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If you are looking for a real home based business that lets you build an annual six-figure income, welcome to XcelRev! If you can “sell” a FREE service that just about every business needs then you can create the lifestyle of your dreams.

XcelRev does all the hard work for you.  You just refer the clients and we do the rest!  Best of all, we will train you exactly how to do it.  

There is a one-time set-up and training fee.  There are no monthly fees and no requirements to purchase any type of “marketing” materials.  We are in the business of helping businesses and we want to make sure your XcelRev business succeeds beyond expectations.

The United States is a credit economy with consistently increasing consumer and commercial indebtedness. By recovering tens of billions of dollars in delinquent consumer debt each year that may otherwise go uncollected, the third-party debt collection industry generates important benefits to the US Economy.

The collection industry exceeds $15 Trillion and, $652 billion of outstanding household debt is in some stage of delinquency, with approximately two thirds of those balances at least 90 days late. 

XcelRev seeks to be a resource for companies to resolve delinquent accounts. Our methods are different from traditional collection companies.  Our verified track record of above average success makes this a very lucrative business opportunity.

We want to make it easy for those who are owed money and those who owe money to resolve the debt. 

XcelRev’s “boutique” approach - be a resolution-oriented resource for companies to turn delinquencies into cash without alienating their customers/clients - results in above market resolution and recovery and is a differentiating pivot point in marketing and selling our services to companies in all industries. 

Our platform - including our website, software management system, customer service protocols and growth potential, make XcelRev a great opportunity. 

We function as a partner, helping to generate positive cash flow that keeps a business in business and you in profit!

XcelRev’s tiered fees let creditors refer accounts earlier, preventing the deterioration that occurs with age and increasing recovery ratios.

XcelRev was formed by Columbus, Ohio based attorneys with over 25 years experience in bankruptcy, regulatory and debtor/creditor issues, expressly for the purpose of filling the need for compliant, progressive collections techniques.  Every aspect of our programs have been reviewed and tailored for the purpose of following the law in excruciating detail.          

This is finally your chance to work a real recession proof business, earn residual income and do it right from your home.  

Request more information and we will set up an information call to see if what we have fits with what you are looking for!

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