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Target Market Media Publications

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Do you want the flexibility of a home-based professional business? Do you want to set your own hours and your own financial goals? Sit down with the team at Target Market Media Publications to discuss your professional future. With different business models to fit every sales professional, you can launch a magazine business with the support of a national company and the experience to help guide you to success. LEARN MORE TODAY.

With a nominal initial fee that covers the cost of training, startup supplies, an email account and access to our online library of marketing materials, as well as ongoing training and support, you can get started on your own business today.

target market media business opportunityTHE BUSINESS

So, what is this home-based business? You will be the local publisher of your own edition of Attorney at Law Magazine or Real Estate Agent Magazine. Your focus will be on selling advertising and content marketing solutions to local professionals, businesses and vendors. In your role as salesperson and publisher, you will shape the magazine to fit the local market by selecting local professionals to feature as well as soliciting and collecting local content from associations and local professionals for inclusion each month. Once the magazine has launched, you will manage an advertising schedule and editorial calendar to produce a monthly publication.

independent contractor publishers


Target Market Media Publications will give you authorization to sell advertising under our registered trademarks. The company will also cover the costs of producing and mailing the magazine as well as handle all billing and collections. As the publisher, your sales efforts will be fully supported by the backing of Target Market Media Publications.



If you’re looking for a more hands-on business opportunity in the publishing world with a larger investment and the potential for larger revenues, speak to our market development manager about our other available business relationships.

advertising sales opportunityTHE INCOME

As a publisher with Target Market Media Publications, you will earn your income based off the commission of sold advertising in the magazine. Your income will be based 100% off commission. Commission levels vary up to 30% with no cap to your earning potential. Sales and awards contests can also generate $1,000s for publishers. Unique barter opportunities are also available to publishers.


Target Market Media Publications designed the publisher opportunity to offer publisher’s a six-figure income. Most full-time publishers average between $35-50K the first full year. Top publishers have earned over $100K in annual commissions.

target market media publisher opportunityTHE IDEAL PUBLISHER

This isn’t the right business opportunity for everyone. For motivated salespeople with an entrepreneurial drive to commit the time and energy to launch a new publication, this may be the right fit for you. Over the years, we have isolated a few key traits that successful publishers possess, including a strong sales background, experience in print media, knowledge of or connections in the local magazine industry, the ability to dedicate full-time efforts to the magazine as it launches, a keen understanding of customer service, a working knowledge of maintaining and updating a CRM.


Target Market Media Publications looks at each publisher as a long-term business partner. The team dedicates its efforts to supporting the success of each publisher and strives to guide each publisher to aim for and attain higher goals to increase magazine revenues and commission incomes. As a part of the long-term relationship, Target Market Media offers the opportunity to launch additional magazines – either quarterly installments in less populated adjacent areas or a different title in your local market.

target market media logo


With an 18-year track record of success, Target Market Media and its team have guided more than 200 independent contractor publishers to launch B2B magazines under seven different titles across the United States. Today, the company has focused its energies on its two core titles – Attorney at Law Magazine and Real Estate Agent Magazine. These two publications have the branding to really provide publishers with a turnkey business. 

Target Market Media employs a staff to provide publisher support as well as a production and administrative team. The staff handles writing, editing, layout and design, website and social media maintenance, list management as well as billing and collections. In addition, the team is on hand to provide sales support and production guidance as the publishers manage monthly publication schedules.

CEO Ken Minniti has been involved in the B2B trade publication industry for more than 30 years. He brings his firsthand experience as a publisher and then a sales manager to this business opportunity. A knowledgeable and skilled sales person, Ken Minniti will personally host the initial training program – a four-day online webinar that walks publishers through the business from startup and commission schedules, to the various products and delivery methods, to the sales knowledge needed to book advertising and marketing in your local market.

We at Target Market Media have developed a business plan that will get your magazine launched and out on the market. If you have what it takes to manage your time and make an impact in a sales meeting, contact us today to get started on launching your own trade magazine in your local community.

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