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Free Ready Wraps

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Millions of paper garment covers are used by dry cleaning businesses every day. These are seen by millions of customers. Our Free Ready Wraps garment covers provide an ideal advertising platform for advertisers to reach these customers, and they are offered absolutely free to dry cleaners. It’s a “WIN-WIN” combination that equals unlimited profit potential for our licensees!

What We Do

We provide select dry cleaning businesses up to 50,000 custom-printed paper garment covers ABSOLUTELY FREE—a one-year supply. This saves the dry cleaner thousands of dollars annually in garment cover expense: It’s a “no-brainer” offer that dry cleaners love.

Our Strategy for Rapid Profits

We leverage the dry cleaner’s customer base as a premium target market for local advertisers. In short, we sell display ad spots to local businesses that are placed in the footer of the dry cleaner’s garment cover. Those ads generate enough revenue to subsidize the purchase & printing of the garment covers while allowing our licensees to make about $3,000 profit (or more) off each garment cover! OUR GARMENT COVERS ARE FREE TO THE DRYCLEANER, AND A MEGA-VALUE FOR ADVERTISERS! BY SELLING JUST 8-12 ADS PER WEEK, YOU CAN MAKE OVER $10,000 PROFIT EVERY MONTH.


Benefits of Our Licensee Program

  • readycustomerSet your own hours and work at your own pace—no weekends, holidays, or late nights.
  • No franchise royalties or outrageously restrictive territories.
  • Work it yourself or hire your own sales people.
  • We handle all the printing and shipping logistics with each order, as well as assisting with ad layouts and design.
  • Ongoing phone and online support.
  • Use of our website and logo for marketing purposes.
  • Advertising contracts, business cards, and marketing material provided for your assistance.
  • Residual business: Dry cleaners are eager to renew annually, as are advertisers. Renewals are fast and very profitable, year after year.
  • Dry cleaners love the fact that our product saves them thousands annually, so finding dry cleaners to participate is never a problem. And since many of the advertisers offer coupons or other discounts, the dry cleaning customers love the free benefits as well.
  • Advertisers can reach a target market of premium, white-collar consumers all year long for less than the cost of one color display ad in a newspaper (we recommend selling ads for $495 each, but you can set any price you prefer). In other words, their ad is featured for less than a penny per print!
  • The list of potential advertisers is endless: Restaurants, auto dealers, florists, hair salons, auto repair, accountants, pharmacies, insurance agents, real estate agents, heating and cooling, pest control, medical clinics, photographers, carpet cleaning, security alarms, landscapers, tire stores, attorneys, health foods, pet grooming—you name it!


Generate Sales Leads Fast with Our Counter Box

Use our “Free Drawing” box to generate advertising leads at the dry cleaner’s counter.

Customers drop their business cards in to win free dry cleaning and receive info about advertising on the garment covers. Most dry cleaners have customers who are ready-made advertisers that are eager to purchase an ad!

We Offer the Best Value in Print Advertising

Dry cleaning customers represent a core market of white-collar professionals who offer a PREMIUM TARGET MARKET that consumes goods and services at a high rate: A market we offer to advertisers for less than a penny per print! Consider the following dry cleaning customer demographics:

  • Dry Cleaning customers are generally age 21-49: active professionals consuming products & services abundantly.
  • Dry Cleaning customers tend to be white-collar professionals earning annual incomes in excess of $60K.
  • Dry Cleaning customers collectively manage billions of dollars in discretionary spending annually.
  • Dry Cleaning customers are affluent achievers who are generally willing to pay a premium for quality goods & services.
  • Dry cleaning consumers will see our ads up to 50,000 times annually, ensuring that each ad makes a quality impression on a core constituency over and over again, all year long!


Q:  How much is the licensee fee?

A:  The licensee fee is currently $4997. Financing options are available for approved applicants with $2,500 down payment. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and checks/money orders.


Q:  Are the garment covers really free?

A: Yes, they are provided absolutely free to the dry cleaner (not the advertiser), including shipping.


Q:  How are you able to give away custom-printed color garment covers?

A:  By leveraging the dry cleaner’s customer base as an advertising platform for local businesses. There are 12 ad spots (about 2.5” x 2”) available in the footer of the garment covers. Ads are sold to local businesses at a suggested rate of $495 per spot (you can establish your own preferred rate). The funds generated from ad sales pay for the design, printing, and shipping of garment covers while leaving the licensee a significant profit.


Q:  How much can I reasonably expect to profit as a licensee?

A:  At a rate of $495 per ad spot, a licensee can expect to profit about $3,000 per completed garment cover. If you sell one completed garment cover per week (i.e. 12 single-spot ads), a gross profit of $12,000+ per month is forecast. Many advertisers buy multiple ad spots, which makes the selling process go much faster (see sample garment cover display above).


Q:  Who handles the ad layout and design?

A:  You can do the ad layout yourself, or our designers can design the ads for a small fee. We recommend doing your own layout & design (it’s not hard), and we can provide general instruction on format and procedures.


Q:  What about the printing and shipping?

A:  The printing and shipping is handled exclusively by us at a flat print rate plus shipping costs—two concerns you don’t have to worry about.


Q:  Can I have people working for me to sell the ads?

A:  Sure. You are operating as a licensee business. We encourage you to scale your business by expanding your territory, and that takes manpower.


Q:  What about contract agreements for dry cleaners and licensees?

A:  All contracts and necessary marketing material can be ordered directly through us.


Q:  As a licensee, can I use the Free Ready Wraps logo in my marketing?

A:  Absolutely. We encourage you to use our website as a valuable marketing tool as well.


Q:  Is training provided?

A:  Training is provided remotely through an online platform. The fundamentals of the program are actually very simple—advertising sales to local businesses. Training is usually completed in a couple of hours or less. Remember, this is an opportunity to prosper in advertising sales. Your success is directly relative to your commitment to selling ads, and that means some cold calling. We provide you with the resources to support your effort, and we are always just a phone call away, ready to assist.


Click the 'Get Info' button or find us on the web at www.freereadywraps.com.

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