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Start a Business Opportunity with $100 or Less
9 Aug 16 Posted by: Kevin James Culp
in Opportunity Focus
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Start a Business Opportunity with $100 or Less - Don’t let a lack of funds keep you from starting your own business.

Start a Business Opportunity with $100 or Less is Actually possible. The variety of opportunities available is surprising, and not all are internet related. It’s a fact, you don’t need to break the bank, take out a loan or quit our day job to get started.

Start a Business Opportunity - Interest + Training = Success

Look for an opportunity that appeals to your interests. Think about it, you’ll be spending a lot of your free time on this to get it off the ground. If it is based on a hobby you've loved for years, classes you’ve taken or previous job experience, you will be ahead of the game. You’ll have an idea what to expect, who your target market is and what their pain points are.

The one essential that all experts mention is to find an opportunity with training or information that is easy to tap into. You definitely don’t want a small business where you need to figure everything out from scratch. The better the training and resources, the faster you’ll be up and running.

Start a Business Opportunity - Can I Really Make It Successful?

Do you think that any business that costs under $100 to start doesn’t have much of a future? Think again!

  • The woman who started eFlirt.com used just $50 and her Twitter account. It has now been featured on Good Morning, America and The New York Times.

  • Gary Leff started a sideline that books travel awards for people, for a fee. It now makes more than $100,000 a year.

  • Brett Kelly wrote a how-to book about the Evernote app and cleared $10,000 in two days! He makes well over $100,000 a year with his project.

  • A Paleo diet follower decided to offer plans that simplified shopping for others using the eating method. His membership site now rakes in over $5,000 a month, and it all started with a simple website and domain name.

  • Steve Gillman of The Penny Hoarder started his successful site with just $81. It now makes over $100,000 a year.

  • Steve Farmer had $50 and an idea when he started his wholesale auto collision parts store. When he sold it three years later, it was a thriving concern.

  • Matt Shoup started a painting business with just $100. His business is now worth more than $2 million.

  • These people did it and so can you. The key is to find a viable product, make a sale and invest your profits to keep growing.

Start a Business Opportunity - Here is a look at 20 businesses you can start today for under $100.

#1. Safety Technology

This is a timely business opportunity aimed at keeping people out of harm's way. With crime at an all-time high, people will spend money to keep themselves, their family and their property safe. With the training Safety Technology offers, you can introduce people to the advantages of personal alarms and pepper sprays. They also offer hidden cameras, surveillance systems, and stun guns, provided to you through drop shipping, eliminating the need to carry inventory.

There is $0 capital investment required. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#2. RegenaLife Affiliate Opportunity

RegenaLife (Formally Regeneration USA, LLC) is a New Jersey-based network marketing (mlm) natural food and supplement business. It focuses on producing whole-food derived products for healthy aging. Their compensation plan is considered one of the most lucrative in the network marketing industry.

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#3. Lifestyle One 

Lifestyle One is an online opportunity working in the leadership development industry. You can be successful from any location, all you need is a phone line and internet connection. You don't need to sell or cold call!

Your capital investment is $0 to $10,000. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#4. Zurvita

Zurvita has a line of nutritional products to help you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Their flagship product, Zeal for Life, contains 39 super foods. It is easy to sell with the Zeal samples and free Doctor’s Report. The company works with distributors to help them earn at least $1,200 and qualify for a new car, all in 30 days or less!

Your capital investment is $69.95 to $499.95. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#5. Discount Drug Network

This program lets you help other afford the prescriptions they need to stay healthy. As an affiliate, you hand out discount cards to your network of friends and acquaintances. When a person uses the card, you earn a commission. The company provides you with cards, displays, pamphlets and a website. You can put up displays at health clinics, gas stations, convenient stores and health clubs, wherever people congregate. Everyone wants to save money on medical costs.

Your capital investment is $75. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#6. Saivian Residual Affiliate Business Opportunity  

Help people and businesses save thousands each year by offering discounts and coupons through this membership program. The business model has two selling options. If you like to work with individuals and families, you can sell the global saving plan. If you like to market to businesses, you can sell the Merchant advertising platform.

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#7. Print Founders Business Centers

Work your way up from being a Referring Affiliate to an affiliate owner with Print Founders! Print Founders is changing the way affiliate marketing has been done in the past. If you want to own your own business or need extra income, this is a great opportunity for you!

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#8. Freevi

Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm. FreeVi gives anyone who already loves the industry, or someone who wants to learn more about it, the opportunity to own and sell some of the best VR products available!

Your capital investment is $0 Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#9. Promotional Products Home Business

Businesses are always looking for promotional gifts, whether it be for trade shows or customer appreciation. These items include pens, bags, you name it! You'll receive a welcome package with samples of goods and you'll be on your way to selling in no time.

Your capital investment is $85 but is refunded to you after your first $500 in sales. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity


GOODLIFE USA grants its members access to travel and lifestyle deals at great prices. This is a no strings attached, no contract, and no cost, membership plan. The plan provides travel and lifestyle discounts to members at amazing prices.

Your capital investment is $79 to $300. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#11. The Local Project

Everyone is on the internet, or they should be! As a representative of The Local Project in your area, you can help open local area networks where you live. There are part time and full time positions including area and regional directors and city partners. The company handles the technological part of the project, provides strategy and does the training. You do the sales.

Your capital investment is $89 to $249. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#12. Nexxus Partners

Nexxus and bitcoin are generating a lot of excitement in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Nexxus created the old Bitcoin ATM, which means if you take this opportunity, you'll have monthly residual income.

Your capital investment is $10 to 5,500. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#13. Purium Health Products 

They have developed a complete line of superfoods in this family-to-farm business plan. The concept is really simple and really important. They manufacture their own products, so your payout is higher.

Your capital investment is $50 to $499. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#14. Motor Club of America 

Motor Club of America (MCA) been around since 1926 and has a A+ BBB rating. Run your own business in auto service and repair assistance for insurance companies. Get paid every Friday.

Your capital investment is $60. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#15. Message Pro by Proximity 

Are you interested in sales and marketing? Message Pro is an entire text message marketing business that can be done for ant sized business. They provide all the training and support. You don't need to buy anything!

Your capital investment is $0. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#16. VIP TV

Everyone loves TV! VIP TV lets you watch live TV from any device! No contracts, no activation fees, and no cancellation fees.

Your capital investment is $39. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#17. Bitcoin Insider Club

Don't miss out on getting into the Bitcoin industry! If you want to work from home, make money, and work hard, this is a great opportunity for you. Bitcoin is the most sought-after currency in the world and the market s booming.

Your capital investment is $65. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

#20. ICANGet2 in 24-Hour Challenge

ICANGET2 is a mobile app that is customizable and easy to sell. Work with others to meet your financial goals. The product is in demand, with unlimited SMS text/push notification. Businesses love it because it is easy to modify and is a great way to retain customers. And experts say that any company without a mobile app by the year 2018 will be out of business.

Your capital investment is $0 to $14.95. Training is provided. Start a Business Opportunity

So go and Start A Business today and be happier tomorrow!

Start A Business Opportunity

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