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Message Pro by Proximiti
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Message Pro by Proximiti

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Big Need, Big Market, Easy to Sell Product, Strong Recurring Income and No Out of Pocket Cost to You.

“MessagePro is designed to support a diverse range of business needs from the smallest to largest companies.  It’s a unique opportunity to generate significant recurring income for partners and deliver a much needed service to business customers.”

  • No start up fees
  • No inventory to buy
  • Training is on line—read about it and get started
  • Super simple selling---send e-mails with free trial offer to businesses
  • Instant service activation via web
  • Easy to use

Businesses need to add texting to their communications capabilities—99% don’t have it!

You routinely send text messages from your mobile phones but until now could not use your business or home phone number for texting.  These lines are called “land lines” and until recently, businesses could not use land line numbers to send and receive text messages.   It’s a huge issue for many businesses—think about appointment confirmations and restaurants wanting to let customers know of special offers.  No way to use text messaging to get the word out.   Until now!

Our product, MessagePro, provides a PC interface and mobile apps and we handle the back end work to text enable business telephone numbers  or provide new numbers.   We provide everything a business needs with no up front investment, just pay for the service.  Once the user is logged in they can easily import contacts, create lists and groups and start texting.  All texts are logged and archived with best of class search capabilities.

Almost every business needs MessagePro.  They just don’t know it’s available.  That’s where you come in.

MessagePro pricing starts at $29.99 per month for 500 outbound messages (inbound are free in many plans).   Other price plans are also available (maximum standard plan is $139.99 for 5,000 outbound messages).   Larger opportunities are quoted on a custom basis.

It’s Not a Complicated Sale 

Businesses don’t have texting capability today and most know they need it.  We have created a great simple selling program that can allow you to scale rapidly to generate on going recurring income.  Simply send personalized e-mails (we have base copy that you can use or not) offering your leads a free trial of MessagePro—if they accept by clicking on your link (that we provide to you), and the free trial turns into a paying customer, your account with us is credited for that sale and you generate monthly residual income.  It’s that simple!  You can also visit key clients or call them—and do the same process over the phone or in person!

Unlike many other business services, implementing MessagePro for your clients is a breeze.  They don’t have to change any of their existing services, install equipment, or change numbers—get MessagePro and get going.  It leverages phone numbers they already have and are published but can also provide new numbers if needed.  No equipment to install and the free trial offer removes any risk.  The customer can be operational almost instantly and it provides them with a flexible and inexpensive new way to communicate with clients, vendors, partners, etc. 

Proximiti Will Support Your Efforts

  • Library of literature options via PDF
  • Pre-written e-mails, personalize and go
  • Great free trial option via e-mail
    • Send e-mails to contacts with offer of free trial
    • Link customized with your sales referral code
    • Free trial conversions become your account
    • Account is yours for as long as they use the service

Residual Income Paid Monthly

  • Proven Recognized Need
  • It’s Just Now Possible to Text Enable non-mobile phone numbers
  • First movers win
  • Free Trial Lets Business Use It with No Risk
  • No equipment or software to install
  • No service changes required
  • Simple and Inexpensive Pricing
  • No long term contracts

Monthly reports, revenue share paid monthly for the life of the customer, ask about custom deals for larger opportunities.

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