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Today's Senior Magazine
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Today's Senior Magazine

Business Type:
Business Opportunity
Total Capital Investment:
$4,100 to $5,300
Liquid Capital Required:
$4,100 to $5,300
Financial Assistance:
Training & Support:

Founded in 2004, Today’s Senior Magazine is a dynamic company that offers a new, exciting niche within the magazine publishing industry. We make it affordable to become your own boss. We offer single area editions and discounts for multi-area editions.

Become a part of the $108 billion printing and publishing industry. NO PUBLISHING OR ADVERTISING EXPERIENCE NEEEDED. We offer you the chance to earn an unlimited income, while at the same time benefiting the seniors and businesses in your community.  Instant PRESTIGE, PROFITS and GRATITUDE await you. The PRESTIGE of owning a business that soon will become such an important part of the daily life of seniors in your area, the PROFITS you can realize from the advertising revenues you generate, and the GRATITUDE from seniors and businesses in your area for bringing Today’s Senior Magazine to their community.

Today’s Senior Magazine is the most read Senior Resource Guide magazine in our areas of distribution. Our unique format and magazine content have made seniors throughout the nation want this free magazine in their communities. 

We want to bring Today's Senior Magazine to the seniors in your community, and to do so, we are offering people with outside sales or business experience the chance to be very successful using the popularity of our magazine, and our sales and marketing expertise.

YOU ONLY NEED to generate advertising revenues, which you keep, and to ensure the magazine is distributed in your area each month. WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING ELSE, to include; doing the magazine layout, providing magazine content, graphic ad design for your advertisers, print preparation, printing of the magazine, delivery of the magazine to a reasonable location of your choosing each month, use of our Google, Bing and Yahoo #1 ranked web sites, to include all your advertiser’s ads on the site, and a digital version of the magazine each month for online viewing. For all this, you only pay us a flat fee each month.

The licensing fee is either $4,100 or $5,300 depending on the type of paper you want.  It includes: 1. An agreed upon exclusive area of your choice, 2. Extensive online training on selling advertising in the magazine, conducting a successful business, and area distribution, 3. Ongoing sales material as needed, to include Media Kits/Brochures and sales forms, 4. A web site for your Area Edition that is updated by us each month, 5. A digital online version of your magazine that is updated by us each month, 6. On going support, 7. Web site provided sales leads, and  8. The production fees for your monthly editions. You will have three months to order your first monthly magazine.

Our magazine is capable of generating about $15,000 to $21,000 or more in monthly advertising revenues (depending on the amount of pages and paper), and as you grow, and add more pages, your advertising revenues could increase. You could be generating from $11,000 to $16,000 in net profits each month within a short time.

Come join us, and take advantage of our expertise and knowledge to help develop your business into a profitable enterprise that generates large profits for you in the short and long term, all while assisting us to bring important and interesting information to the seniors in your area. 

If you currently are in business, and are seeking a way to advertise to the local Senior Marketplace,you can use your area edition to advertise your business. For less than you normally would spend on advertising, you could have your own area edition, and earn additional revenues each month.

If you have a large senior population in your area, I’m confident that you will be extremely successful. With a little work, our expertise and experience, the magazine that we provide, and your ability to sell, you should be generating an income that most people only can wish for.

Contact us Today for information on this exciting opportunity!

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