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Umbrella Financial Services Business
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Umbrella Financial Services

Business Type:

Total Capital Investment:
$199 to $1,500

Liquid Capital Required:

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

Umbrella Financial Services Tax Solutions Group (UFSTSG) is an industry leading tax service bureau that is a one-stop-shop for professional tax software, tax office set-up, support, and marketing firm. We offer resources of a national chain, but the personalized service of a small firm for the least amount of money in the shortest period of time. Plus, we guarantee our revenue sharing percentage will remain significantly lower than our direct competitors when you start a tax business with UFSTSG.

Umbrella Financial Services can be your ticket to success into 2018!

We're An Industry Leader!

A Great System and Mission

Umbrella Financial Services Tax Solutions Group (UFSTSG) is a professional tax preparation service bureau provider offering personalized tax preparation and business services catered to the general public. As a licensor, we offer state-of-the-art tools that help make the entire business run efficiently and intelligently because of our proven business system.

Our Guiding PhilosophyGet Involved Now and Contact Us                                                          

Based on the Golden Rule we aim to treat our licensees, our client and our team members the way we want to be treated.  UFSTSG is much more than a “tax service bureau” it's an opportunity to live your dreams, impact your community and be your own boss..

Our Mission
To create value and make a difference in the tax industry. We do this by creating a low-cost investment opportunity than allows inspiring entrepreneurs to experience financial freedom.

Our Vision
To be one of the industry-leading tax service bureaus in profit margin by delivering consistently high standards of customer service, taking care of our team members and meeting the expectations of our licensees.

Our Vision

  • UFSTSG brand name is a growing force in the tax industry — and our consistently high standards will facilitate the growth of your business.
  • Our constant strive to improve will provide you with a stream of unique excellent services.
  • Our technology and easy to use interface software will ensure high productivity and efficiency.
  • Our network of high-profile suppliers and vendors will strengthen your inventory, deliver prices at a better value than you would achieve on the open market and ensure a low start-up cost.
  • Our industry leading, administrative techniques, support, and training.
  • Our marketing systems through national and local advertising programs will direct customers your way.
  • Our expertise in site selection assistance will help you select your site.
  • Our ongoing training and support will guide you through any future challenges.

We Have Everything You Need To Succeed

Training and Education
We understand that not everyone has experience running their own tax business. To help with the process, we have developed training material that will show you how to run a profitable tax business – from effective recruiting, staff training, marketing, cost control etc. We will provide you and your staff with a complete business training program.Start Being Self-Employed Now

Operational Support

Our experienced management team is always available to assist you with the operational aspects of your business such as sales, management, and any other issues that may arise in the normal course of business.

Technology Support
We provide our licensee partners unlimited phone and online technical support with software application, network, set-up and various applications you will use to manage your business.

Independent Contractor Recruitment
Our team will train you on how to recruit and assemble a staff that will grow your business.

We combine national, regional and strategic local marketing plans to drive traffic to your tax office. Our marketing strategies are interactive and comprehensive, designed for gaining and retaining new clientele.

Ownership Options

Why choose a Licensing Opportunity?

Licensee ownership provides the perfect vehicle for achieving financial success. It presents an opportunity to be master of your financial destiny while enjoying the support of an established organization and the resources it commands.  The success/failure ratio of licensing versus non-licensed startup businesses is 90% success rate, as compared to about only 15% of businesses that start from the ground up.  A licensing opportunity provides you a proven business model and a recognized brand name that helps you in the development and growth of your business.  A licensing business allows you to be your own boss and gives you the freedom to go into business for yourself but not by yourself.

VTax Ownership Package

Done-for-you business opportunityOur VTax ownership options make it easier for you to break into the tax preparation business without the burden and liability of preparing taxes or learning complex tax law. As an owner, you focus on marketing the business, customer service, and outsourcing the tax preparation to VTax. This package is for those who want to earn money between January and April. VTax ownership packages are designed to minimize the financial and regulatory risk of owning a traditional tax business.

Professional Ownership Package

Our most popular partnership. We offer everything you need to get your tax business up and running for the least amount of money in the shortest period of time. We have a step-by-step process to make sure you are ready to hit the ground running. Our perfected system provides all the tools and training necessary to be a successful entrepreneur in the tax preparation business, whether you are new or a seasoned veteran.


Building Success From The Ground Up?

“I started literally from nothing, with no experience in the business world. At this point I am 5 years in the UFSTSG system, I currently own 4 offices, and this year I joined the Half Million Dollar Club with UFSTSG.”  -Derrick B.

How UFSTSG Gave Me The American Dream

“I had heard about the tax business being recession proof and thought that it was time to investigate a little further, so I went to a UFSTSG sales seminar. I was attracted to the UFSTSG for two reasons. Number one, it’s a recession-proof business, which is very difficult to find, and the second was the system that UFSTSG had to offer to its individual operators. There was a complete system with everything I needed to know.” -Anthony J.

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