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Virtual Financial Group is a licensee opportunity like no other
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Virtual Financial Group

Business Type:
Business Opportunity
Total Capital Investment:
$189 if not licensed and $159 if insurance licensed
Liquid Capital Required:
$189 if not licensed and $159 if insurance licensed
Financial Assistance:
Training & Support:

Virtual Financial Business System - Cutting Edge Tools & Resources, View 8 Min Video: In the well-funded and very established Life Insurance industry change comes slow and infrequently. One distribution channel, Virtual Financial, is challenging the status quo. By leveraging the latest online tools & technology, Virtual Financial’s system allows for a new type of agent & entrepreneur to enter this lucrative industry. Questions? Call: 619-663-6607

Most of us have at one time or another thought... 

I wish I could have been one of those in that core group at the beginning of Google... or Apple... or Microsoft... etc.

Well, this could be YOUR chance!

We have the model, we are the cutting edge, and now we have the support of a $100+ BILLION company. They believe it. Why wouldn't you???

The Financial Services $6.2 trillion dollar industry pays more than any other industry on Earth. 


$54 Billion paid out in Commissions in 2013!!!

This is in fact your opportunity to be at the foundation of a Virtual Revolution in the financial services industry.

Revolutionary Products with Huge Demand - with living benefits and tax-free retirement income!

Revolutionary Compensation Structure - with the highest payouts in the industry for both personal & agency building!

Revolutionary e-Business System - which allow you to run a real business from home and control your time!


***No more wasted time attending meetings and going on sales appointments.***
***No more driving the miles pouring money into your gas tank.***
***No more spending money on dress clothes, dry cleaning, meals out.*** 


Whether you are new to the industry or you are looking to enhance your professional services, Virtual Financial will provide you with the system, training and marketing support you need to elevate your business and income to the next level.

We offer three unique positions:

Financial Inviter is comparable to a well-equipped Internet Marketer with 15 Landing pages, Ad Co-op's, Split Tests, Drip email campaigns, Social Media Training & Support.

Financial Manager is comparable to a Real Estate Broker who builds, trains and supports his/her agents only here you can do it all across North America Virtually.

Financial Consultants create customized plans using our proprietary Financial Needs Analysis "FNA" Software addressing your clients' needs in the following areas: proper protection, retirement planning, executive benefits, asset protection, financial risk management, and estate planning and meet with clients online on collaborative appointments interacting and sharing screens.

  • Revolutionary Products — virtually unlimited market
  • One of the highest payouts to the field in the industry
  • Telecommuting is encouraged. No territorial restrictions
  • Unlimited income potential as we expand nationwide
  • Part-time and full-time options


  • Generous compensation payouts: 126% with 5.85% renewals, overrides, bonuses and 100% advances with 40% on submission paid 2x weekly (Currently our home office pays out over $2.500,000 daily 5 days per week) • World Class Business Platform: 300 Transamerica Employees, Compass Computer System. Experienced Leadership, Operations, Contracting & Marketing
  • Virtual Financial Tier System "Assembly Line" allows reps to be online marketers & refer all sales to seasoned pros
  • Cutting-edge Virtual Back Office & CRM with a Wealth of Resources & Tools to Market, Run, Learn, Follow up & Track all your business & commissions
  • Ongoing live & recorded social media, online marketing and sales training & support to elevate your career to the next level
  • A proven online marketing systems and referral process to market our products & services and expand your business
  • The ability for you to make an impact by helping middle income families reach their dreams & goals with a revolutionary business model & products
  • A dramatically better quality of life with the freedom to work from home... or anywhere, saving both money and time, while building a business spanning all 50 states plus Canada

Virtual Financial has cracked the code on this industry-wide dilemma with a decidedly fresh solution. As with most industry revolutions in the past 20 years, the solution involves leveraging technology. Virtual Financial's proprietary high tech platform, cutting-edge tools and unique online model are true game-changers in the world of financial services distribution. "Working virtually, whether it be from a home office or while on vacation, is one of the new freedoms we can all experience. And from a business perspective, no longer do we need to maintain high overhead costs for office buildings and transportation. The Virtual Financial model becomes a 'win-win' for agents, industry and consumer alike.

While the traditional industry has concentrated its efforts on the wealthy, Virtual Financial is focused on the middle class, who needs financial guidance the most. Most experts agree America faces an impending retirement crisis. At a time when pension plans and retirement funds are either non-existent or not delivering as promised, many Americans do not have enough time left or money to invest to build a sufficient nest egg, and will need to either continue to work through their retirement years or start a small business in order to survive, let alone enjoy a retirement. Virtual Financial offers the products, solutions, delivery system, and the business opportunity, to help millions of Americans get back on track and retire with dignity.

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