line virtual reality products for your customers and you!

Running a Home-Based Business – Smoke Alarm Monitoring. 

Smoke Alarm Monitoring has the only patented smoke alarm technology that is completely self-contained and monitored off-site. Keep families safe with products that practically sell itself.

Running a Home-Based Business – Direct Cellars.

Direct Cellars is a wine lover’s dream business. You get paid to drink wine! Each month, you’ll try new wines from around the world. Drop shipping is included and satisfaction is guaranteed. This business sells itself, who doesn’t love wine delivered to their doorstep?

Running a Home-Based Business – Cruises Inc.

Cruises Inc. offers you the flexibility to work when you want, where you want, and how often you want. They provide all the training and support, so you have the tools to make a commission on the sales of exciting cruise, tours, and resort vacations.

Running a Home-Based Business – Hotels Etc.

Hotels Etc. reaches out to businesses all around the globe on a daily basis and negotiates a discount not available to the public. If the business accepts the offer, they are loaded into a system of over 1 million deals. they provide the training and support, you provide the drive. You can help families and people take the vacation they deserve.


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