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Window Depot USA
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Window Depot USA

Business Type:

Total Capital Investment:
$0 to $4,900

Liquid Capital Required:
Up to $25,000

Financial Assistance:

Training & Support:

Window Depot USA: Start your own replacement window and remodeling business with the experience and support of one of the nation’s top remodelers. If you’re interested in creating lasting value for your and your family, by serving your clients with the highest quality products at affordable prices…this is the opportunity for you.

Window Depot USA Accredited Business

Ranked the 26th Largest Home Improvement Company in 2016.

Before we begin, we’d like to make something clear: We are not a “lowest price” company.  Our model is built around delivering high quality products at FAIR prices.  Our philosophy is built around SERVICE to our clients, ensuring years of sustainable success.  We intend to continue growing into the country’s largest remodeler, and we intend on doing it by making our customers happy.

If you’re looking to sell windows for “$189”, or to fleece the consumer for prices in excess of $1000 per window…look elsewhere.

Becoming a local Window Depot licensee is about building a business based on integrity, sound financial practices and service to the clients that entrust us with their homes.

Now that we have that out of the way…thank you for your interest in the Window Depot program.  The Window Depot USA model is built to show you how to grow your business into a profitable and sustainable enterprise in as little as 12 months.

Local Window Depot partners currently specialize in Replacement Windows (vinyl and composite), Sliding Doors, Entry Doors and Vinyl Siding.

Who is this opportunity for?
The Window Depot USA opportunity can be a fit for anyone with the desire to own their own remodeling business.  While many of our partners come from the remodeling business, and have the desire to break out on their own…we also have many partners with varied professional backgrounds.

Some of our partners have come from sales positions in different industries, some have come from retirement to make remodeling a second career, and some have been first time entrepreneurs.

Here are some other scenarios that you may identify with:

  1. Existing home improvement sales professionals that are ready to star their own firm.
  2. Existing home improvement companies that want to take their business to the next level.
  3. Contracting companies that want to expand into replacement windows, or enhance their replacement window efforts.

Do I have to have a home improvement background?
While most of our license partners do possess a background in this business, we have several who didn’t.  So the short answer is no.

What if I’m already in the remodeling business?
This is where we really excel…helping remodelers take their business to the next level. 

In today’s ultra-competitive business landscape, the question begging all entrepreneurs is:


Many have thought about group affiliations, franchise opportunities, etc…but finding the right partner(s) can be a challenge.

We thank you for your interest in the Window Depot USA Partnership Program, and would like to give you a very quick overview of the main support and service areas that are included with participation in our network:

Our team develops and maintains product supply relationships that leverage the power of our growing network.  Bottom Line:  Purchase Better products at Better Prices.

Webinar, Video and On-site training services in Marketing, Sales Process, Operations and Strategy.

Learn from your peers at one of our events.  Arguably our most valuable benefit, these meetings allow you to gain insights from different approaches, different regions and different businesses.  Partner with us now, and join us for the 2016 National Conference which takes place in January, aboard a Caribbean Cruise.

We manage your interactive marketing strategy and save you a boatload of cash.  Not to mention increasing your marketing effectiveness and lead gen efforts. We ARE your Marketing Agency.  You never pay for marketing services again…EVER.  We HANDLE IT.

Internet Leads forwarded directly to you.
Corporate Email Marketing Campaigns.
National Pay Per Click optin program.
Training, Training, Training.  We help you maximize Lead ROI.

Why are you building a business?  Is it just to have a job?  Or is it to realize VALUE.

When it comes time for you to Exit your business, there are more buyer prospects when you’re part of a national organization providing marketing & support services.

Take part in our National Meeting, as well as Regional Meetings to connect and share with other network members.  Online forums and contact info as well.  This is arguably the best part of our group!

We’ve also developed partnerships with the BEST Marketing, Sales and Lead Generation experts in the business.  You have unparalleled access to these special programs.


I hear it all the time…”wow, you get all of this…what’s the catch?”.

THERE IS NOT CATCH.  We’re building a network of like-minded, integrity-filled business owners who want to band together, learn together, advertise together, and make our businesses worth MORE.

Let’s talk.

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