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Blastis Cloud Based Text Messaging
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Business Type:
Business Opportunity
Total Capital Investment:
$995 to $4,995
Liquid Capital Required:
$995 to $4,995
Financial Assistance:
Training & Support:

Start Your Own Business in Text Marketing! You can work from anywhere, creating a recurring revenue stream and helping your clients grow their business with Text.


At Blastis, we offer a very low cost entry fee and we get you up and running fast under your own brand! We provide the technology, your own web site, marketing materials and a plan for success.

What do you need to do to be successful? Just let everyone know that you have a cloud based text marketing solution that makes it fast and easy for them to reach their customers and potential customers instantly with coupons, offers, discounts, alerts and notices. Text Marketing WORKS it reaches the target in seconds and the messages are read within minutes!


Within your first 60 days you could be making thousands of dollars a month in recurring revenue. The more marketing and time you spend sharing your technology and doing demo’s with business owners the more clients you will attract!

Become a reseller

Start Your Own Business as Low as $995.00

We have a complete program for you to become an Entrepreneur. Start your own business reselling Text Marketing and Messaging Services.

Start your career in the technology industry today!

·       No experience needed!

·       Complete training!

·       In-Demand products

·       Limited competition

·       Marketing resources provided

·       Branded Super Admin Dashboard

·       Complete team behind you

·       Large profit margins

·       Work full or part time

Become an Entrepreneur and Be Your Own Boss!
What Are you Waiting For?

 Text Marketing

Everyone loves Text messaging. 95-98% of text messages received are opened and read within minutes of receipt.

Because of this, SMS marketing is growing quickly as a means of delivering marketing messages to clients and customers.

This kind of marketing can be a great benefit to any business.

How ever you use text message marketing to reach your audience, you’re sure to get attention.

Why are consumers so eager to respond
to marketing text messages?

It’s Interactive

21st century marketing is about having a conversation with your customers, rather than shouting at them. A world saturated with intrusive advertising like spam, pop-ups, and commercials has overwhelmed consumers. Increasingly, they tune out messages broadcast to a wide audience, whether by using digital video recorders to skip past commercials, or simply by ignoring the banner ads on their favorite website.

 It’s Personal

Your customers expect you to speak to them, and text messaging allows you to reach them individually, whenever, wherever, in the palm of their hands. This reach is of value to you the marketer. It also is of value to your customers. With a few taps of their thumbs they can respond to whatever message that you have sent them. With text messaging you can build relationships with your customers.

 It’s Immediate

Text Messaging, like Twitter, and Instant Messaging, is blazingly fast. With text messaging you can communicate with your customers as speedily as they are now accustomed to living. You can also move quickly. Say you are a winter wear shop and you see that today a snowstorm is on its way. In less than five minutes you can send a text message to your customers containing a special offer on hats and gloves.

 It’s Trackable

When you send out text messages to your customers you can see, in real time, who has responded to your message.

The Power of Text Message Marketing
blastiscartoonThere are currently over 300 Million mobile phone users in the United States alone. Of these mobile phone users, nearly two-thirds are active users of Text Messaging.

With nearly 91% of all Americans having their cell phone with them at all times, it has become a common sight to see people everywhere with their heads buried in their cell phones! Text Messaging has become a global phenomenon that has taken over the Telecommunications industry.

Research shows that over 75% of business owners are currently trying to maximize the earning potential by searching for new ways to interact with their existing customers to build and maintain a mutually lucrative relationship.

Across the board, Text Messaging has a high read rate of up to 98% and because it offers a more personal, compelling form of communication, it boasts an outstanding conversion rate of 10%-25%. Business owners can instantly send up to date information about products and services, which leads to repeat purchases and more business potential from increased referrals.

Now is the perfect time to start your own business and to jump in on the Text Messaging bandwagon! Businesses need to learn how to utilize this product to leverage their existing customers to increase their floor traffic, ultimately increasing sales!

We put you in business to help merchants both large and small. This is a RECURRING REVENUE BUSINESS and the more they text the more money you make!


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