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The Vimarketer Program. Virtual Reality is the next frontier in visual entertainment. The Vimarketer program from Freevi VR, gives anyone who is enthusiastic about this industry, the opportunity to not only own some of the best VR products on the market, but also to earn revenue with their own VR enterprise.

Freevi offers many options that will allow anyone to get on board by choosing one of 5 affordable ‘Take Flight’ Vimarketer packages. To start, you won’t know what the world of VR offers until you experience it yourself. With that in mind, as a baseline, each package includes one or more high quality Freevi VR devices from the simple smartphone VR clip-on device called the VR-EZ to the stylish, glasses-free 3D/VR tablet called the Flightdeck. Whatever package you choose, these devices are yours to own. In addition to the hardware itself, each package also includes our Software Development Kit that can teach even someone with no experience how to create VR content. This is a very valuable add-on.

FreeVI Business Opportunity

The hardware alone in conjunction with the SDK is enough to make each package more than worth it, however, each Vimarketer will also be put in position to make an income with the program. First, every device sold, either to a friend, colleague, business owner or otherwise, will yield a healthy sales commission. Second, this program, though not an MLM, does have a 2-level commission structure that incentivises each Vimarketer to grow their network by bringing more consumers, VR direct salespeople and/or developers on board.  Third, once we launch our VR content store called Vimarket (around fall of 2017), every Vimarketer will also be eligible to earn revenue through apps, games, retail products and anything else sold on Vimarket. The possibilities are endless. Finally, each Vimarketer will get a back-end dashboard called a “Departure Lounge” where they can track their sales and commissions and manage their growing business.

The revolutionary Vimarketer program combines the fastest growing segment of visual technology and entertainment with a detailed ecosystem that will allow each individual Vimarketer to grow their business and earn residual revenue. Whether you want to promote and sell the devices, create new VR content or earn referral rewards, this program will give you the opportunity to generate either a part or full time income while at the same time fully enjoying everything that is the world of immersive virtual reality. In a few short years, VR will be everywhere. Get in now, while this industry is still on the ground floor.

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