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Pilot and Navigator

Business Type:
Business Opportunity

Total Capital Investment:
$5,800 to $24,000

Liquid Capital Required:
$5,800 to $24,000

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

Pilot and Navigator manufactures technology and cleaning related products for the restaurant and foodservice industry. The waterborne technologies that are behind these products, Particles, were created through different sciences, chemistry and quantum technologies. These Particles create different processes, effects and benefits enabling our products to solve a multitude of issues and create new capabilities for restaurants and foodservice facilities. The products and services P&N offer are unlike anything the restaurant industry has ever seen before. Not just the technologies that we make, but what the products and services actually do for the customer is extremely different. When first learning about the products and the technologies behind them, most new customers think the results ‘sound too good to be true’.

Pilot and Navigator Waterborne Technologies Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Pilot and Navigator creates and engineers waterborne technologies for the restaurant industry called Particles. We apply different sciences, chemistry and quantum technologies to create them. Particles technology products and services employ processes, effects and benefits that solve issues and create new capabilities for restaurants. 

Pilot and Navigator Atomic Reduction Cleaning Technology


Atomic Reduction - A Primary Particles Process created by Pilot & Navigator

Atomic Reduction is one the primary processes P&N developed, which is the backbone of many of our cleaning and service related products. This process reduces organic compounds (such as grease in a restaurant) down to the atomic level, meaning that all that is left afterward is the hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms that makes up each molecule of grease. Those atoms go back into the environment where they originated from, making the process extremely green. There is no other technology in the world that can do this, and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Here are some of those products we make and what they do:

Hood & Filter

Pilot and Navigator Cooking Vent Hood System Cleaner

Commercial vent hood systems in restaurants are very important pieces of equipment. They catch grease, smoke, heat and humidity in the air coming from the grills and fryers in the kitchen. Heavy amounts of grease build up inside of them and become a potential fire hazard, as well as clogging the system so they become less efficient. Because of this they are regulated to be inspected and cleaned on a scheduled basis by professional hood cleaning companies.

However, there is nothing outside of this quarterly professional inspection and cleaning that a restaurant has that can actually do any kind of cleaning of the vent hood system. Nothing.

Until Hood & Filter was created

Grease can now be eliminated both on the filter panels as well as inside the vent hood system, without touching it. Hood & Filter keeps the system clean and free of grease buildup in between the restaurant’s professional inspections. This capability opens up a whole new world for how restaurants maintain their vent hood systems, and a whole new way of creating a successful and profitable business from it.

Pilot and Navigator Paradox and MAC Cleaning Technology


Along with atomic reduction, there are many other technologies that P&N has created that when placed together can solve issues that have never been solved before. These solutions are found in two other products we make, Paradox and MAC. Paradox is a cleaning chemical embedded with these technologies; MAC is a straight technology services product with the same technologies, that is added to the restaurant customer’s existing cleaning products.

Paradox is a cleaning product. MAC is a technology services product.

Here are just a few examples among many of those restaurant issues we have solved...

Pilot and Navigator Cooking Hood and Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Solution

The pest control problem of fruit flies and gnats. Every major pest control company in the US treats restaurants for these pests, yet it remains the #1 complaint of restaurants to their pest control companies. No pest control company has solved this pest problem.

Particles did. Particles eliminates the pests’ ability to detect food and drink smells. Within a 35 foot radius from anywhere Paradox or MAC has been applied, no pests can detect food or drink smells - although people smell food and drinks the same as they always have.

The science behind it is Particles’ ability to affect, break apart or change molecular structures at the atomic level. It does not employ fragrances, deodorizers or repellants.

The many different issues of kitchen floor drains. Because of the amount of grease restaurants deal with every day, when this grease is cleaned from surfaces such as the floor, the grease inevitably ends up down these drains. The grease then settles out and causes issues such as slow or clogged drains, foul odors and becomes a major feeding and breeding area for fruit flies, gnats, drain flies, moth flies and the like.

Particles uses both Atomic reduction and intelligent odor control to solve these different issues so that the drains are continuously free flowing, absent of grease buildup, have no more foul odors and no fruit flies and gnats. The grease is reduced and eliminated.

Pilot and Navigator Commercial Restaurant Floor and Mop Cleaning Technology

The ongoing saga of urine odor issues in restrooms. No restaurant wants their restrooms to smell like urine. The current fix is to use deodorizers, urinal odor blocks, and fragrances to attempt to mask the odor. But they all do little good.

Particles applies Intelligent Odor Control along with Atomic Reduction to completely remedy this issue. These combined processes make urine odorless within minutes of hitting the floor. Completely odorless.

The short life span of mops. Mops used in restaurants get tons of grease in them, which causes them to look dingy and smell horrible in a short period of time - usually in about four or five days. Most restaurants get rid of their mops once a week to help keep the foul, mildewy smell down as well as not spreading old grease around with the ‘old’ mops. It’s actually that bad. There is even a whole industry within laundry services that actually exchange out dirty mops at restaurants for freshly laundered mops, which obviously comes with a monthly service fee.

Particles technologies in the mop water, whether it’s a cleaner like Paradox or a technology services product such as MAC, just the restaurant mopping their floors will make the mops never smell again and never look dingy again. No matter how long they use the mop. Typically our customers throw their mops out after six months, since by then the mops are fairly worn out from being used so long.

There are many other issues that Particles solves; we only have room here to mention these.


P&N is looking for distributors in major markets across the US as well as international markets. P&N creates and owns all of its technologies. What we offer is not available anywhere else.

Potential profits vary, but with a good amount of work a distributorship can make at least $100,000 in a year. Larger distributorships should obtain a much higher figure than that.

  • Four different Distributorships to choose from
  • Start up costs range from $5,000 to $24,000 depending on distributorship chosen
  • No competition with what we do. None.
  • Realistically high income potentials
  • Uncrowded Markets
  • Full Training without leaving home
  • Ongoing Training and Support through webinars
  • Compete Technical, Product and Sale Support

Please contact us today for more information about this exciting opportunity: Phone: 844-PILOT NAV / 844-745-6862 Ext. 701, or click Get Info, fill out the form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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