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IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers)
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IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers)

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Looking for that perfect new career opportunity that offers respectability, prestige, unlimited income, along with the flexibility to work when and from wherever you desire? Do you define yourself as a self-starter or mobile creative armed with good soft skills and the ability to take a concept and run with it? If so, an exciting new career in commercial finance consulting as an IACFB Freelance Factoring Broker may be just the right career choice for you.

An Exceptional Career Path for Home-Based Entrepreneurs and Mobile Creatives

Although considered to be an under-the-radar vocation in the U.S., commercial finance consulting is a highly regarded profession that is well-practiced throughout the industrial world. It is a recession resistant business with minimal competition, exceptional income potential, and as with all other areas of consulting, offers the flexibility for participants to work how, when, and from wherever they want. With the industry’s legendary method of compensating freelance brokers for referrals, it is no surprise that Yahoo’s HotJobs once rated a career in factoring, a key industry finance component, as one of it’s Top Ten Career picks. 

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IACFB: America’s Independent Broker Training Association 

While no college degree will actually prepare you for success in this field, for over 15 years the IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) has provided affordable, high quality, comprehensive training and marketing support for new industry entrants with a career focus on the freelance business development side of the commercial factoring and asset- based finance industries. Statistics show year after year that 50% or more of new factoring and asset-based finance clients are derived through referral, reflecting the fact that well-trained and productive freelance brokers are considered a vital key component for business development in this multi-trillion dollar international industry. This is a career path of unlimited opportunity not only for those equipped with the knowledge and necessary skillsets required for success, but also for those entrepreneurial self-starters and mobile creatives willing to invest the necessary time and effort to develop such skills and industry knowledge. 

Industry Standard Factoring 101 Training and Support 

For enterprising entrepreneurs seeking to enter this lucrative industry as a freelance broker, IACFB’s 5-star rated Factoring 101 Broker Training and Support Program, accompanied by our marketing and sales support, provides opportunity seekers with every necessary tool to enter this unique career path successfully and profitably. As an IACFB freelance industry professional, you will enjoy...

  • Comprehensive and affordable training
  • Professionally created marketing support items including broker websites, blogs, and templates for direct marketing aids such as mailers, postcards, brochures, flyers, telephone scripts, sales stories, etc.
  • An enhanced life-of-account broker commission schedule with residual rates of 12.5% of factoring fees earned along with exciting bonus features
  • A complete training cost reimbursement bonus credit ($200) paid upon the acceptance and funding of your first submitted financing referral 

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Ready to Get the Whole Story? 

Becoming a freelance factoring and asset-based finance consultant represents a fascinating opportunity not only for those seeking to launch a prestigious full time new career, but also for those exploring a part-time home-based business opportunity they can use to supplement the income from their current profession. Commission payments from IACFB to it’s network of independent associates are paid monthly, for the life-of-the-account, and on a residual basis. In fact, it is not unusual for our brokers of record to earn monthly commissions on a single referral for 3, 4, 5 years or even longer. Add in IACFB’s additional benefits such as 100% reimbursement of program costs ($200) upon acceptance and funding of your first deal along with our periodic contests and special broker incentives and you may be starting to realize that this is the perfect time to invest in your future...a future as a freelance IACFB factoring and asset- based finance consultant. 

Want to find out more and get the whole story? You can easily increase your knowledge of our industry and it’s many opportunities by spending just a few minutes viewing our online magazine, The Commercial Finance Consultant located at www.commercialfinanceconsultants.com.

Learn more, explore the whole picture, and decide if a prestigious and lucrative career in commercial finance consulting is the right choice to make as a new career and home-based business opportunity. 

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