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The Local Project
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The Local Project

Business Type:
Business Opportunity
Total Capital Investment:
$0 to $10,000
Liquid Capital Required:
Financial Assistance:
Training & Support:

National Expansion Creates Opportunities to Partner in Your Area. TheLocalProject’s Mission is to “Build a Better Internet, at the local level”. Our vision is to create a platform that connects people with their communities in ways that have never been done before. It’s been 23 years since the Internet has gone mainstream, and still today, there is no “single place” consumers, residents or visitors can go to find quality, comprehensive information, organized exclusively for their local community.

The Internet has not matured at the local level the way that it could be, should be, or ultimately will be.

Our vision is aggressive in scope.  We’re not out to do a small thing, our aim is to become “The Leader” in the local space by providing the BEST mobile functionality to businesses, non-profits and Users.  We recognize local businesses have an inherent need for functionality to interact with the consumer, not just another advertising play and we’re committed to providing that functionality.  We see that local communities, civic agencies, municipalities and non-profits have a growing need for mobile functionality. Until now, no other organization has stepped up to dominate this space.

The revenue potential is staggering! There are 28 Million US small business, just 1 million businesses at $40 per month creates a half-billion-dollar enterprise; 2 million businesses generate a Billion dollars annually.

3 Opportunities for You:

  1. Area Directors
  2. State & Metro Partnerships
  3. Home Office Partners

To learn more, visit our website, call us, text us or Register to attend a Business Opportunity Webinar.

Website : www.localproject.net

Call Us At: 281-500-1450

Text Us At: 844-307-1500

Opportunity Webinars are an excellent way to gain insight into the opportunity with TheLocalProject and how we work with our Metro, State & Home Office Partners.  https://www.localproject.net/orientation-webinar/

Team Positions  

  • Area Directors – Develop local area networks for businesses and non-profits.

Earnings Potential: $75,000 to $200,000 per year??

  • Area Vice Presidents - Develop Multi-State Regions which cover multiple networks. 

Earnings Potential: $100,000 to $200,000+ per year

  • Metro & State Partners – Introduce CONNECTLocal to your Metro-Market or State.

Earnings Potential: 20 year contracts with Lifetime Territory Overrides

  • Home Office Partners – Private Placement Equity Ownership

The Local Project Local Internet Ad Platform Business Sales

The Local Project Online Ad Sales Home Based Opportunity

Please call us today at 281-500-1450 or click Get Info, we look forward to working with you!

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