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Virtual Care Partners

Business Type:
Business Opportunity
Total Capital Investment:
$99 to $399
Liquid Capital Required:
Financial Assistance:
Training & Support:

HEY CARIE! Meet Carie, the future platform of Heath Care! Carie puts you face-to-face with your own physician. This is the future of Healthcare and is here right now in pre-launch! We all know that the healthcare field is in disarray and needs help. One of the biggest sectors with room for growth is virtual medicine and the Carie platform will be at the forefront of the industry.

Carie platform is the future of mobile healthcare and is here right now!  How many of us would rather see a physician via your phone or laptop rather than going into an office?  Most of us I’m guessing, so, get in on the ground floor right now and start working with us to build your future fast.

Carie Health Mobile Healthcare Platform Opportunity

Anyone in the medical field, entrepreneurs, networkers, home-based Business owners, homepreneurs, solopreneurs are all going to get into this opportunity.  Shouldn’t you be first?  Some opportunities truly come along that are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and telemedicine is one of them.

Carie Health Mobile Health Medical Healthcare Opportunity

Become a “Carie Network Partner” by signing up as a VCC (Virtual Care Consultant). Your Virtual Care Consultant Master Deployment License costs $399 one time and $99  per month for the Licensing fee.

Carie Haalth Virtual Care Consultant License Residual Income Opportunity

This allows you to set up other VCC’s and also to sign up Doctors who will participate in the provider environment.  You will also be setting up memberships in Carie for families and individuals.  We offer full training and business webinars on a three-day a week schedule. 

See what others are saying!

After waiting three days to see my old pediatrician, my sister introduced me to Carie.  I was able to see a physician seven minutes later on-line. He called in the medicine my daughter needed that same evening and was able to fit me in for an in-person follow up the next day.  Amazing!

Jessie, GA

This is our "secret sauce". We have the greatest doctors on earth, and they are here together with a simple mission: To deliver the world's greatest mobile health experience. One that creates raving fans, the kind of fans that tell a friend just how great your healthcare service was and takes the time to give you (us) a 5 Star Review!!!

“CARIE is embracing technology and using it to better treat patients, to get better outcomes, to do it more effectively, to do it more efficiently, to do it at less cost and still get better outcomes. It’s a triple win.”

- Dan McDyer, MD

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