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Impact Media Restaurant Menu Business Opportunity
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Impact Media

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Hungry for income? Love going to restaurants? Did you know you can create a successful business that satisfies both of those needs? We help you work with restaurants to feed your appetite for income by building direct relationships, providing free promotional materials, and by increasing the brand engagement and recognition for your customers.

Sell advertising on local restaurant menus

Learn more about the exciting Impact Media Business Model

Impact Media has developed a business model that can have you making money – and fast! Tested and fine-tuned for over 25 years, Impact Media provides branded and custom menu boards (chalkboards) to restaurants – for free! Our restaurant partners enjoy our display pieces for special announcements (menu specials, events, etc.) and general marketing and advertising. And did we mention that it’s free? We never charge our restaurants for our boards. Period.

It’s that simple!

So how in the world do you make money off of a free product?

The answer: Advertising Sales

Learn more about the exciting opportunity from Impact Media

Learn more about Restaurant Chalkboard Advertising sales opportunity

Our boards offer a variety of ad spaces for local businesses showing support and seeking exposure by having their ad displayed in a specific restaurant. The sales formula is simple. We provide you with step-by-step guidance on targeting your sales, pitching the opportunity, and closing the deal.

But wait, there’s more…

WE handle the ad design and approval process. WE handle the board design and layout. WE handle manufacturing and shipping the board to your customer. YOU handle talking to your customers regularly and making sure that orders are confirmed and complete.

Seem too good to be true?

Find out more at http://www.impactmediamobile.com

Make money selling advertising on Retail Restaurant Chalkboard Menus

Tools for your advertising sales business selling ads to restaurants

  1. “How To…” Guides – because we know what works and what doesn’t, so we’ll outline our experience and knowledge for you.
  2. Phone Call, Email, and Text Message Support – because everyone needs a little help and encouragement from time to time. We’re here for you!
  3. Board Layout – we take care of designing the boards for you, while you take care of your customers. You think big picture, we’ll sweat the details.
  4. Ad Design/Approval Process – we don’t want you to spend your time going back-and-forth with your customers on design concepts and details about ad specs, so we take care of all of this for you (including the line of communication).
  5. Board Manufacturing/Shipping – after we design everything for you and your customers, we take care of manufacturing each board and shipping it to your restaurant.

Learn How to Start your advertising business


  1. Find local restaurants that would like a FREE menu board!
  2. Sell ads to local businesses.
  3. Send us your order.
  4. Maintain healthy relationships with your advertising customers.
  5. Be hungry and motivated!

Start Selling Restaurant Chalkboard Menu Advertising

If you like what you’ve read so far, you should read more about us at:         http://www.impactmediamobile.com

Make Money Selling advertising on Menu boards at Local Restaurants

Ready to start making money? Click below and let us know how to contact you. We’ll be in touch very soon, and we look forward to working with you.

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Make money selling advertising on Local Restaurant Chalkboards

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