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Business Blueprint For Success

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Here is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for YOU to generate Affiliate/Referral income and On-Going Residual Income … month after month… for $595.00 which gets you both initial training and your start-up materials.

1. Whether you are an employee with network connections… or a business owner with other business owner connections … or you have a website that visitors like to see what is new with you… or if you have a Social Media network with followers… this Business Opportunity will achieve more money for your referrals within your network to make them and you more financially successful. Think about what you could do with an extra $200.00 … $500.00 … to more than $2,500.00 a month working in your spare time with the people you already know … earn on-going monthly income for your Affiliate/Referral marketing efforts.  

Create income helping others grow their businesses

2. You now get to be the “Person With the Great Connections” and Making Money each month for your referrals to one of the greatest business development and business consulting sites in North America … you and your friends, co-workers and business associates get to achieve a more peaceful, prosperous and successful life… with the BUSINESS BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS programs http://www.businessblueprintsuccess.com/  and https://business-blueprint-for-success.thinkific.com/… and here is just Phase One of our Affiliate Referral Marketing program.

        a. YOU get 20% - 40% of all referred sales of our download PDFs & VIDEOS, which sell from $14.95/$19.50 for any one of our 120 individual “Business Success Lesson Plan/Chapter” … to $199.50 for any one of our 30 “Business Mastery” Courses… watch the FREE introductory Videos at https://business-blueprint-for-success.thinkific.com/ … which means you receive from $39.90 to $79.80 for EACH of the “Business Mastery” download courses… on an on-going basis for as long as your referral continues to download various “Business Mastery” Courses… as you add this up, it is possible for you to earn more than $2,394.00 for each of your referrals.

        b. Each affiliate will have their own set of unique affiliate links that YOU can use to direct traffic to our BUSINESS BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS Thinkific website… at https://business-blueprint-for-success.thinkific.com/

        c. Provided that a person's [i.e. your referral] first ever visit to our site is via an affiliate link, this will be tracked so that as your “referral” goes on to make a purchase, the affiliate will be credited for that sale…

        d. This will happen even if the visitor [i.e. your referral] doesn't sign up for a user account on our site at first. If your referral comes back at a later point to sign up and make a purchase it will be credited to the affiliate...the first visit is the key!  (see Technical Details section at the bottom of the page if you are interested)

        e. Affiliate commission is calculated based on any future purchases the user makes on an ongoing basis.

        f. When a referral source [i.e. Licensee] is assigned the role of 'Affiliate', signing into our Thinkific site will automatically take you to your affiliate menu. You can also hit 'Affiliate' in the navigation bar at the top of our site to find this page.

        g. We are EXCITED to have you join our team and GENERATE ongoing income for you from your referrals to our website https://business-blueprint-for-success.thinkific.com/ 

3. Here is the NEXT STEP for you to INCREASE your monthly income: Simply respond to this advertisement and/or send us an email shawnjackson@businessblueprintsuccess.com  and we will set up an initial VIDEO CALL or TELEPHONE CALL with you to discuss the next step in INCREASING YOUR MONTHLY INCOME.

A Blueprint for creating greater success in your business

Click "Get Info" to request more information on this exciting opportunity.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Request Info

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