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My 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle
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My 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

Business Type:
Business Opportunity
Total Capital Investment:
$3,000 to $21,000
Liquid Capital Required:
Financial Assistance:
Training & Support:

What does your vision hold for the future? Owning an online business is the ONLY way to build a lifestyle where you’ll be in complete control of the cash flow and time freedom you desire and deserve. Plugging into an Online Franchise “like” system like ours has so many benefits over your typical brick and mortar franchise.

What does your vision hold for the future?

A Few Typical Franchise Business Pros & Cons List:



  • There are business systems in place for you to use.
  • Franchisors have marketing plans and advertising templates all ready to go for you.
  • For the most part, franchisors have terrific support systems in place.
  • A Franchisee Network: There are other franchise owners who, like you, invested in the opportunity.


  • Expensive and required licensing fee, up-front. ($25-$30K on average)
  • Royalties: You’ll be paying the franchisor a percentage of your gross sales each and every month
  • You must follow the franchisors’ rules. There’s no wiggle room here.
  • Required to purchase your products and supplies from your franchisor, then sell them.
  • Your fund their marketing, not yours with your required marketing fee

With our Online Business Opportunity, you get all the Pros of a typical Franchise Business Model while eliminating all of the cons.

  • You have complete automated system in place for you, just like a franchise. 
  • You have marketing plans in-place and implemented for you on your behalf (included).
  • You get the the mentorship and 24/7 support you want and need.


All without the strains of outrageous licensing fees, startup time delays, or the need to create a business plan (for the corporate big wigs).
You also skip the need to buy, store, and handle products (no matter the cost they charge - because you have to buy from them), pay their marketing retainer, or pay royalties each and every month.

For someone who is entrepreneurial, this is a fantastic opportunity to start your own business without the skyrocketing costs of a traditional franchise. You can also start part time (just a few hours a week) with our "other people's money" System while working your way up to full-time. Full time to our members means about 30 hours a week. How does that sound?
You and I both have one common vision and that’s TIME FREEDOM. 

Imagine how your life would look with:

  • No boss
  • No employees to manage
  • No physical products or materials to handle, store, or ship
  • No need for office space
  • No expensive equipment or tools
  • No monthly recurring cost
  • No fuss
  • No headaches

Imagine having a lifestyle, through a business that provides you everything you need to succeed, where you work on your terms from anywhere in the world. 
Are you are looking for a lucrative franchise business model setup just like the world's top franchise opportunities without the enormous cost and stressful daily headaches? 

Then you might want to get more information on the system we offer…
THE SYSTEM that’s created phenomenal success stories you have to hear to believe.

Learn the Three Secret Wealth Strategies

Secret #1

Why having an online business is the ONLY way to build a lifestyle where you’ll be Free and Why the BEST way to do it is plugging into an Online Franchise “Like” System.

Secret #2

How an 84 year old makes $10k in his first 30 days with NO marketing skills & our ready to go products even though he hates selling and how you can too!

Secret #3

 How You can Start Part Time A Few Hours A Week and get to Having All Your Monthly Expenses Paid For So You Can Do This Business Full Time in Only 30 Hours A Week and Start it with our "Other People Money" System!!   

Call us Now at 1-888-560-0989 or click below to send us your information.  We look forward to speaking with you!

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