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TS Transitions Makeup for LGBQT Community
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TS Transitions

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Bring your passion for makeup and photography to life with our new Licensing Program. We will teach you everything you need to know, and we provide you with all of the equipment and supplies you’ll need to get started immediately!

License Our Brand and Name for your own LGBTQ Cross-Dressing Community

“Transitions Makeup and Photo” is a Los Angeles-based makeup and photography studio that provides a variety of services for the LGBTQ, transgender and gender-fluid communities. We offer makeup application, private makeup instruction, makeup workshops, quality photography (including “Pin-Up,” “Old-Style Hollywood,” and “Boudoir”), personal shopping, and image consulting for Drag Queens and men who cross-dress, as well as a spectrum of transition support services for transgender women. We give our clients their own little slice of Hollywood glamour, along with memories and skills that last a lifetime!

We’ve helped thousands of clients over our seventeen years in business, and we’re ready to share our concept and expertise with the world. Now you can license our name and brand to open your own version of our business. While it is not mandatory that you provide services for the transgender community, as you will still receive the same training, it is an option that will ensure a built-in client base. We are known for filling the gap between mainstream service providers and specialty services, so it is recommended that you include this community in your marketing efforts. You may also choose to provide services for models, actors, families and couples, bridal parties, or corporate and real estate professionals. Your clientele is your choice, and you ultimately decide how to use your training.

Licensing allows the licensee to enjoy much more freedom than traditional franchising, and each licensing agreement is custom-tailored to fit the individual needs of the purchaser. Every license comes with the use of our name and brand, thorough training in makeup, photography and retouching, as well as all the equipment and supplies needed to get started (see inventory list below). We are offering three different options to fit your needs:

License Name and Brand to Open Your Own Make-up and Photography StudioLicense Name and Brand to Open Your Own Make-up and Photography Studio Option 2 PackageLicense Name and Brand to Open Your Own Make-up and Photography Studio Option 3 Package

Here are more details on the Licensee Opportunity and Packages. 

All Support Training Equipment Included in Licensee Opportunity

Are You a Good Fit for this Great Make-Up and Photography Licensee Opportunity?

Here are Examples of Work and Income Generated by TS Transitions Licensee Opportunity

“Before and After” Transformation:Example of LGBQT Cross-Dressing Before and After Make-up

“Before and After” Transformation:Learn Make-Up and Photography for this unique Licensee Opportunity

The LGBT and “gender-exploring” community is one of the fastest-growing yet under-served communities out there. Social media has brought their existence right out into the spotlight of society, whether it’s about their rights to serve in the military, their rights to use the restroom of their choice, their rights to marry and/or adopt, or their non-stop fight against discrimination and violence; they are in the news each and every day. Like her or not, Caitlyn Jenner pushed the transgender issue into the conversations of millions and millions of people, and put a face on a controversial subject that is finally being demystified and accepted by society.

LGBT and gender-fluid people are actively looking for services in their towns and cities, and they are looking for acceptance and support. So suffice it to say, if you do not have compassion and understanding for transgender people and gender-explorers, this is probably not the right business for you. Owning a makeup and photography service is rewarding in and of itself, but helping others connect with their authentic selves is even more rewarding, in so many ways. Helping others eradicate years of shame and despair, and replace it with pride and confidence is like no other feeling. Each day is different, since each client is different, and no two days are the same. You’re in control of your schedule, your rates, and which services you offer. Of course you’re not limited to just providing services to the LGBT community, as you may choose to offer services such as family portraits, model and actor head-shots, as well as Pin-Up, Old-Hollywood, or Boudoir photography for women. However you decide to structure your service, you are helping people look and feel beautiful and confident!





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