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Smoke Alarm Monitoring

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Business Opportunity

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$0 to $495

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$0 to $495

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Did you know that more than 90% of homes in the U.S. have smoke detectors that experts consider practically useless? These detectors use ionization-based technology that doesn’t trigger the alarm until flames are practically hitting the unit, and even then they don't always go off!

This is a huge problem for millions of homeowners who think they're safe from fire but actually aren’t. Reports are coming out almost daily confirming how ineffective these ionization units are. Then why are they so common? Two reasons: they’re cheaper, and people are uninformed about how ineffective they are.

Start your home business today selling a product everyone needs Smoke Alarm Monitor Up front and res


The solution to this problem is the SAM Smart Detector. We own the patent to the first and only smoke detector that is completely self-contained and remotely monitored by a central station. Our detectors use photoelectric technology that has been proven to be vastly more effective, especially in detecting small smoldering fires. This type of fire can burn for hours, producing tons of toxic smoke that can be deadly if undetected while sleeping. An ionization detector is sure to fail in this situation.

The beauty of how our technology works is in its simplicity. Each unit uses cellular technology, so when the alarm is sounded the unit immediately connects with our central monitoring station. From there, our emergency operators can see the account associated with the unit, and directly call the contacts on file to make sure it’s not a false alarm. If there is truly an emergency or if no one answers, the fire department is immediately dispatched to the location and the situation is resolved. When it comes to fires every second counts, and this process has been engineered to bring help as quickly as possible. Also, it eliminates any need to worry about what could happen to your property or pets while you’re away from the home.


Ordering and installing a SAM Smart Detector is fast and easy. Orders can be placed online by our sales agents or directly by the customer using coupon / promo codes, IP addresses and cookies to ensure effective commission tracking.  One of the most attractive features of our product is the installation. The unit works right out of the box. No configuring to the internet or WiFi, no electric cables, no panels, no waiting for professionals to come install it. All you need to do is peel and stick it to the desired area and register your device(s) online. Batteries are included and don’t need replacing for 2-3 years. When batteries do run low, customers receive a text message and/or email notification.

There are no contracts or credit checks required, and customers can cancel at any time guaranteed. If they move, they can take the units with them and just update the address in our system.


The SAM Smart Detector is only $75 and 24/7/365 monitoring is $19.99 per month which is usually half the price of most monitoring contracts that come with home alarms.


If you got this far and are thinking:

  • This sounds like a great product and service.
  • It's unique and patented so there shouldn't be any real competition.
  • It's very affordable and easy for clients to install.
  • There are tens of millions of potential clients including home owners, renters, pet owners.
  • You're probably thinking this is also great for barns, sheds, RV's and boats.

Your next thought should be: how can I get involved? Complete the form on this page to request more info and we'll connect you with a representative from our dealer program. Once approved, new dealers can be trained and selling in less than a week. We can provide you with a quick start dealer kit for a small fee but it is not required to start selling with SAM. Upfront commissions are paid on each sale to generate instant revenue as well as the ability to build long term income by earning a monthly recurring residual for each active account. This is a real business opportunity and not a get rich quick scheme. If you're willing to work, we'll give you the tools to succeed. In addition to the financial benefits, you will be offering a product and service that can actually save lives.

Work from Home Selling the latest Smoke Alarm Technology Residual Income

Reach out today - Click Get Info - and see if joining the Smoke Alarm Monitoring team is a good fit for you and your family.

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